18/10/2016@City Another wonderful massage!!!

18/10/2016@the Pier Ai is fantastic! Wonderful massage. Thank you X

18/10/2016@the Pier Thank you very much Yasuyo. Much needed relaxation.

18/10/2016@the Pier Than you Ai, amazing 🙂

18/10/2016@the Pier We feel very relaxed and calm. Thank you.

18/10/2016@the Pier Wonderful. Thank you.

17/10/2016@the Pier Out standing!!! G and N from Florida

17/10/2016@the Pier Very good! Thank you 🙂

17/10/2016@the Pier Best massage in a long time Juri. Thank you. I will be back.

17/10/2016@the Pier So relaxing. Thank you so much, Ryoko!!

17/10/2016@the Pier Amazing! Thank you. L

17/10/2016@the Pier Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you so much. R

16/10/2016@the Pier Thank you Cocco. Lovely massage 🙂

16/10/2016@the Pier The best massage:) E

16/10/2016@the Pier Thank you 🙂 Best Massage 😉

16/10/2016@the Pier Words can’t describe!! Thank you so much. K from N.Z.

16/10/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thanks so much.

16/10/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you.X

16/10/2016@the City Perfect blend oil shiatsu massage. Thank you☆

16/10/2016@the City Lovely massage, wonderful service. Thank you.

15/10/2016@the City すごくやさしかった。また来ますよ。

15/10/2016@the City Thank you, it was very relaxing. will be back again soon!!

15/10/2016@the City Thank you;)

14/10/2016@the City Thank you Mariko for The lovely massage as always!! Plz stay in Carins:)XX

14/10/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage as always!;) XOX

14/10/2016@the City Did not want it to stop. Very relaxing. Thank you:)

13/10/2016@the City 身体が浮く感じです。疲れがとれました。ありがとうございます。S

13/10/2016@the City すごく気持ち良かったです。旅の疲れがとれました。またオーストラリアに来たときには利用したいと思います!!Y

13/10/2016@the City Thank you Rio! Tranquility!

13/10/2016@the City Amazing neck, chest, shoulder, calve massage definitely coming back again.

12/10/2016@the City The most incredible foot massage I have ever had!! The BEST anywhere in the world! Kazue is amazing!! 🙂 D

12/10/2016@the City Incredibly relaxing! Beautiful oils…:)

12/10/2016@the City Wonderful again!

12/10/2016@the City  Marina-Many thanks for the most amazing experience. Wonderful massage!

11/10/2016@the City Thank you for wonderful massage.C.

11/10/2016@the City Wow! What a wonderful 90 mins of my life! Thank you Jury.K.

10/10/2016@the City Thank you for the lovely service and massage! Amazing hospitality and experienced. Much recommended.S.

10/10/2016@the City Thank you Kazue for a relaxing massage, excellent job!

09/10/2016@the City Amazing as always!

09/10/2016@the City Excellent massage! I.

08/10/2016@the City Thank you for a lovely relaxing time. It was amazing!J.

08/10/2016@the City Amazing!

07/10/2016@the City Great massage! S&S

07/10/2016@the City It was amazing, Fell asleep!

06/10/2016@the City A great massage, thanks for making me relax!C.

06/10/2016@the City Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxing massage, very skilled! S.

05/10/2016@the City Such a lovely experience, wonderful girls and so relaxing!

05/10/2016@the City かずえさんのマッサージはしっかりとした力強さで、むくみがとれてとてもスッキリしました。ほんとにありがとうございました!R.

04/10/2016@the City Thank you for making me feel human again!S.

04/10/2016@the City Another great massage, can’t wait for the next one.J.

03/10/2016@the City Awesome. Felt the tension sweep away. Very relaxing, thank you!B.

03/10/2016@the City Bliss! Gift for body, thank you.J.

02/10/2016@the City Nice, I fell asleep!

02/10/2016@the City Thank you so much I almost fell asleep! I’ll be back! U

01/10/2016@the City Definitely be back.S.

01/10/2016@the City Arigato! I loved it!

30/09/2016@the City Incredible! Feel fantastic! Thank you!

30/09/2016@the City Amazing massage! Great pressure and variation in technique! Thanks!

30/09/2016@the City Thank you, I feel very relaxed now!

29/09/2016@the City So incredible, thank you!

29/09/2016@the City Very enjoyable massage, very relaxed! I will come back for another. D.

29/09/2016@the City Thank you once again for another fantastic massage.P.

28/09/2016@the City Really great massage! What a nice place to stay in Cairns, I always dozed off like three times, in the best way!C.

28/09/2016@the City Amazing massage, great service, love love love.

28/09/2016@the City Nice place here! The staff is nice too. And I do have my time to relax. Will come back if I have time and will recommend to others too!Thank you!

27/09/2016@the City Perfect, 1st massage that made me feel so relaxed and energized at the same time!

27/09/2016@the City Wonderful, relaxing massage!

27/09/2016@the City Very relaxing. My back feels better, I wish I could stay for hours.

26/09/2016@the City Fabulous massage, thank you.

26/09/2016@the City Awesome, feeling great again!A.

26/09/2016@the City Amazing! Always coming back here when I come to Cairns, thank you!D.

25/09/2016@the City Amazing, thank you!J.

25/09/2016@the City Fantastic massage again from Hiro, thank you!T.

25/09/2016@the City Amazing massage every time I have came!J.

24/09/2016@the City Amazing massage, great pressure and so relaxing!

24/09/2016@the City Lovely massage, thank you again!

23/09/2016@the City Great massages to relax while on business!Definitely enjoyable!

23/09/2016@the City Thank you Sasha, my third massage for this week, a wonderful way to enjoy my holiday!J.

22/09/2016@the City 2 hours pregnancy massage, that would have to be the best massage pregnancy or not I have ever had! Thank you very much!

22/09/2016@the City As usual, massage is extreamly relaxing experience, thank you!D.

21/09/2016@the City Lovely massage, thank you!

21/09/2016@the City Aaahhmazing!

20/09/2016@the City Beautiful! Thank you!

20/09/2016@the City 45 mins massage and was amazing, definitely feel better now.

19/09/2016@the City Awesome!!

19/09/2016@the City Had a foot massage for 20 mins and it was amazing and relaxing. Definitely recommend it!

18/09/2016@the City Absolutely amazing, thank you Natsuko!

18/09/2016@the City So relaxing, thank you!J.

17/09/2016@the City So relaxed, thank you so much, Marina!J.

17/09/2016@the City Had a wonderful massage as always, I’ve been coming here for years and will continue to do so, very happy!P.

16/09/2016@the City Awesome!

16/09/2016@the City Very relaxing -my idea of a holiday- being pampered, thank you. J.

15/09/2016@the City Great massage!C.

15/09/2016@ the City Thank you my feet feel great, ready for my run!J.

14/09/2016@the City Just wonderful thank you!A.

14/09/2016@the City Very nice massage!

13/09/2016@the City Wonderful! So relaxing! Thank you!S.

13/09/2016@the City Very best massage ever!G.

12/09/2016@the City Thank you, amazing as usual!

12/09/2016@the City Beautiful massage from Tomomi!

11/09/2016@the City Thank you for lovely professional services as always, and thanks Cocco for being an amazing massage girl, making me feel brand new, thank you!M.

11/09/2016@the City Thanks for the lovely massage. Perfect way to end Friday!

10/09/2016@the City The best, fabulous, be back for sure! J.

10/09/2016@the City Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much Oiled!

09/09/2016@the City Enjoyed the massage! Feeling very relaxed, thank you!S.

09/09/2016@the City Thank you for a wonderful massage!M.

08/09/2016@the City Amazingly beautiful!

08/09/2016@the City Awesome as always, thanks!S.

08/09/2016@the City Thank you for wonderful relaxing massage, just what I needed. S.

07/09/2016@the City とても気持ち良かったです。オーストラリアにまた来たら、利用したいです。とてもいい時間をありがとうございました!M。

07/09/2016@the City りょうこさん、ありがとうございました!とっても気持ち良くほぐされました!そして優しいオーラで癒されましたー!Y.

06/09/2016@the City Thank you for making me feel so relaxed, so special!S.

05/09/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage, cheers!J.

04/09/2016@the City Very relaxing, so good, feel great, thank you!

03/09/2016@the City Lovely thanks!

02/09/2016@the City Thank you as always it was an amazing experience, thank you!C.

01/09/2016@the City Thank you for the great massage, Makiko, cheers. M.

31/08/2016@the Pier Beyond words. One of the best massages ever. Cocco is definitely amazing! Thank you!

31/08/2016@the City Best massage place in Cairns would recommend the other people.Thank you very much.

31/08/2016@the City Good massage! The best. Keep up the good work 🙂

31/08/2016@the City Fabulous Massage!

31/08/2016@the City Excellent massage – best I’ve ever had. Thanks!!

31/08/2016@the City Excellent massage. Thank you. K

31/08/2016@the City The best massage in Cairns!:)

31/08/2016@the City Fabulous massage got right into the tight spots. Thank you.

30/08/2016@the Pier Ryoko was wonderful, excellent! F.

30/08/2016@the Pier Amazing, very relaxing, just what I needed. B.

30/08/2016@the City Amazing everytime!!!

30/08/2016@the City Blissful!!

30/08/2016@the City Absolutely wonderful.

30/08/2016@the City Wonderful massage. Arigato.

30/08/2016@the City Best massage! Thank you.

30/08/2016@the City That was the best massage I have gotten.

30/08/2016@the City Amazing. Thank you so much! 🙂

29/08/2016@the Pier Awesome!

29/08/2016@the Pier It was wonderful, it was just what I needed!Thank you so much.G.

29/08/2016@the City Thank you for a lovely, relaxing & gifted massage! N. 🙂

29/08/2016@the City Sooo good as usual! Thank you! 🙂 S.

29/08/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage by Arisa. See you next time.

29/08/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you!

28/08/2016@the Pier Thank you for fitting me in great massage. K

28/08/2016@the Pier Perfect!

28/08/2016@the City So good. Thank you so much. I feel so relaxed!

28/08/2016@the City One of the best massage I have ever had! Amazing! 🙂

28/08/2016@the City “Simply The Best” One incredible experience…The Best!

28/08/2016@the City Great massage! Thank you. 🙂

27/08/2016@the Pier Thank you Minako for a beautiful massage, I’ll be back.J.

27/08/2016@the City Fantastic relaxing massage! Thanks!!

27/08/2016@the City Time to sleep now. Amazingly relaxing. Cheers!

27/08/2016@the City This was a fantastic massage Emi. P.

26/08/2016@the Pier I can understand why my husband has been twice in two days. So beautiful,thank you.

26/08/2016@the Pier Beautiful, amazing and peaceful, thank you.

26/08/2016@the City Best massage in Cairns! Thank you. A.

26/08/2016@the City とっても気持ち良くて最高でした!安心してお任せできました。ありがとうございました!M.

26/08/2016@the City いいにおいと丁度良いマッサージで癒されました。オーストラリアに来た際には、また利用させて頂きたいです。Y.

25/08/2016@the Pier Cocco, thanks very much! Extremely talented, was amazing. I feel so much better.

25/08/2016@the City Very relaxing! O.

25/08/2016@the City Another amazing massage at oiled. Thank you! Y.

24/08/2016@the Pier Absolutely delightful. So relaxing and respectful. Thank you Asuka!

24/08/2016@the City Thank you. Best massage in Cairns. 🙂

23/08/2016@the Pier Tomomi very good, professional, nearly asleep, deeply relaxed. Thank you.

23/08/2016@the City Thank you, AI. 🙂 It was GREAT!

23/08/2016@the City とっても気持ち良かったです。:) ありがとうございました!Y.

23/08/2016@Green Island Awesome.

