• 30 min – $50 
  • 45 min – $70 
  • 60 min – $80
  • 90 min – $120
  • 120 min – $160


Oil Massage

The ultimate in relaxation. Upper and/or lower body. Soft to firm. Our signature massage here at oiled. Choose from our selection of aroma oils or allow your masseuse to choose for you.

Oil Shiatsu

Our own unique style, combining the slow soothing motion of relaxation oil massage with traditional Japanese acupressure point “Shiatsu”. Soft to firm.

Head Shiatsu

Beginning with tension relieving shoulder to neck. Soft to Firm pressure oil massage. Finish with traditional Japanese head Shiatsu.

Foot Massage-Reflexology

Good old fashioned foot massage.

Hot Stone – Available at Pier Salon only

Style to suit you

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is highly beneficial to support the physiological and emotional wellbeing of both the mother and foetus throughout the pregnancy. (However, if you have any high risk conditions we recommend you discuss with your midwife or obstetrician prior to making a massage appointment with us.)

Various forms of massage therapy may be applied, including, gentle passive, active, assisted, along with gentle resistance movements, deep tissue, Shiatsu as well as Swedish relaxation massage.

The main benefits of pregnancy massage include: (Each pregnant woman will respond differently)

  • Increased relaxation
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lower back, pelvis or hip discomfort
  • Relaxed muscle cramps in the neck, hips, lower back, and legs
  • Increased lymph and blood circulation, which reduces swelling
  • Increased oxygen in the blood
  • Stabilises blood pressure and hormonal changes
  • Increased elasticity of the skin
  • Emotional support
  • Mother- baby connection
  • Improved sleep

Booking essential

Don´t Stop

5 more minutes? Okay! 5 min – $7


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Here at oiled, pure Australian golden jojoba is used as our standard base oil.

All prices are calculated at our standard hourly rate.

Consultation is an important part of your massage. Talk with your masseuse to style the massage that suits you:

  • Choose your oil
  • Combine styles
  • Couples Massage available
  • Relax and enjoy!

Strictly Massage!