Oiled Sports Club


Oiled Sports Club established in 2018 after participating Ironman Asia Paficit Championship Cairns 70.3 as Team Oiled.

Adviser: Graeme Roggensack

Head coach: May Finta

Captain: Rika Mitsuda

Manager: Kayo Roggensack

Team Clown: Mako Watanabe


History of participation


*28th April 2019  7 Cairns Marathon 

10km runner Hyeri Won 01:03:37

5Km runner Kayo Roggensack 00:30:24

5km runner Chelsea Kuo 00:36:21

5km runner Renata de Toledo Mendes 00:47:44

*15th December 2018 Obstacle Hell 

Challengers to the Hell

Rika Mitsuda

Kayo Roggensack 

Mako Watanabe

Yuri Akinaka

May Finta

*8th ~ 10th November 2018 Pan Pacific Master games in Gold Coast

Female Age 18 – 24 50m Freestyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 31:38

Female Age 18 – 24 50m Butterfly Mako Watanabe 3rd Place 33:13

Female Age 18 – 24 100m Freesyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 1:08:51

Female Age 18 – 24 200m Freestyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 2:32:10

Female Age 18 – 24 200m Individual Medley Mako Watanabe 3rd Place 2:53:15

*30th September 2018 Cairns Half Marathon / 10km Marathon

Half marathon runner Asami Ishida Place 12th 01:58:34

Half marathon runner Rika Mitsuda Place 16th 02:02:36

10km Marathon Mana Tsunose Place 4th

*10th June 2018 Ironman Asia Pacific Championship Cairns 70.3

Place 100th / 254 teams 05:53:13

Female relay Place 11th / 55 teams

Swim 1.9km 00:33:31 Mako Watanabe

Bike 90km 03:24:20 May Finta

Run 21.1km 01:53:13 Rika Mitsuda