22/08/2016@the Pier Awesome. Very relaxing. Really liked it very much. Sasha has done wonderful job. Good luck to all. Love.

22/08/2016@the Pier The massage was really good. Very relaxing. Will come back. C.

22/08/2016@the Pier Amazing!!! Very nice + Relaxing. Thank you.

22/08/2016@the Pier Wow. It was perfect. Thank you Sasha! S.

22/08/2016@the City Awesome massage. Thanks!

22/08/2016@the City Thank you for a fantastic massage!

22/08/2016@Green Island Thanks, very lovely. D.

21/08/2016@the Pier Amazing 1st massage on my birthday! Thank you! ありがとう

21/08/2016@the Pier Oiled massage – Always fantastic. Thank you Cocco. V S. Cairns Local.

21/08/2016@the Pier Massage was so good. Thank you so much. : )

21/08/2016@the Pier Again best massage. Thank you. 🙂

21/08/2016@the City So relaxing & lovely! Thank you!

21/08/2016@the City Perfect massage. Thank you!

21/08/2016@Green Island Very good, very relax, thanks.

20/08/2016@the Pier Great relaxing massage. I’ll be back… nest time. I’m in Cairns. Wonderful.

20/08/2016@the Pier Wonderful massage.

20/08/2016@the Pier Wedding Anniversary gift + such a lovely relaxing massage, thanks so much!!! 🙂

20/08/2016@the Pier Thank you Mariko for a relaxing massage! 🙂

20/08/2016@the City Such a great massage! Very relaxing, didn’t want it to end. 🙂 M.

20/08/2016@the City とても気持ち良かったです!H.

20/08/2016@Green Island Thanks! Lovely!! E&G 2016 XOXO


19/08/2016@the City Lovely and relaxing with just the right amount of pressure. Thank you. 🙂 J.

19/08/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you. S.

18/08/2016@the Pier Most amazing massage. Fabulous service. Simply perfect + I highly recommend! Thank you! 🙂

18/08/2016@the Pier Such beautiful girls wonderful massage. Just a perfect experience, thank you xx

18/08/2016@the Pier Thank you so much again. Best massage ever! xx

18/08/2016@the City Great massage. Very relaxing. M.

18/08/2016@the City Thank you!! Excellent!!


17/08/2016@the Pier ココさん!ココさんの魔法の10本の指にやられてしまいました。日本で頑張って仕事しているのでとてもいやしてもらいました。有難うございました。これからも頑張ってください。私も頑張ります。またお会いできますように。M.

17/08/2016@the Pier アイさんにとてもきもちのいいエステをしてもらいました♡ 最高の旅で最高のエステ!!とてもいい思い出です!!ありがとう♡ またお願いしますね 🙂 M.

17/08/2016@the City Very relaxing massage! I loved it!!

17/08/2016@the City Very good massage. Thank you!


16/08/2016@the City Very relaxing, thank you!

16/08/2016@the City Excellent treatment! 🙂

16/08/2016@Green Island SIMPLY AMAZING. M&S(ENGLAND)

15/08/2016@the City  🙂 Happy! Thank you!

15/08/2016@the City Such a relaxing massage. Will definitely be back soon! H.

14/08/2016@the City So relaxing, thank you very much! S.& W.

14/08/2016@the City Fantastic. 2nd time in a week! E.

13/08/2016@the City So relaxed! One of the best massage I’ve ever had. Will definitely be recommending and coming back myself! A.

13/08/2016@the CIty First time to Oiled massage and is the best I have ever had. Excellent, excellent. B.

