Oiled Sports Club


Oiled Sports Club established in 2018 after participating Ironman Asia Paficit Championship Cairns 70.3 as Team Oiled.

Adviser: Graeme Roggensack

Head coach: May Finta

Manager: Kayo Roggensack

Team Clown: Mako Watanabe


History of participation


*17th August 2019 60th The Great Pyramid Race 

Finisher Jaquiline Oliveira Place 80th / 02:25:34

*11th August 2019 Barron Gorge Trail 11km

Finisher Jaquiline Oliveira

*9th June 2019 Ironman Asia Pacific Championship Cairns 70.3

Place 148th / 323 teams 06:20:34

Female relay Place 16th / 71 teams

Team Captain: Mako Watanabe

Swim 1.9km 00:44:43 Seshika Kikuchi

Bike 90km 03:33:01 Mako Watanabe

Run 21.1km 01:58:42 Rika Mitsuda

* 24 – 26 May 2019  Great Barrier Reef Masters Games

Mako Watanabe


400ml Freestyle 1st Place 5:21:36

200m Freestyle 1st Place 2:30:51

200m Individual Medley 1st Place 2:55:04

100ml Freestyle 1st Place 1:09:09

50ml Freestyle 1st Place 31:32

50ml Butterfly 1st Place 33:12 

[Womans relay]

4x50m Women’s Freestyle relay 2nd Place 2:29:03 – Mako 1st swimmer  

4x50m Women’s Medley relay 3rd Place 2:50:28 – Mako 3rd swimmer

4x50m Mixed Freestyle relay1st Place 1:58:68 – Mako last swimmer

4x50m Mixed Medley relay 1st Place 2:12:59 – Mako 3rd swimmer

*28th April 2019  7 Cairns Marathon 

10km runner Hyeri Won 01:03:37

5Km runner Kayo Roggensack 00:30:24

5km runner Chelsea Kuo 00:36:21

5km runner Renata de Toledo Mendes 00:47:44

*15th December 2018 Obstacle Hell 

Survivor from the Hell

Rika Mitsuda

Kayo Roggensack 

Mako Watanabe

Yuri Akinaka

May Finta

*8th ~ 10th November 2018 Pan Pacific Master games in Gold Coast

Female Age 18 – 24 50m Freestyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 31:38

Female Age 18 – 24 50m Butterfly Mako Watanabe 3rd Place 33:13

Female Age 18 – 24 100m Freesyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 1:08:51

Female Age 18 – 24 200m Freestyle Mako Watanabe 2nd Place 2:32:10

Female Age 18 – 24 200m Individual Medley Mako Watanabe 3rd Place 2:53:15

*30th September 2018 Cairns Half Marathon / 10km Marathon

Half marathon runner Asami Ishida Place 12th 01:58:34

Half marathon runner Rika Mitsuda Place 16th 02:02:36

10km Marathon Mana Tsunose Place 4th

*10th June 2018 Ironman Asia Pacific Championship Cairns 70.3

Place 100th / 254 teams 05:53:13

Female relay Place 11th / 55 teams

Team Captain: May Finta 

Swim 1.9km 00:33:31 Mako Watanabe

Bike 90km 03:24:20 May Finta

Run 21.1km 01:53:13 Rika Mitsuda








Oiled Massage proudly sponsors Mako Watanabe – Masters Swimmer

Mako Watanabe born on 4 May 1996 is a competitive masters swimmer from Osaka, Japan.
She is a multiple stroker, 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly are her fortes.

Mako started swimming at 10 months old in the baby and mum swimming classes in Japan, and she continued with her swimming until 14 years old.
She won 1st place for the 50m butterfly in 10 years and under category at Osaka Junior Championships.
She went to a high school which has a powerful swim team, and trained hard for 2 years.
She moved to Cairns, Australia after her graduation, and she shifted to masters swimming.



Atherton Meet 2017
50m freestyle 1st
50m butterfly 1st

Great Barrier Reef Masters Games 2017
50m freestyle 1st
50m butterfly 1st
100m freestyle 1st
200m IM 1st
Female 4x50m relay 2nd
Female 4x50m medley relay 2nd
Mixed 4x50m relay 1st
Mixed 4x50m medley relay 1st