12/08/2016@the City Excellent one  again. I will recommend to all my friends. J. 11/08/2016@the CIty Very relaxing. Thank you. I will be back. 11/08/2016@the City Thank you for a great foot massage. Very relaxing. W+S. 10/08/2016@the City Nice & Relaxation time! Thank you! 10/08/2016@the City Aaaaaaaah… Thank you. V. 09/08/2016@the City Hi Oiled, Fantastic! One of the best if not the best 1hr massage I’ve had. Other are wonderful, but Japanese is the best!!! 🙂 A. 09/08/2016@the City It was sooo good! 🙂 08/08/2016@the City Wow, the best massage ever! Thank you! W+D. 08/08/2016@the City The most relaxing massage I’ve had. Thanks. P. 07/08/2016@the City Very relaxing! One of the best! S:) 06/08/2016@the City Fantastic!! 06/08/2016@the City Another gorgeous experience with the amazing Juri. Thank you☆ 05/08/2016@the City Perfect blend-relaxing & therapeutic. Truly beautiful. A. 04/08/2016@the City Such a wonderful massage, perfect!! T. 04/08/2016@the City Perfect service! E. 03/08/2016@the City Amazing massage! 02/08/2016@the City The best massage I have ever had. So good! 🙂 M. & D. 02/08/2016@the City Wonderful. Thank you! 01/08/2016@the City Amazing! Thank you! 01/08/2016@the City Wonderful massage:) 31/07/2016@the City We came all the way from NSW to have the girls from Oiled massage us again. Best massage in Australia:) Thank you. G+W. 31/07/2016@the City Sakiko is so very good! I have been here many times and today was reminded again. What a great place it is! T. 31/07/2016@the City Wonderful, Arigato! D. 31/07/2016@the City Very good, thank you☆ 30/07/2016@the City Emi, you do very good job. Love it! 30/07/2016@the City Thank you so much, Juri. It is always the best 🙂 M. 29/07/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you, Hiro! 29/07/2016@the City I cannot thank you enough! ☆ 29/07/2016@the City Best massage ever. Thank you so much. 28/07/2016@the City So relaxing! Thank you Asuka! Highly appreciate your service! 28/07/2016 @the City Feel much less tight after!:) 27/07/2016 @the City Wonderful! came in feeling sore 100 went home feeling 50!! 27/07/2016 @the City Had my piece of heaven today! Quite beautiful! 27/07/2016 @the City Awesome! was stressed on arrival but am leaving relaxed and recharged. Greatly appericiated! 26/07/2016 @the City Best way to finish a long day. Very relaxing. Thank you! 26/07/2016 @the City Awesome massage. Thanks! 25/07/2016 @the City Very good massage. Very relaxing also. J. 25/07/2016 @the City Amazing massage! Very friendly. P. 24/07/2016 @the City A wonderful massage. Yeeeesss, so good! Thank you! 23/07/2016 @the City Very relaxing. Thank you! 22/07/2016 @the City Very good! R. 22/07/2016 @the City Very good. Lovely hands and pleasant. Thank you! 21/07/2016 @the City Fell asleep. 🙂 So relaxing & very professional. Thank you! 21/07/2016 @the City The massage was sooo relaxing. 🙂 20/07/2016 @the City Thank you, feel great now! 🙂 20/07/2016 @the City One of the best massage I have ever had. Very professional. Thank you! 19/07/2016 @the City Thank you. Lovely! 🙂 19/07/2016 @the City That was wonderful and very relaxing. Thank you very much! 18/07/2016 @the City Staff was very kind and accommodating. Amazing massage. Feeling great after! 🙂 18/07/2016 @the City The best massage I have ever had! 17/07/2016 @the City The best massage I have had in a very long time. Thank you! 17/07/2016 @the City Just what I needed. Thank you! 16/07/2016 @the City Beautiful!! 16/07/2016 @the City Very very good! Thank you. 🙂 15/07/2016 @the City Amazing massage, thank you! 15/07/2016 @the City Excellent massage. Very flurd relaxing moment. M. 15/07/2016 @the City Very strong hands. Very healing. T. 14/07/2016 @the City Thank you so much. My first massage-amazing!! 14/07/2016 @the City Thank you. Really great .J. 13/07/2016 @the City Very relaxing. Thank you. 13/07/2016 @the City The best ever 🙂 12/07/2016 @the City Thank you! Best birthday present to myself. ☆☆ 12/07/2016 @the City Best massage in town. Thank you very much. Will be back. 1 1/07/2016 @the City Thank you very much! Feeling very relaxed. after 3 weeks back-packing. BEautiful massage by Yuki.:) 11/07/2016 @the City Wonderful massage. I feel I am walking easier. 10/07/2016 @the City The best in town. Will be back again. Cheers.:) 10/07/2016 @the City Great massage. I will be back. Loved neck massage. 09/07/2016 @the City Lovely massage. will be back. Thank you. J. 09/07/2016 @the City Beautiful relaxing massage-great touch & energy very healing. Thank you:) T. 08/07/2016@the City Thank you Sasha. I am revived:) Y. 08/07/2016@the City Fantastic massage!! Felt sooo relaxed. Best one I had ever had. THank you. D. F07/07/2016@the City Thank you. I will be back! S. 07/07/2016@the City Awesome!! Very very relaxing! (so relaxing, I think I way of dribbled a bit, but don’t tell anyone ><) Thank you Yasuyo!! S. 07/07/2016@the City Thank you, we would fly all the way from SA again just for a massage here! Just what we needed 🙂 A&K. 06/07/2016@the City  Was very good, Thanks a lot! Y. 06/07/2016@the City  Great massage. Thank you very much! T. 06/07/2016@the City Thank you so much. I will be back. 05/07/2016@the City I feel so relaxed. Thank you! 🙂 05/07/2016@the City Sakiko – Excellent telminioce & wonderfully relaxing! Thank you! 05/07/2016@the City Thanks so much! 04/07/2016@the City Thank you Marina. It was truly wonderful. I wish I could have you work your magic every week! 04/07/2016@the City Had a wonderful pregnancy massage! Thank you so much. M. 04/07/2016@the City Marina – Amazing. Thank you:) 04/07/2016@the City Natsuko-WOW! You are amazing! Thank you. B. 03/07/2016@the City First time visitor, excellent massage. Focused on specific areas. looking forward to next time. Thank you. N 03/07/2016@the City Fantastic massage. I wished I lived in Cairns to be able to come here more often. Thank you. K. 03/07/2016@the City Thank you Natsuko for your healing hands. K. 02/07/2016@the City Thank you again to Ryoko for back repair. J. 02/07/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage:) 02/07/2016@the City Lovely and Relaxing Experience. I hope to be back again soon:) V. 01/07/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! L. 01/07/2016@the City First time here. Very relaxing & you did an awesome job. Thakns so much!! A. 30/06/2016@the City Emiさん、最高でした。ありがとうございました! 30/06/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage. I think the best I have ever had! F. 29/06/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! S. 29/06/2016@the City Wonderful massage! K. 28/06/2016@the City I have been here many times before & will be back many more, just perfect! G. 28/06/2016@the City Best massage ever!! Thank you!! T. 27/06/2016@the City Beautiful, as usual!! 27/06/2016@the City ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 25/06/2016@the City Thank you! Very relaxing…almost fell asleep! 25/06/2016@the City Oh wow! I feel so amazing. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. 24/06/2016@the City Naoさん:) Amazing!! I could relax so much! Really appreciate you.  I hope I could  get massage soon. M. 23/06/2016@the City GREAT. THANKS. 23/06/2016@the City Amazing, I felt asleep:) See you next time, J. 22/06/2016@the City Lovely massage. Thank you! D. 22/06/2016@the City Thank you so much, enjoyable and relaxing. I will be back next time I am in Cairns! 🙂 21/06/2016@the City Excellent as usual! S. 20/06/2016@the City Thank you, very enjoyable! B. 19/06/2016@the City Thank you. A perfect massage. I will be back very soon. S. 19/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Marina’. I will definitely comeback next time I’m in Cairns. Thank you! 🙂 D. 18/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Kumi’. It was fantastic after my bike. 5stars! I.
18/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful! Very relaxing- magic! S+M. from Melbourne
18/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for your great service + relaxing massage. Will be back! H+M.
18/06/2016@the Pier Great massage. great service. Back again. S.
17/06/2016@the City Absolutely fantastic massage! R. & B.
17/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful. Thank you so much.
17/06/2016@the Pier Thank you. Very relaxing. S.
17/06/2016@the Pier Very relaxing. Thank you. L+E.
17/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so much. So relaxing and strong to very good . Lots of love. Thank you Emi & Pixie.
16/06/2016@the City It was the best massage I have ever had! Just what I needed! Very intuitive and kind. D.
16/06/2016@the Pier Really lovely. Thank you. Kindly after just losing a husband & father, we loved this. T&J.
16/06/2016@the Pier It was great should do more often. M.
16/06/2016@the Pier It was amazing. Thank you!
16/06/2016@the Pier 2nd time for us!! Beautiful so relaxing.
15/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage!  ‘Nao’ thank you very much. Will come again when I’m back in Cairns. C.
15/06/2016@the Pier Beautiful! Thank you.
15/06/2016@the Pier Very nice. Thank you.
15/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful:) Thank you so much. See you again. N.
15/06/2016@the Pier Fabulous! Loved it. Thank you . K.
14/06/2016@the City Thank you very much. It was the best massage I’ve had in years. Will definitely be back again! E. 13/06/2016@the Pier Always fantastic! Wonderful . F. 13/06/2016@the Pier Best massage I’weever had. thank you . J. 13/06/2016@the Pier Thank you . It was amazing will be back we finish our holiday. M&J. 13/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Natsuko’, that was so relaxing! See you soon!! C. 12/06/2016@the Pier thank you so much! Best massage i’Ve ever had. I will be recommending your service to every one.E. 12/06/2016@the Pier Massage was absolutely beautiful. The girls provided the best service from start to finish. Thank you very much. T. 12/06/2016@the Pier PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY! 12/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage after a big race! Excellent, feel great!! Thank you. D. 11/06/2016@the Pier Great hands. Lovely experience Pixie!! A. 11/06/2016@the Pier Lovely massage! Beautiful couples room. Delightful customer service. 11/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful , wonderful, amazing! F. 11/06/2016@the City Excellent!! 11/06/2016@the City Excellent. Very relaxing!! Thank you!! 10/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for a wonderful massage. 🙂 10/06/2016@the Pier thank you 🙂 10/06/2016@the Pier Natsuko, Thanks a lot for the wonderful massage. Really feel relaxed after the long day at the Reef. V.:-) 10/06/2016@the Pier Mariko, Thank you very much. It was a wonderful foot massage! J. 10/06/2016@the City Thank you, feel great, ready to race! T. 09/06/2016@the Pier Thank you was a really nice massage. 09/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for a special time. 09/06/2016@the Pier Amazing mass!! One of the best ones I’ve ever had! 🙂 Thank you so much!! 09/06/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! M&C 🙂 08/06/2016@the Pier Excellent! Really calming massage that  totally relaxed us. Thank you:) 08/06/2016@the Pier Thanx. Fit all the right spots & worked out the knots. Feel relaxed. Nice & calm space:-) 08/06/2016@the Pier Great mass. M. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you! It was wonderful! F. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so so so much!! Natsuko⭐︎ Absolutely amazing as always. Oiled you have the best staff. B+A. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so much for such a great couple massage! Next time we are in Cairns we will come to visit you guys again! A+E. 07/06/2016@the City Great massage by ‘Marina’. Thank you! 06/06/2016@the Pier Fantastic & so relaxing. Thanks. M. 06/06/2016@the Pier Beautiful reflexology very relaxing 🙂 Thank you. S. 06/06/2016@the Pier Fantastic massage! Very relaxing!:) C&J. 06/06/2016@the City ‘Cocco’ is the super dooper awesome woman!! T. 06/06/2016@the City Awesome massage. I will be back very soon! Thanks. 🙂 05/06/2016@the Pier じゅりさんへ リフレッシュできました:)またきます。ありがとうございました。K. 05/06/2016@the Pier Dear Juri, oh no! I don’t see you for 4 weeks wow. Will miss you.haha Thank you for the excellent massage today-I felt you moving a lot of things around- good for my body, and digestion. Enjoy the massage course, I am excited to find out your new techniques when you get back. See you in June!! B. 🙂05/06/2016@the Pier Natsuko made me fall asleep! Awesome. 05/06/2016@the City Very nice massage. Relaxing firm more than happy! 🙂 05/06/2016@the City Very knowledgeable. Excellent! Recommend. K. 04/06/2016@the Pier Absolutely barry!:) Braw!! Pure got aw a boot me:) 04/06/2016@the Pier great experience. Really enjoyed the time. 04/06/2016@the City Very relaxing, great massage! Will be back. R. 04/06/2016@the City So relaxing. Amazing! S. 03/06/2016@the Pier Very relaxing! Loved it! 03/06/2016@the Pier A wonderful treater Mothers Day! T&A 03/06/2016@the Pier Lovely time. You are wonderful-Thank you Sasha. 03/06/2016@the Pier Absolutely AMAZING!! Feeling so relaxed now:) 03/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage again! Love this place! Very proffesional. S. 03/06/2016@the City A lovely head/sholder massage:) L&D. 02/06/2016@the Pier Grateful experience, Thanks so much.⭐︎ 02/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful. 02/06/2016@the Pier Lovely as always!! Thanks smooch Nao. 02/06/2016@the Pier So true!These girls are amazing:) 4hours a great massage-Lovely time. Thank you. S. 02/06/2016@the City Amazing. Many thank you, Coco. A. 02/06/2016@the City An excellent place for such great service. T. 01/06/2016@the Pier Awesome Loved every minutes. D. 01/06/2016@the Pier Feeling Awesome! One of the most amazing massage ever! Loved it. W&A. 01/06/2016@the Pier 2nd visit and feeling a release muscle & relaxation. Thank you. good hands healing. L.:) 01/06/2016@the City Another wonderful massage☆ Thank you. 01/06/2016@the CIty That was fkn awesome 🙂 31/05/2016@the Pier Say-KUM SA HUM NIDA. Very very nice!!! 31/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much. D. 31/05/2016@the Pier Beautiful & Relaxing. We will come again. 31/05/2016@the City Wow!! See you soon, again. 31/05/2016@the CIty Excellent. Thanks! 31/05/2016@the City Excellent job! See you very soon again. M. 30/05/2016@the Pier 夢のようなひと時でした!今日、Oiled来てよかった!ナイトマーケット楽しみます:) 30/05/2016@the Pier So relaxing, just beautiful. 30/05/2016@the Pier Excellent massage. Love it!!! L. 30/05/2016@the City One of the best body massage I’ve ever had! Thanks! 30/05/2016@the City The most beautiful massage!! S. 29/05/2016@the Pier Best massage ever from Miyako.:-) I’ll be telling everyone to come!! 29/05/2016@the Pier We love the massage and people here at Oiled. This is why 5th visit during vacation. Love it! R&B. 29/05/2016@the Pier Beautiful- Thank you. 29/05/2016@the City Thank you very much! R. 29/05/2016@the City Best massage ever! Relax and comfortable. C. 28/05/2016@the Pier Devine experience so relaxing. K. 28/05/2016@the Pier Wonderfull, experience extremely pleasant. Thank you. 28/05/2016@the Pier Very good! we went back again for a second massage. They really know what they are doing and listened we ll. M&H. 28/05/2016@the City Great. J. 28/05/2016@the City Such an amazing massage. Thank you, Juri. 28/05/2016@the City Sooooo good! 27/05/2016@the Pier Awesome. The best I have ever had. Thank you. I come back an many hour later! 27/05/2016@the Pier AZZOPARD! V. 27/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely fantastic! Could stay  here all day! Thank you. J&D. 27/05/2016@the City Heavenly amazing. S. 27/05/2016@the City Most amazing massage ever! Thank you. J. 26/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely beautiful relaxing massage. Will be back. 26/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so so much.Another lovely massage get again!!:) Just beautiful. 26/05/2016@the Pier Dear Juri, Thank you for the wonderful massage & for stretching me. I am happy. B:) 26/05/2016@the Pier Best massage!! Thank you. J&M. 26/05/2016@the Pier Miyakoさん。素晴らしいマッサージありがとうございました。まるで天国でした…!顔色も良くなり、大満足です😀明日からもおかげさまで頑張れます。本当にありがとうございました⭐️N. 25/05/2016@the City Thank you for always, Asuka. A. 25/05/2016@the Pier 疲れが撮れました😀リラックスできてとっても気持ちよかったです!!T. 25/05/2016@the Pier The Best Very. N.:-) 25/05/2016@the Pier So relaxing! Felt amazing! Thank you! S&C. 25/05/2016@the Pier Amazing experience! Best massage. A. 25/05/2016@the Pier It was wonderful + a great help. Many thanks. A. 24/05/2016@the City Very relaxing! J. 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you we all feel wonderful! So relaxing! B,N,D&K. 24/05/2016@the Pier So excellent that we’ve come over 3 times in 5 days! Thank you ! B&R 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you somuch1 Such a relaxing way to start my holiday in Cairns. Worked out knots I didn’t even realise i had 🙂 Thanks again. L. 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you. A very relaxing & enjoyable massage. ありがとう!すばらしかった! W&R. 24/05/2016@the Pier Wonderfull! 23/05/2016@the City 最高で~~~す(泪)M. 23/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much for a beautiful massage, we felt very arrayed and care down muscles feel less tense a sore from swimming yesterday. If we are ever back on Cairns, we will definitely get another massage from Oiled! L&B. 23/05/2016@the Pier Amazing, I wii be back. Thank you Sejeong! J. 23/05/2016@the Pier I could come here all day, every day. that’s How good it is!! Thank you  P. 23/05/2016@the Pier Full body massage was great, i will recommend to all of my friends. coming back for sure:) Z. 23/05/2016@the Pier Best massage I’ve ever had! Too bad Cairns is so far from california:( Will definitely be back next time in Cairns! M&J. 22/05/2016@the City とても上手でした!又、来たいです^^.S. 22/05/2016@the City Lovely thank you.N. 22/05/2016@the Pier Awesome! M. 22/05/2016@the Pier Sejeong-Wonderful, very good massage, just the right thin to do on a rainy day! Professional work, thank you very much! B 22/05/2016@the Pier Pixie-I had medium to hard massage on my back&neck. Fantastic feeling. Refreshed&Cleansed. thank you very much. 21/05/2016@the City Be sure to get Natsuko. Amazing massage will be back again. M. 21/05/2016@the Pier Yasuyo was incredible -amazing massage.Thank you:) 21/05/2016@the Pier Sakiko,you have done a maginifiant you on my tired muscles thank you.Very very much J. 19/05/2016@the City Subarashi Massage! Thank you very much:)  19/05/2016@the Pier とてもリラックス出来ました。ありがとうございます。F. 19/05/2016@the Pier Pixie was amazing.Thank you very much!Perfent for our honeymoon! 18/05/2016@the City Feel fantastic!! Thank you. J. 18/05/2016@the Pier Very good-Thank you:)Beautiful T. 18/05/2016@the Pier Sejoeng Excellent!Good!!very good!! 18/05/2016@the Pier Dear Juri Thank you again for he beautiful massage.I love coming to see you .I really love our funny conversation R. 17/05/2016@the City Lovely massage,great experience:) B&K 17/05/2016@the Pier Great massage from Hiroko.Will be back T. 17/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much i will be back soon x R. 17/05/2016@the City Awesome! Thanks. F.  16/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely beautiful Miyako thank you♥I am so relaxed xo L. 16/05/2016@the Pier The best massage I have had since the Maldives Thank you xx C. 15/05/2016@the Pier Amazing massage!Thank you so so much! E. 15/05/2016@the City Lovely present rejuvenating Love being here xoxo V. 15/05/2016@the City Thank you so much for my wonderful massage. Much appreciated:D  15/05/2016@the City Domo Arigatou, Thank you so much. Awesome, relaxing, respectful Shiatsu.  15/05/2016@the City Beautiful, perfect touch.  14/05/2016@the City Perfect as always. G&K.  14/05/2016@the City I really appreciated your firm touch and expertise.  14/05/2016@the City Thank you for the best massage. Highly recommend it.  13/05/2016@the City Thank you. I look forward to coming back.  13/05/2016@the City Thank you Coco, the best massage I’ve ever had! 13/05/2016@the City I am so loed always come here. One of the best place in here! Thank you!!   12/05/2016@the City オイルの指圧とても気持ち良かったです。また、ケアンズに来られる機会があれば伺いたいです。ありがとうございました。Thank you:) E.  12/05/2016@the City I’m so relaxed, best massage ever. Thanks. P.  12/05/2016@the City Head massage was divine! Thank you 🙂 H.  12/05/2016@the City Thanks Coco for reducing my pain in shoulder. J 11/05/2016@the City Very relaxing. Just what I needed. Thank you !  11/05/2016@the City Just what I needed. Thanks 🙂 M.  10/05/2016@the City I’d recommend this experience to anyone. Great service&skill level. thank you team! A.  10/05/2016@the City Amazing skills, beautiful massage! Thank you so much! i will be back! L. 09/05/2016@the City Marina, I like it very much. Arigato gozaimasu. M  09/05/2016@the City Really special gift. Enjoyed very much. G  09/05/2016@the City Thanks, great, friendly team, nice, relaxing massage from Juri. I’ll be back every week till IRONMAW;-) J  08/05/2016@the City I love you guys so much. You were fall to impress. you are all amazing.✿  08/05/2016@the City Wow!! Thank you so much☆It was amazing. I will be back:-)  07/05/2016@the City Thank you Juri, fantastic massage!  07/05/2016@the City Best massage ever!  07/05/2016@the City Best massage I have had!  07/05/2016@the City Very good massage, Thanks 🙂 06/05/2016@the City Still the best in Cairns!:) 06/05/2016@the City Very relaxing massage! Thank you so much!! 06/05/2016@the City Very relaxing! Thank you 🙂 05/05/2016@the City Come in with migrain headache, now gone! Thank you so much, was amazing, coming back again! 😀 05/05/2016@the City Great Massage!! Best ever 🙂 Thank you☆ 04/05/2016@the City It was WONDERFUL!! L 04/05/2016@the City Fantastic Massage! Great service. Thank you, Tricia:) A 04/05/2026@the City Great massage. Very relaxing! Thank you 🙂 J 04/05/2016@the City Very relaxing was an amazing experience. T 04/05/2016@the City Exquisite! Thank you Asuka. 04/05/2016@the City Bestever. Thank you. 04/052016@the City Very relaxing and loosened up some  knots! Thank you! 03/05/2016@the City 疲れが癒されました!ありがとうございました。S 03/05/2016@the City すっごく気持ち良かったです!ありがとうございました。N 01/05/2016@the City It was fantastic! S 01/05/2016@the City Amazing totally recomend these pleasant girls. I’ll be back. Thank you. T 01/05/2016@the City Thank you Marina. Awesome massage. will be back again very soon:) The Best! 01/05/2016@the City Exactly what I need it! Thanks. 🙂 30/04/2016@the City Head massage with Hiroko was divine! Will be back:) P 30/04/2016@the City Amazing massage with Coco. I will be back again! Thank you so much. J 29/04/2016@the City Amazing massage, always. So relaxing. 28/04/2016@the City SoSo Fantastic massage as alwais! 🙂 27/04/2016@the City Always amazing here.Thanks. A 27/04/2016@the City Excellent Again.S 26/04/2016@the City Another fantastic massage. I keep coming back:) Thank you. P 25/04/2016@the City Brilliant as always! Thank you so much! C and A 25/04/2016@the City Thanks Sejeong, beautiful massage, very relaxing, will be back. S 25/04/2016@the City Excellent massage as always. Thank you. M 25/04/2016@the City Nao is brillient. Best ever massage. 23/04/2016@the City Thank you Marina, Magical Hands. Beautiful energy!!! 23/04/2016@the City Thanks Marina for the best massage I have had! Love to come back again! S 22/04/2016@the City Thanks Juri for a wonderful back massage-I will be back! E 22/04/2016@the City Thanks Juri for amazing massage again. J 22/04/2016@ the City Such an amazing massage, so peaceful! 22/04/2016@ the City Amazing! So relaxing, will come back!A 22/04/2016@ the City Absolutely amazing! I really needed this and feel so wanderful! Best massage ever!!! Thank you C 21/04/2016@ the City Thanks for the massage, it was awesome!H 20/04/2016@ the City Amazing massage, have to come back to Cairns, just for this, best massage ever! Thank you! 20/04/2016@ the City So relaxed! I loved it! 20/04/2016@ the City Asuka, its been a while, thanks! J 19/04/2016@the City Masic!!! Super relaxing! Thank you!! 19/04/2016@ the City Fantastic massage;) 19/04/2016@ the City Fantastic message!!! 18/04/2016@ the City Friendly, relaxing!R 18/04/2016@ the City Fantastic! 18/04/2016@ the City Awesome! 17/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, very relaxing! What a profetionalism! See you next time, thank you very much! M 17/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage! Very professional and helpful to my problem areas! 16/04/2016@ the Pier Awesome!! M 16/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much, it was relaxing! 16/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, thank you very much! 15/04/2016@ the City Wow, feeling light and fluffy! 15/04/2016@ the City A wonderful massage from Juri! Thanks very much! 14/04/2016@the City Beautiful massage,Tricia, her massage was great, thank you! Y 14/04/2016@ the City The best!! 13/04/2016@ the City Very nice, relaxing and wonderful!! 13/04/2016@ the City I will be back!!! 12/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, and good M&M’s! F 12/04/2016@ the City Awesome deep tissue and firm, all in the right placed, thank you! 11/04/2016@the Pier thank you Sasha. sensational massage, am feeling muscle release and deep relaxation. C. 11/04/2016@the Pier Thank you. It was so amazing & was the best. T&X. 11/04/2016@the Pier Thank you Hiroko!! was absolutely blissful wonderful as always from ladies here. Many thanks. 🙂 11/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much! Very relaxing. 10/04/2016@ the City Brilliant! 09/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much! First time massage for me, it was awesome. I 08/04/2016@the Pier Lovely massage always very good! W. 08/04/2016@the Pier Thank you very much. Very good massage. 08/04/2016@ the City Very professional, excellent service, really nice massage, thank you. I 07/04/2016@the Pier Thank you very much! カムサハムニダ。 07/04/2016@the Pier Thank you, it was so amazing and it is selling time had! T. 07/04/2016@ the City The staff here are very nice & the massage was very relaxing, I feel my body much lighter!L 06/04/2016@the Pier Thank you Sejeong:) was the best massage just what I needed. thank. S. 06/04/2016@the Pier thank you for ‘de lensing’ me! will be back! S&I 06/04/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you so much! D&C 05/04/2016@the Pier wonderful experience. Love it. C&G. 05/04/2016@ the Pier Hi Juri, Thank you for the wonderful massage. I was a bit stressed coming here today but now I feel relaxed and happy!:-) You always look after me. Thank you for the suggestion for when I visit Japan. I am so excited! See you when I get back😀 B. 05/04/2016@ the City What a great massage, thank you very much! 05/04/2016@ the City So amazing! Thank you so much for completing our holiday in OZ! L&A 04/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, thank you! 04/04/2016@ the City Awesome! T 03/04/2016@ the City Excellent! Very relaxing, thank you! 03/04/2016@ the City Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. 02/04/2016@ the City Wonderful, I feel much better! 02/04/2016@ the City Had an awesome and most relaxing time, thank you! 01/04/2016@ the City Awesome, thank you very much! 01/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, will be recommended to my friends, thanks! 31/03/2016@ the City My massage was amazing, thank you! 31/03/2016@ the City Thank you very much for relieving my back pain. 30/03/2016@ the City Always amazing as usual! K 30/03/2016@ the City Thank you very much for this awesome massage, we feel better now!! J&G 29/03/2016@ the City Amazing, thank you! L 29/03/2016@ the City Lovely foot massage, thank you! 28/03/2016@ the Pier Top class massage, Thank you. P&D 28/03/2016@ the City Awesome massage and great customer service, thanks. N 27/03/2016@ the Pier Extremely relaxing and just what we needed! Thank you! R&J 27/03/2016@ the Pier Cheers! 🙂 27/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you! 🙂 x I see you again soon. 27/03/2016@ the Pier A very relaxing, beautiful massage. A 27/03/2016@ the City Treated very well, thank you 27/03/2016@ the City My feet deserved the treat and it was amazing, thanks. 27/03/2016@ the City Best massage in years, Mami was amazing! J 26/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always! B&J 26/03/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, thank you! B 25/03/2016@ the City Feeling so much relaxed and supple, thank you! 24/03/2016@ the Pier Miyako Doumo Arigatou. 24/03/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, got to the tight spots and much better!! 23/03/2016@ the City Lovely massage, thank you very much! 22/03/2016@ the City That was superb! Will be making a regular appearance! Thank you so so so much! 23/03/2016@ the Pier The best massage ever!! Never forget that time I’ve enjoyed. Will reccomend my friends who want be in Cairns. J&S 23/03/2016@ the Pier Great very relaxing totally enkoyed every minute! S. 23/03/2016@ the Pier Fantastic! Very relaxing massage, my husband and I really enjoyed. K. 22/03/2016@ the Pier Sasha is strong + amazing! Thank you ! B. 22/03/2016@ the Pier Mami great deep tissue thanks. 20/03/2016@ the Pier ありがとうございますた。とってもrelaxできました。また時間を見つけて来ます。 E. 20/03/2016@ the Pier I was so relaxed with comfortable massage and nice flavour of Jasmine,Thank you for a good time! 20/03/2016@ the City One of the best massages i’ve had! Thank you! 20/03/2016@ the City Veeeeeeeeeeery relaxing. Thanks! 20/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing! Just what I needed Thanks. 20/03/2016@ the City Amazing Massage as usual! Thanks. 20/03/2016@ the City Every massage I have had here has been perfect! Truly amazing. Thank you. Y. 17/03/2016@ the City Very good treatment! Thank you. J. 13/03/17@ the Pier So great! Thank you! I wish I could have another. 13/03/17@ the Pier Fabilous Thanks! 13/03/17@ the Pier Wonderful massage Thank you! 13/03/16@ the Pier Brilliant massage ! Highly Reccomend! 13/03/16@ the Pier Unbelievable!! My husband + I want to bring them home to the state!! 16/03/2016@ the City Absolutely wonderful massage. Thank you. We will be back. J & D 16/03/2016@ the City Very good massage! 15/03/15@ the Pier Dear Juri.Thank you for the lovely massage… I’m sorry I was sick with flu…and that I threw dirty tissue-Crazy lady.lol. I’m looking forward to seeing you next time. B 15/03/13@ the Pier Such a wonderful experience.Second massage in three days.Highly reccomend. 15/03/2016@ the City Awesome massage! 15/03/2016@ the City Thanks so much, it was the best massage I have ever had! You have magic hands, see you next time! 14/03/13@ the Pier A lovely massage as always! I’ll definitely be back again! 14/03/2016@ the City Thank you!!! J 14/03/13@ the Pier A wonderful massage as usual. Thank you so much for making me feel relaxed and happy. S. 13/03/13@ the Pier Very good job!!! Lovely girl, Thank you… 13/03/13@ the Pier Thanks great massage. 13/03/13@ the Pier Thank you. Feels like I died and went to heaven. Thank you Yasuyo M. 13/03/2016@ the City Just perfect, thank you 12/03/13@ the Pier Good 12/03/13@ the City Another wonderful massage, thank you for fixing my headache! T 12/03/2016@ the City Just wanted to lie, then sooo good! Thanks! 11/03/2016@ the City Thank you, didn’t want it to end! M 11/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing! 10/03/2016@ the City Thank you, the most pleasurable, cheers. W 10/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you! 10/03/2016@ the City Very lovely! 09/03/2016@ the Pier Great massage! Will be back again! F. 09/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much for an excellent massage 🙂 A. 09/03/2016@ the City Thank you for a very wonderful massage as birthday present! 09/03/2016@ the City 楽しみにしていた旅の初めに、素敵な出会い。元気になりました、ありがとう!K 09/03/2016@ the City Sensational, thank you so much! J 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you 🙂 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much, very relaxing!! R. 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thanking you once again lovely ladies from us 3 :):):) perfect 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thanks so much Emi! That was so good and I didn’t want it to end! 🙂 K. 08/03/2016@ the City ステキなホホバオイルでいい人つかまえます!ありがとうございました!Very good massage and got nice souvenir! S 08/03/2016@ the City お姉さん達はとても優しくて、本当に癒されました!Thank you!Y 08/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you . C 07/03/2016@the City とても良かったです!Thank you! H 07/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you for a wonderful massage! I will be back 🙂 06/03/2016@ the Pier Awesome! So relaxing, & friendly professional service, Thanks! 06/03/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing! Absolutely beautiful.Thank you!! 🙂 06/03/2016@ the Pier Fantastic!! Super relaxed from head to toe. Thanks again. 06/03/2016@ the City とても良かったです!ありがとうございました!M 06/03/2016@ the City Thanks for wonderful time!! Y 06/03/2016@ the City Wonderful,,,, thank you! 05/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always 🙂 05/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing Thank you Hiroko 🙂 From Y 05/03/2016@ the City Thank you!!! 05/03/2016@ the City Juri gave an awesome massage 10 out of 10! 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you. I love it!! Kumi 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you Saki, great massage. 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you Thank you Thank you, Wonderful I will be back.Best massage ever, Thank you Miyako. x 03/03/2016@ the Pier A very relaxing massage! M. 03/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you. It feels fantastic. J. 03/03/2016@ the Pier Vest massage I’ve had in a long time. Thank you Miyako. T. 03/03/2016@ the City Always great;) 02/03/2016@ the City Feel very light!!! P&P 01/03/2016@ the City Feel very light. Mr. & Mrs. P 🙂 01/03/2016@ the City The best massages ever. Keep it up. 01/03/2016@ the Pier Dear Juri, My favourite time & Loving a long massage with you! Thank you for the wonderful neck massage today my neck look amazing. Whole body…amazing. See you in 2weeks 🙂  B. 29/02/2016@ the City Thanks for lovely massage! 🙂 29/02/2016@ the City Friendly staff, great massage here! 🙂 29/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you It was the best!! Very professional! 29/02/2016@ the Pier AMAZING!!! 5STARS!!! Just Perfect!! 29/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so much! Just what my tired body needed! P. 28/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you, very happy and relaxed 🙂 T&K 28/02/2016@ the Pier ありがとうございます:) 覚えてて下さって本当に嬉しいです♪♪ケアンズに間違いのないマッサージ屋さんがあることは本当に貴重でありがたいです!また来ます:) ♪ Y. 28/02/2016@ the City Very relaxing, and lovely staff!! V 27/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you, That way awesome! I’ll be back! I. 27/02/2016@ the City Wonderful as always! 27/02/2016@ the City Best massage ever! A great way to finish the week, will be back! 27/02/2016@ the City As always amazing, thank you! 26/02/2016@ the City Best massage in town! J 25/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako, Saki. Wow great job.Felt very relaxed. Helped my back. P&A 25/02/2016@ the Pier Excellent work. Well worth it. A. 25/02/2016@ the City Really enjoyed it. Totally relaxing, R&A 24/02/2016@ the Pier Great massage Hiroko! Very relaxing! Thank you so much! 24/02/2016@ the City Fantastic and totally relaxing! M 24/02/2016@ the City Awesome massage 🙂 M. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Hiroko was amazing! Very relaxing. XXX. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako was fantastic, found all the spot that needed help. Thank you Miyako.T, 23/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing massage !! Thank you. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Was a fantastic massage loved it so much. Helped a lot with the stressed. Thanks to Juri. Really appreciate it. Many thanks to whole team. 23/02/2016@ the City Wonderful massage. Thank you. 23/02/2016@ the City Thank you very much Asuka, you are wonderful massuese. M. 22/02/2016@ the City Thank you very much YUKARI. Very enjoyeble and relaxing massage.J. 22/02/2016@ the City Excellent massage, very relaxing. G. 22/02/2016@ the City Very relaxing. Was a wonderful experience. S&G 21/02/2016@ the Pier 指圧エステ最高ー!!しげみつさんありがとうございました! Y&D 21/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing massage, just what I needed after a big week! Thank you so much, I will definitely be back! 🙂 21/02/2016@ the Pier Perfect! Many Thanks. J. 21/02/2016@ the City P&J again very good. 21/02/2016@ the City The best massage I have ever had in Cairns, so relaxing and amazing. Thank you. K. 21/02/2016@ the City Best massage I have ever had. Thank you 🙂 20/02/2016@ the Pier とても気持ちよかったです、ケアンズきたらまたお願いします。T. 20/02/2016@ the City I have been to a lot of massage places and this is by far the best! Great massage! Thank you. 20/02/2016@ the City So relaxed, Thank you! S. 20/02/2016@ the Pier とても気持ちよかったです。ケアンズに来たらまたお願いします!! T. 19/02/2016@ the City Super relaxing! Thank you! 19/02/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and awesome massage that I’ve ever had! 🙂 疲れた身体がとても癒されました。接客もマッサージもとてもよかったです。Thank you so much! Love oiled!! M. 19/02/2016@ the Pier 気持ちよすぎて幸せでした!またケアンズに来たらここに来たいです :)K. 19/02/2016@ the Pier とっても気持ちよかったです!ありがとうございました:)帰りたくなーい!!(笑)Y. 19/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage!! Thank you. Z. 19/02/2016@ the Pier Arigato Gozaimasu!From K&J 🙂 18/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! Thanks Miyako 🙂 17/02/2016@ the Pier Yasuyo-chan. Thank you 🙂 M. 16/02/2016@ the Pier オーストラリアはCX-5がとても多く走っていますた!!素敵な接客ありがとうございました。 S&K. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Beautiful massage thank you 🙂 16/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! As a local wouldn’t go anywhere else, Thank you. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful! 16/02/2016@ the Pier Juri your Amazing. Thank you. M. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you Juri for another beautiful massage. I really enjoy having such a relaxing massage today. Thank you!! B. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Love it! I feel very relaxed. M 15/02/2016@ the Pier Very good massage,I feel very relax and Good all the time. E. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Each time better that last. that was amazing Thank you. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing. Definitely know what they are doing. S&N 15/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful massage as always. N&D 15/02/2016@ the Pier Very nice + relaxing .Beautiful! Thank you. 15/02/2016@ the City Ah, I feel alive again! so relaxing, so wonderful. Thanks! X R. 14/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you! felling relaxed and loose. Great valentines gift. J 1 4/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so much! For the R&R! Best Valentines day ever! M&T 14/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always 🙂 B&T 14/02/2016@ the Pier Massage is very good excellent. F. 14/02/2016@ the City Amazing! Thank you! 14/02/2016@ the City Beautiful massage. Feeling wonderful. 14/02/2016@ the City Thank you. Absolutely amazing. So relaxed. D & T from VIC 13/02/2016@ the Pier To die for massage! Thank you Miyako . P. 13/02/2016@ Green Island Thank you, amazing job for my chronic shoulder pain! C. 13/02/2016 Green Island Thankyou so much. That was beautiful, so relaxing! G. from Byron Bay 13/02/2016@ the City I came in with lot of stress, then  I’m leaving here with a feeling like a queen!  ありがとう、Sasha! 12/02/2016@ the City Thank you, & May all of life come to you with ease and joy and glory. Truly wonderful. C. 10/02/2016@ the City An amazing massage, very relaxing! Thank you! 09/02/2016@ the City Thank you!! 09/02/2016@ the City So so good! 09/02/2016@ the Pier Very Relaxing! Felt wonderful! K. 09/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage I had ever had. A. 08/02/2016@ the City Very good! 08/02/2016@ the Pier Awesome Miyako 🙂 08/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! Love Miya’s work 🙂 08/02/2016@ the Pier Very relaxed,Thank you. T 08/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage in Cairns Thanks☆ 08/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful massage Miya.Feeling very relaxed. S. 07/02/2016@ the City amazing. T. 07/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much,this was really amazing thank you so much. T&H. 06/02/2016@ the City So relaxing!! Thank you 🙂 06/02/2016@ the City Thank you so much. Amazing job, I feel like new born 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you MIYA. I am feeling good already. F. 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you really enjoyed the head and neck massage amazing. A 06/02/2016@ the Pier Heavenly!! 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so so much. Massage was incredible. J. 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Hiroko, Thank you for lovely massage magic. K. 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thanks Miyako, that was truly amazing feeling and my shoulders feels great. Thank you. S. 05/02/2016@ the Pier Thanks Sasha, One of the best massage ever! Thanks 🙂 05/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako, That was so so lovely. Truly amazing massage!!! B. 05/02/2016@ the Pier OMG!! Sasha!! Tahnk you so much, Amazing!! Will be back 🙂 Lots of Love from S. 05/02/2016@ the City Amazing thank you 😉 04/02/2016@ the City So so wonderful! Thank you 🙂 04/02/2016@ the City Beautiful as always. C. 03/02/2016@ the City Outstanding another beautiful experience. 02/02/2016@ the Pier So relaxing. Lovely thank you. 02/02/2016@ the Pier Dear Juri, I always love to come and see you for such an amazing, relaxing massage.You are wonderful! See you next time 🙂 R. 01/02/2016@ the Pier Very good as always. 31/01/2016@ Green Island Very relaxing massage. Felt very good. Will come and do it again! Thank you! 31/01/2016@ Green Island First time for oiled massage. That was very nice. Enjoyed, relaxed and had good time here. Thank you. 31/01/2016@ the Pier Very good. B. 31/01/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and good massage, Thank you.D 31/01/2016@ the City Simply superb.J. 31/01/2016@ the City An amazing massage. I can’t wait to come back! A. 30/01/2016@ Green Island Very enjoyable and the best massage in the world! 30/01/2016@ Green Island Wonderful massage. Very relaxing. Super enjoyable. 30/01/2016@ the Pier You amazing!!! Thank you. A. 30/01/2016@ the City Mami is the best at reflexology!! 30/01/2016@ the City Thanks!! 29/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic. Very relaxing. Thank you! 29/01/2016@ Green Island 初めてオイルフルボディマッサージを受けましたが、最高に良かったです。疲れが取れました。 29/01/2016@ Green Island Amazing. My neck felt much better. Will be back! 29/01/2016@ Green Island Wonderful massage, very relaxing. 29/01/2016@ Green Island One of the best things about living on Green Island is the massage ladies. Amazing as always. 29/01/2016@ Green Island Amazing massage. I am completely relaxed. Thank you so much Tomomi. B 🙂 29/01/2016@ Green Island Very good massage. Enjoyed every bit! 29/01/2016@ the Pier Thank you. 29/01/2016@ the Pier Great massage very relaxing. 29/01/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and enjoyable! Thank you. J. 29/01/2016@ the City Best massage I ever had! Thank you. 29/01/2016@ the City Brilliant massage, great vibe and lovely ladies. Very enjoyable, second time here, I love it. Thank you.S. 28/01/2016@ the Pier Thank you Sasha,my body is happy now. A wonderful way to start my holiday 😉 H. 28/01/2016@ the City とても気持ち良くて眠ってしまいました。肌もすべすべになって大満足です:) 有難うございました。R&M 27/01/2016@ the Pier Extremely beautiful hands, perfect pressure. Throughly enjoyed. Thank you 🙂 27/01/2016@ the City Awwwww, so much better now! Thanks! 26/01/2016@ the City Very good! Thank you. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Sasha is very good. Was so relaxing and enjoyable. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Beautiful and magic hands that does wonders!! 25/01/2016@ the Pier Beautiful as before. Thank you. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Positively delightful time! Thank you very much! 24/01/2016@ Green Island Thank you for amazing massage! 24/01/2016@ Green Island Many thanks Mizu. I was wonderfully relaxing! Y. 24/01/2016@ the Pier Very very good!! It was amazing! Thank you very much! 24/01/2016@ the Pier 做的很好,外帶舒服 (Well done, addtion comfortable) L. 24/01/2016@ the Pier This is a very relax and good massage she gave. Thank you very much. I will be coming back again. Wonderful feeling of now. L. 🙂 24/01/2016@ the City Amazing Ladies. 24/01/2016@ the City Thank you very much! Very lovely. 24/01/2016@ the City Super relaxing!Thank you!! 23/01/2016@ the Pier Very good massage! Amazing techniques 🙂 Definitely will come again! 23/01/2016@ the City Awesome as always!.L 23/01/2016@ the City Amazing massage! Came in with stiff+sore neck and shoulders, got rid of pain!! 23/01/2016@ the City Excellent massage, lighting, music, all work do make it a very enjoyable experience! 23/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic, very nice. Thank you. S. 22/01/2016@ the Pier Wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you. J. 22/01/2016@ the Pier  Amazing! Very relaxing! 🙂 22/01/2016@ the City Been coming here for a year Best Massages every time! 22/01/2016@ the City Lovely Thank you 😉 22/01/2016@ Green Island I loved this massage. Would like to come back soon!! Thanks, Yukari. M. 22/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic massage, will be back! Very relaxing and nice. L. 22/01/2016@ Green Island This was the best massage ever had! Really relaxing! Thank you very much, Yukari. P. 🙂 21/01/2016@ the Pier 做得很好,很舒服,非常滿意 (Well done, very comfortable, very satisfaction) W. 21/01/2016@ the Pier I’ll be back – wonderful hour – it went by too quickly. K. 21/01/2016@ the City The most amazing massage! Very welcoming! 21/01/2016@ the City Just what I needed. So helpful & relaxing 🙂 21/01/2016@ the City Oiled is simply the best ever!! 🙂 20/01/2016 @ the Green Island Excellent massage. Lovely service. Feeling fabulously relaxed. 🙂 Cheers, G. 20/01/2016 @ the Green Island  Fantastic. So relaxing. Thank you. L. 20/01/2016 @ the Pier Very relaxing and techniques. Thank you so much. 🙂 I. 20/01/2016@ the City Still the best in town! 20/01/2016@ the City The best!! 19/01/2016 @ the Pier Thank you Juri. It is always a treat to come and see you. Your massages are like heaven. You are an angel. See you next time! B. 🙂 18/01/2016 @ the City Beautiful, very grateful for masseuse. 18/01/2016 @ the City Unbelievable massage!! Amazing 🙂 So relaxing 🙂  xoxo Thank you Yasuyo!! 17/01/2016 @ Green Island So relaxing, thank you so much!! C. 17/01/2016 @ Green Island The best massage ever! C. 17/01/2016 @ the Pier A pain is gone. Make my very comfortable and can sleep well. Thanks! 16/01/2016 @the City Best massage ever! 16/01/2016 @ the City Very relaxing, thank you. Best massage ever!!:) 16/01/2016 @ the City Wonderful massage thank you very much! 16/01/2016 @ the City Thank you very much. 16/01/2016 @ the Pier Had a great massage, made my neck feels great. A. 16/01/2016 @ the Pier Just had the most amazing hour in the hands of a wonderful soul. Knew exactly what I needed. Best ever. Thank you. B. 15/01/2016 @ the City Thank you for the relaxing massage!! 15/01/2016 @ the City Wonderful.How did it go so quickly! Thank you very much!! 15/01/2016 @ the City Amazing! So relaxing just what I needed 🙂 Thank you xx. 15/01/2016 @ the Pier Just had the best massage I’ve ever had (and I have had a few). Tomomi, very professional and great technique. P. 14/01/2016@ the City Excellent as always! 14/01/2016 @ the Pier Really nice massage.Two hours of relaxation.Thank you Emiko! C. 13/01/2016@ the City Perfect! M. 13/01/2016 @ Green Island EXCELLENT. Will come back again. S. 13/01/2016 @ the Pier Best massage ever! H. 13/01/2016 @ the Pier Feel Amazing!:) P. 12/01/2016 @ Green Island My neck and back have been so sore – thank you for the relief and relaxation. K. 12/01/2016@ the City Thank you so much!! I was very sore today.I was helped very much by the massage. I wanted to stay and sleep on the table. K. 12/01/2016@ the City Very relaxing did my muscle a good work out!! M. 11/01/2016 @ the Pier Very relaxing thank you Marina! 11/01/2016 @ the Pier A very relaxing experience!  A. 11/01/2016 @ the Pier Truly the best massage ever. J. 10/01/2016 @ Green Island The best massage in years. S. 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Really enjoy the massage,very relax!! Thanks a lot!! 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Amazing massage would highly recommend! We’ll defiantly be back. 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Best massages we’ve ever had!We’ll definitely be coming back. 10/01/2016 @ the City Very good! Excellent massage Thank you so much! A. 09/01/2016@ the City Felt like cloud nine!Thank you so much! S. 08/01/2016@ the City Wonderfully relaxed 🙂 G. 08/01/2016@ the City Very nice! S. 07/01/2016 @ the Pier It was one of the best massages I ever have.今まで受けたマッサージの中で最高でした。 A&N 07/01/2016 @ the Pier Absolutely lovely massages. Feeling very relaxed and revitalized. D & A 07/01/2016@ the City Wonderful! Thank you very much! Just what I needed:) Love C xxx. 07/01/2016@ the City Marvelous as always we love you guys. S. 07/01/2016@ the City Thank you Lovely as always!!xx 07/01/2016 @ the Pier Was absolutely wonderful. M xxx 07/01/2016@ the City Excellent massage.I will be back and bring my wife as well. S. 07/01/2016@ the City Always a beautiful experience.Thank you so much!! 07/01/2016@ the City My headache has gone, thank you! Happy new year;) 06/01/2016 @ the Pier Truly wonderful experience.I will return net time.I’m back in Cairns! R xxx 06/01/2016@ the City Asuka. A way to start the new year, Great thanks! D. 06/01/2016@ the CIty Beautiful relaxing 30 minutes of bliss! Will be back. K 05/01/2016 @ the Pier The most professional massage shop in Cairns! J. 🙂 05/01/2016 @ the Pier Thank you Juri! Xxx I loved every minute. So relaxed! 90 mins is still not long enough!! lol B. 🙂 05/01/2016@ the City Amazing and relaxing perfect hour! 04/01/2016 @ the Pier Beautiful pregnancy massage, feeling extremely relaxed and pampered. Will come back again very soon. A. from Cairns. 04/01/2016@ the City This is my first time, amazing! 03/01/2016 @ the Pier Very good massage. Very clean. Enjoyed! A. 03/01/2016 @ the Pier That was an amazing massage! Thank you so much and we will continue to be back. E & M 03/01/2016@ the City Heaven! 02/01/2016@ the City ありがとう! 01/01/2016@ the City Awesome massage, must come again! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier I’ll be back!! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you very much!! That was brilliant 🙂 Happy New Year! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier Best massage I’ve had! Thank you. 31/12/2015@ the City Very nice staff and good relaxing massage!!N 30/12/2015 @ the Pier I will definitely recommend and will be back again & again! 30/12/2015 @ the Pier Highly professional!!! 30/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you for the great massage. Will be back!! 30/12/2015@ the City Awesome massage, very relaxing! Thank you Yasuyo!!T 29/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you for a wonferful, relaxing massage. Loved it. A. 29/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you so much for the massage! Best one in Australia yet! L. 29/12/2015@ The City Dear Juri, thank you for your wonderful caring massage, you are very talented. I feel amazing!! See you soon.B 28/12/2015@ The City Great massage, professional! 27/12/2015@ the City Great massage. 26/12/2015@ The City Beautifully relaxing massage, Thank you so much! L 25/12/2015@ The City So relaxing, Emiko has powerfully head massage, ありがとうございます!!! 24/12/2015 @ The City Best massage in Cairns! 🙂 O. 24/12/2015 @ The City Exactly what I needed after 2 days diving! Thanks. R. 23/12/2015 @ The City Amazing!! I’ll be a regular for sure 🙂 K, 22/12/2015 @ The City Fabulous, very relaxing!!! S. 22/12/2015 @ The City You guys are the bomb!xx P. 21/12/2015 @ The City Yukari was amazing! D. 20/12/2015 @ The City Great massage. I’LL BE BACK. R. 19/12/2015 @ The City Best massage in Cairns. B.& J. xxxx 18/12/2015 @ The City Very nice massage.Best in Cairns. A. 18/12/2015 @ The City Always brilliant. Thank you Sasha! 18/12/2015 @ The City ありがとうございました!Thank you so much! R. 18/12/2015 @ The City Awesome!!Thank you very much! M. 18/12/2015 @ The City Thanks,very good. 18/11/2015@ The City Yes, that was amaizing! Thank you so much! Perfect as usual! Thank you!! 17/12/2015 @ The City I really appreciate the way of massage and the staff. Well done, recommended to another fellow.R 17/12/2015 @ The City Very relaxing, always the best at Oiled. 16/12/2015 @ The City Excellent massage.L 16/12/2015 @ The City Fantastic!O 15/12/2015 @ The City Very good, absolutely brilliant, thank you!.S 15/12/2015 @ The City Asuka, thank you all the help of my recovery from accident. Merry X’mas to you all. D 14/12/2015 @ The City Again, a beautiful massage. 14/12/2015 A wonderful experience as always. I’ll definitely come back.P 13/12/2015 We both enjoyed immensely our massage. thank you. J&E 13/12/2015 Thank you very much for a great massage, loved it!.J 12/12/2015 Have enjoyed my massage today, thank you Juri. That is why I keep coming back. lovely that you help me relax.P 12/12/2015 Kazumi, thank you so much. you are great! See you soon.J 11/12/2015 Thank you so much, lovely massage, hot towels are excellent, great end to our holiday.K 11/12/2015 Very very nice massage.T 10/12/2015 Very nice massage, Lavender scent was great. J&D 09/12/2015 Feeling great!Very relaxing, great smiles, will be back!D&N. 08/12/2015 Thank you Miho! very relaxing and affordable! Would recommend Oiled massage to anyone need relaxation! A. 08/12/2015 Miho, that was incredible, thank you so much! Soooo relaxing! 07/12/2015 It’s awesome! Thanks Juri, I’m relaxed! 07/12/2015 Feel so relaxed now! Thank you Hana! 06/12/2015 Amazing! Exactly what I needed, thank you. 05/12/2015 Amazing experience, thank you!! 04/12/2015 Awesome, thank you ! 04/12/2015 Best in Town so far, very relaxing experience. 03/12/2015 Very good, thank you very much, see you again! 03/12/2015 Excellent massage break in 2 weeks time! 02/12/2015 Thank you very much, Asuka! Just what I needed!C. 02/12/2015 Very good! 02/12/2015 That was tremendous, thanks very much!!R. 01/12/2015 Awesome massage, thanks heaps, Mizuho! Z. 3 0/11/2015 Best massage I’ve ever had. Amazing, we will definitely be back! 30/11/2015 Just lovely! Thank you!S. 29/11/2015 What an amazing experience! I’ve had many massages, but Kazumi definitely was the best I’ve had!!Thank you so much!K 29/11/2015 Massage was lovely, thank you for your call and attention! 28/11/2015 Great massage, thank you Rina!! 27/11/2015 Amazing as always, thank you!C. 27/11/2015 ありがとうございました!! 26/11/2015 Feel so relaxed, amazing! Thank you, Kazumi!! 26/11/2015 So so good! Thank you! C. 25/11/2015 The best as always! T. 24/11/2015 So good, always very soothing and relaxing!D. 24/11/2015 Great massage, very professional! relaxing, I feel great! K. 23/11/2015 Very relaxing, thank you! Best massage ever! TA! 23/11/2015 Amazing, thank you!! 22/11/2015 Pure bliss 21/11/2015 Hana did a wonderful job, very nice!! 21/11/2015 Always great, thank you Asuka!D. 20/11/2015 Best one in Cairns! Thank you so much! 18/11/2015 Yes,yes yes-exactly what I wanted! As good, perfect and lovely as always, big thank you!! 17/11/2015 You are perfect, Juri! I loved every minute, you found sore spots I didn’t even know! Very relaxing, thank you so much!B. 16/11/2015 Good massage, as good as usual, well done Rina.W. 16/11/2015 Amazing massage, the best I have ever had! Thank you so much.J. 15/11/2015 Very professional, very nice and an amazing massage. Thank you so much!J. 14/11/2015 Thank you for making me feel so relaxed after such a stressful week. Sasha was absolutely wonderful!B. 14/11/2015 One of the best massage ever! I loved it, so relaxing, thank you, I’ll come back. 13/11/2015 OMG! That was so good!! Thank you so much. B & S 13/11/2015 Awesome massage! You have healing hands, Rina. Thank you. C. 12/11/2015 Always wonderful! Thank you A. 12/11/2015 Loving the neck and head massage for the ending. Thank you!  M. 🙂 11/11/2015 I have been here lots of times. Always so relaxed. Great staff. J. 11/11/2015 Awesome! Talented hands. 11/11/2015 Only 20 min, thank you all, it was really relaxing for me. 10/11/2015 I’m so relaxed, thank you Nanaho! C. 10/11/2015 Absolutly brilliant and all the right spots especially neck and head! Thakn you.J. 09/11/2015 Kana, beautiful! Very strong, perfect massage, thank you!.L. 08/11/2015 Very good and relaxing, thanks Rina! 08/11/2015 Fantastically relaxing, thank you Sasha. W. 08/11/2015 Always good, Thanks Sasha!R. 07/11/2015 One of the best experiences I’ve had in Cairns so far. Thanks a lot!!!S&F 07/11/2015 Thanks Sasha, always good!.R. 06/11/2015 I really love Oiled! I’ll hope to see you again! It was absolutly relaxed and had friendly chat! Thanks a lot! N. 06/11/2015 Wow, such lovely ladies, such an experience! K. 05/11/2015 The best massage I’ve ever had.Thank you so much!C. 05/11/2015 Very good massage, friendly and professional, I’ll be back!.M. 04/11/2015 Wonderful!!J. 04/11/2015 Excellent, most relaxing, will be back again for more!.L. 03/11/2015 I will be back, excellent!P. 03/11/2015 The service is great! The staff is friendly! Loved it!!!!!! J. 02/11/2015 Thank you, again! 01/11/2015 That was the “best” massage I have had!! Well done. A. 01/11/2015 I have been so many massage places. This is the best so far.R. 31/10/2015 Thank you so much Kazumi, one of the best massage I have ever had! 30/10/2015 Thank you Miho, feeling so relaxing and wonderful. Will definitely be back next time, I am living in Cairns.E. 29/10/2015 I feel 100% better, thank you. G. 29/10/2015 Perfect! Love from your loyal customers. C&L 28/10/2015 Wonderful massage and relax.A. 28/10/2015 A lovely way to take time out, Thank you. K. 27/10/2015 Thank you! Really wonderful. 27/10/2015 Thanks! 26/10/2015 Oiled is always an oasis after a long day of work! Thank you very much! 26/10/2015 Thank you Nanaho, feel ready for sleep! 25/10/2015 That was just awesome, thank you so much, Kazumi! 25/10/2015 Thank you, the stress and tension of my shoulders feels much better! 24/10/2015 Feel muck better, thank you, Juri! 24/10/2015 Magic! I feel fully recharged, thank you, Kazumi! 23/10/2015 Brilliant as always!Thanks Nanaho!A. 23/10/2015 Very relaxing! Thanks very much a lovely end to our stay! M&S. 22/10/2015 Sensational!! Great start to some time together, thanks.S&S. 22/10/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage.R. 21/10/2015 Kazumi was fantastic! 21/10/2015 Best massage place in Cairns! 20/10/2015 Absolutly amazing!!! Thanks Emiko, thank you, thank you! 20/10/2015 Again! So so so Good, Thank you, Juri! It was exactly what I needed! 19/10/2015 That was amazingly good! You are the best, Nanaho! Thank you so much, till next week.C. 19/10/2015 Kazumi is the best!.R. 19/10/2015 最高でした!すぐ眠ってしまったほどです、ありがとうございます! 19/10/2015 とても気持ち良かったです。ぐっすり眠ってしまいました! 19/10/2015 Amazing massage, Thank you.L. 19/10/2015 A lovely relaxing massage, thank you. 19/10/2015 Great relaxing massage, Thanks! 19/10/2015 So good, thank you!!! 18/10/2015 exquisite message with Nanaho, Thank you! 18/10/2015 Very relaxing, Thank you.J. 17/10/2015 Great massage, Thank you.J. 17/10/2015 かずみさんのマッサージはとても気持ち良かったです。気持ち良く眠れて、疲れがとれました。ありがとうございました! 17/10/2015 Wow, Rina, how strong you are! Amazing massage! 17/10/2015 Amasing massage, we’ll be back.S. 17/10/2015 Rina gave me a magical massage, loved it! Thank you. 16/10/2015 The best massage I’ve ever had. I wish I lived locally!.J. 16/10/2015 Very through massage and attentive service. Excellent!.V. 15/10/2015 Great massage, Thank you.J. 15/10/2015 Thank you so much, it was totally woderful. I loved it. Marie, you have the most beautiful hands. I will be back!.L. 14/10/2015 Kazumi gave sensational great massage, will return.B. 14/10/2015 My first massage at Oiled from Kazumi, loved it!L. 13/10/2015 Sashaさん。うっとりとした幸せな時間でした。途中で寝てしまったのがもったいないと思うほどです。 Thank you very much!!!!.A. 13/10/2015 じゅりさん。マッサージとても気持ち良かったです。疲れもあり寝ちゃいました。 タメになるオーストラリア情報を有難うございました!Y. 13/10/2015 Sashaさん。とっても気持ち良かったです。有難うございました!Y. 13/10/2015 Juri, The best! Very good. V. 13/10/2015 Excellent Marie. I’ll be back. D. 12/10/2015 Thank you Nanaho. You are amazing as always. C. 11/10/2015 Thank you so much Nanaho. Very, very good. R. 11/10/2015 Yes, absolutely relaxed. Thank you. 10/10/2015 Thank you for getting rid of all my knots, it was a fabulous experience! Wishing you every success!.F. 10/10/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage.P. 10/10/2015 Awesome! Left broken in a good way! Totally relaxed again, Thank you!! 09/10/2015 Abosolutely amazing and relaxing. The masseuse made a time firster. Feel wonderful!!Thank you. .A&K. 08/10/2015 Awesome massage! We’ll be back;) 08/10/2015 Was so relaxing! Will definitely come again!.A. 08/10/2015 Bliss in between hockey. Thank you Kana and Asuka for the lovely massages!.L. 07/10/2015 Yasuyo brought me back to the mother earth. I hope more lovely people find this massage shop. A blue rose is growing in black soil! .C. 07/10/2015 Excellent head massage.B. 07/10/2015 Thanks!.D. 06/10/2015 Beautiful massage again, Thank you. 06/10/2015 Thanks again ladies, love this place! 06/10/2015 Thank you, Kana. Very relaxing! 06/10/2015 Thank you, wonderful massage, I’ll be back. .S. 05/10/2015 Thank you so much, Hana!!.C. 05/10/2015 I had a wonderful, professional massage at just the night presure!! Lovely. I’ll be back to see Juri! She’s great, thank you. N. 05/10/2015 Excellent everytime, G&K 05/10/2015 Thank you, very relaxing. K. 04/10/2015 It was the best massage I’ve had ever! 04/10/2015 Wonderful massage! I feel much better! Thank you!:) 04/10/2015 Very good, Kazumi. I am very relaxed!:) 03/10/2015 Perfect! Thank you! 03/10/2015 The best one! Thank you, Marina. 03/10/2015 Best massage technique you have, thank you, Juri. 03/10/2015 Very good, thank you Juri. 03/10/2015 じゅりさんのマッサージはすごく気持ちよく、リラックスできました。体もスッキリ!! 今日からの旅行も楽しく過ごせそうです。ありがとうございました 03/10/2015 かずみさんのマッサージ、すごく気持ち良かったです。体がとても楽になりました。ありがとうございました! 03/10/2015 Juri is the best! Never dissapointed! Always, choose Juri. 02/10/2015 Yasuyo is amazing! Thank you, perfect deep tissue massage<3 I’m fixed. 02/10/2015 It was so so so lovely!!! .L. 01/10/2015 Fantastic, Thank you. I will be back soon, Cheers. F. 30/09/2015 Amazing massage. Thank you so much, I feel great!! 30/09/2015 Thank you, relaxing and love the hot towels. 30/09/2015 Amazing, will be back. 29/09/2015 Super Awesome! 29/09/2015 Great! wonderful to recover from hockey tournament!.M. 28/09/2015 So relaxing, will be back again. Thank you. 27/09/2015 Wonderful massage with perfect pressure. Thank you! 27/09/2015 Lovely. Thank you. 26/09/2015 Just wonderful!!:) 25/09/2015 Awesome!! 24/09/2015 Amazing!! Thank you very much!!! 23/09/2015 Perfect, thanks. 22/09/2015 Magic!! Best in Cairns. 20/09/2015 Professional and lovely staff, I will be back. M. 19/09/2015 It was just awesome!!Completely relaxed. Cheers guys. 18/09/2015 Amazing, Thank you.M. 17/09/2015 The best massage I have had so far.I am 50 years old and I had loved several massages. It was so relaxing, so peaceful, just what I needed!.J. 15/09/2015 Thank you so much, more comfortable. R. 14/09/2015 Good work by Rina! Thanks. T. 14/09/2015 Perfection! Thanks Marina, XX 🙂 S. 14/09/2015 Thanks Sasha, Always good. I should have taken 2 hours. 14/09/2015 Very good massage. Feel relaxed and I am not stiff. Will recommend! 14/09/2015 Saiko = Very good! Fantastic massage and would definitely visit again! 13/09/2015 Dozo (Oops!) Domo arigato gozaimasu (I hope I wrote correct.) B. 13/09/2015 Excellent work 🙂 J. and W. 12/09/2015 Sasha, a real surprise! What an expert thoughtful with the right touch. 12/09/2015 Asuka, Extremely relaxing treatment. – Fell asleep! Thanks! 11/09/2015 Love this place. Very friendly staff. Massage is so good. Much Love. 10/09/2015 Fantastic massage! The only place I come too 🙂 10/09/2015 Massage was great 🙂 G. 09/09/2015 Massage was really good. Thank you so much! 0 9/09/2015 Thank you Ryoko, A nice massage for my tired body. 🙂 08/09/2015 Thank you. Great massage. Cheers. J. 08/09/2015 Thank you very much. Very good massage!! I will definitely come back 🙂 07/09/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage!! We will definitely be back 🙂 07/09/2015 Thank you that will be helpful 🙂 I needed it J. 06/09/2015 Absolutely Brilliant massage with Sasha! Thank you. 05/09/2015 It was beautiful. I smell fantastic. Great for lunch break. Thank you 🙂 05/09/2015 Very relaxing 🙂 Thank you. 04/09/2015 Yasuyo, You are AMAZING at what you do. Such a gift. J. 04/09/2015 Wonderful as always!! 🙂 03/09/2015 Thank you for amazing massage 🙂 I will come back! 02/09/2015 Perfect, Amazing, Outstanding. Many thanks! 02/09/2015 Pure Bliss! 🙂 Thank you so much! 01/09/2015 Beautiful massage. Thank you!!! 01/09/2015 Beautiful massage. Thank you Ryoko!! XX 3 1/08/2015 大満足です!オーストラリア最高!!また行きます:) Thank you. T. 31/08/2015 初めてのマッサージでしたけすごくど気持ち良すぎて一気に体が軽くなりました:) ハマりそうです!有難うございました!! 30/08/2015 Just what I needed. Thank you. R. 30/08/2015 Beautiful Chie, Thank you! 30/08/2015 Well worth it!! Fabulous. Thank you! L. 29/08/2015 That was amazing and great. Thanx, Sasha! 29/08/2015 Such strong hands that listened to what my body needed! Thank you so much. Will forward on recommendation to others. E. 28/08/2015 Hiroko, You are the BEST!! Very nice. Thank you. 🙂 27/08/2015 Nana, you are amazing!! I think you are gonna be Monday girl!! 🙂 C. 26/08/2015 perfect as always. G. 26/08/2015 AMAZING!! Thank you so much. I. 25/08/2015 So good. Thanks! 🙂 J. 24/08/2015 Can I come back again? It was great to have your massage today. 🙂 D. 23/08/2015 Lovely as always! Thank you. H. 23/08/2015 有難うございました。普段からの疲れも旅の疲れも取れて楽になりました。J. 22/08/2015 Wow!! Best massage EVER!! Thank you so much. M. 21/08/2015 Wonderful hour with Hiro. Thank you. J. 20/08/2015 Arigato!! I just had the best 30 min of my life! Great massage!! (and I’ve had a lot of massages.) M. 20/08/2015 強めのリクエストでしたがイタキモチ良かったです!すっかり体もかるくなって助かりました。 機会があればまたお世話になります!Y. 19/08/2015 Great as always! S. 19/08/2015 Awsome. Great massage! D. 18/08/2015 Never had a massage that thorough! So relaxing. Thank you! E. 17/08/2015 Just lovely and relaxing… Great place to be! XOXO 🙂 K. 16/08/2015 あまりにも気持ち良すぎて一週間の滞在で2回来てしまいました。とてもハイレベルだと思います!K. 16/08/2015 Thanks so much verrry relaxing. 15/08/2015 We love Oiled!! Today I’m using my friend’s gift and I’m here with my sister! 14/08/2015 Thank you very much Kazumi. You may have healed my back and shoulder pain. S. 14/08/2015 Many thanks. It was lovely and relaxing. Just Heaven! L.& F. 12/08/2015 Exellent. So relaxing. Thank you. R. 11/08/2015 めっちゃ良かったです!!ふだん仕事仕事の毎日なのでとてもリフレッシュ&リラックスできました!!T. 07/08/2015 Great Massage. Thank you. J. 06/08/2015 Best massage ever! D. & I. 06/08/2015 Very good! Thanks a lot! M. 05/08/2015 Thanks Kana, I fee great. See you next time. 04/08/2015 Absolute heaven. Many thanks! A. 04/08/2015 Best massage! Thank you. K. 03/08/2015 Both massages this week (Thursday + Sunday) were excellent!! Thank you. M. 02/08/2015 Fantastic! D. 01/08/2015 Thank for wonderful Kazumi, my best Japanese friend. It was a great experience here! R. 01/08/2015 Thank you Sasha, very good! See you next Sunday. R. 🙂 31/07/2015 Very relaxing!! Thank you. O. 31/07/2015 Just what I needed. Thank you. 🙂 30/07/2015 A wonderful massage. Thank you Asuka. 30/07/2015 Thank you! 29/07/2015 I needed that amazing as always!! 🙂 28/07/2015 Thank you Sasha – very much appreciated. 27/07/2015 Fantastic as always! 27/07/2015 Thank you Chie, You’re amazing! G. 27/07/2015 Thank you Kana, you’re the best 🙂 M. 26/07/2015 Thank you. Just what I needed. R. 26/07/2015 Thank you for the wonderful massage. I feel a lot more relaxed and refreshed now! 🙂 25/07/2015 It was a very beautiful experience! Much needed and appreciated. See you next time! 25/07/2015 Always amazing! The best way to start a new week. Thank you so much! 24/07/2015 Great Work. Thanks. K. 24/07/2015 Lovely massage. Many Thanks 🙂 C&L. 24/07/2015 Another amazing massage. Thank you! 24/07/2015 I will be back. Thanks heaps! J. 🙂 23/07/2015 Very relaxing. Great massage! Thanks. A. 23/07/2015 Absolutely amazing! Thank you. 22/07/2015 Great Massage. Thank you. P. 22/07/2015 Excellent technique by Sasha! Fantastic for relaxation and therapy 🙂 22/07/2015 Thank you so much. It was great. Thanks. C. 22/07/2015 Thank you Hana!! I didn’t want it to end! C. 🙂 21/07/2015 Very good massage!! Thank you Ryoko!! A 🙂 21/07/2015 Great massage. Thank you 🙂 20/07/2015 Thank you for great massage- Very relaxing. 20/07/2015 Thank you. I feel much better. 19/07/2015 Brilliant Massage. Thank you. I feel very invigorated. 18/07/2015 Awesome massage. will be back again! 17/07/2015 The deep tissue massage was wonderful. I feel much better after the massage. Thank you. 17/07/2015 Truly excellent. Deep tissue massage was Brilliant! I will be back. Cheers. 16/07/2015 Chie san. You are simply fantastic! One of the best massages I have ever had. T. 15/07/2015 Beautiful! Thank you very much 🙂 15/07/2015 Lovely! Amazing! G. 🙂 15/07/2015 Wonderful massage! Loved every minute!! 🙂 B. 14/07/2015 Will come back again 🙂 Thank you!とても気持ち良かったです。B&Y. 13/07/2015 Thanks for the great 30mins massage! M&P. 11/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage. I feel like I am in a new body! P. 09/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful relaxing & healing massage. Feeling much better! 09/07/2015 Great massage. Soso relaxed for work! Thanks! C. 07/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage! Very relaxing. P. 06/07/2015 Thanks. I feel amazing., Truely wonderful! 06/07/2015 Much Thanks, the techniques are amazing. It truly feels like you are on a holiday! 04/07/2015 Such relax. Many Zen 02/07/2015 Excellent massage. 01/07/2015 Wonderful! 01/07/2015 Amazing!!! 01/07/2015 良い香りに癒されて気持ち良かったです。 C. 29/06/2015 Thank you very much. 29/06/2015 とても気持ち良くて、ぐっすり寝てしまいました。 今までの疲れがしっかりとれて、また明日も楽しめそうです。ありがとうございました。 A. 29/06/2015 すごく気持ち良かったです!!ありがとうございました :) 29/06/2015 Awesome! 29/06/2015 Fantastic technique. Magical hands especially for foot! J. 28/06/2015 It was amazing. I will be back again. 28/06/2015 3rd time and will be back again! 28/06/2015 Wonderful relaxing massage. Regular customers would not go elsewhere. 28/06/2015 Beautiful massage. Feeling very refreshed. M&K. 27/06/2015 Best in Cairns. We love coming here. G&K. 27/06/2015 Thanks Juri!! Great massage for reliving tension. Very Relaxing. B. 26/06/2015 Aki, Excellent muscle therapy and relaxation! Thanks! 26/06/2015 Amazing Massage! Thank you!!! 25/06/2015 Great massage, Very skilled. Arigato! 25/06/2015 Sensational Massage! Thank you Ryoko. See you soon. M. 23/06/2015 Thank you Kazumi!!! I like your massage!!! 🙂 A. 23/06/2015 Thank you. Feel much better. T. 23/06/2015 Feeling much better! D. 20/06/2015 Very relaxed. T. 20/06/2015 Thank you very much! I will be back! 19/06/2015 Many thanks to Hana for a relaxing foot massage. J. 19/06/2015 Wonderful! Thank you so much. J&R. 19/06/2015 Thanks Mika. Another wonderful massage. I feel very relaxed now! B. 16/06/2015 Great Massage, Thanks. C. 16/06/2015 Wonderful!! E. 15/06/2015 Thank you. It was very good! Best massage! H. 14/06/2015 Marina, Very Good! 10/10! Thank you! D. 13/06/2015 Thank you. I feel so much pressure released. B. 12/06/2015 Excellent. 12/06/2015 Very Very Good! 11/06/2015 Chie=Great!! Sorry I fell asleep 🙂 10/06/2015 1st time but not the last! Thank you Aki!! 10/06/2015 Always as ever the best in town. Thanks! N. 06/06/2015 Aki is amazing! I’m back two days in a row. Love you guys! L. 06/06/2015 Marina is super at finding trouble spots with muscles. Exellent. Thank you! 06/06/2015 Marina&Aki are Amazing! Thank you, Oiled. F&R 05/06/2015 Always excellent. I’m addicted! 03/06/2015 Marina, Positive and very polite. Excellent massage. M. 03/06/2015 Thank you Kana, Such a wonderful massage. Relaxing and feel fantastic now!!:) R. 02/06/2015 Chie, Excellent treatment. Good muscle relief and relaxing. Thank you 🙂 02/06/2015 Chie, Thank you! I arrived with stress and sore. So much better now. My treat when I’m in Cairns. S. 01/06/2015 As Always it was fantastic. Thank you so much Yasuyo:) 30/05/2015 Wonderful massage! Thank you. 29/05/2015 The Best! 29/05/2015 Awesome. Very relaxing and therapedic! 28/05/2015 Best Massage in Cairns. Thank you Shiho! 27/05/2015 Very relaxing and wonderful! 26/05/2015 Almost fell asleep. Thanks. A. 26/05/2015 Thank you for a very relazing massage. R. 26/05/2015 Very good and professional massage! Feel great!:) J. 25/05/2015 Thank you so much for the awesome service! I feel great:) T. 25/05/2015 Your massage always makes me feel great! 25/05/2015 Thank you so much. Very very good. J. 24/05/2015 One of the best massages I have had! 24/05/2015 Fantastic. Very Relaxing. C. 23/05/2015 Very good. W. 23/05/2015 Amazing! L. 21/05/2015 Thanks. Feels great! M. 21/05/2015 Thank you so much. It was incredible!! Keep up the good work Ladies. 20/05/2015 Great massage! C. 19/05/2015 Very good.R. 19/05/2015 Very Relaxing! Abusolutely Wonderful! 18/05/2015 Thank you Asuka for a great massage. Really wonderful. R. 18/05/2015 Thank you. Amazing magical hands. Wouldn’t mind coming back. Best Massage Ever! L. 17/05/2015 Thanks for the awesome massage. A. 16/05/2015 Thank you for your greatful skills. You have amazing hands. Best massage ever! T. 15/05/2015 It was on cloud nine for whole massage!! Loved it! Highly recommended. T. 15/05/2015 Thank you. A very authentic massage. A. 14/05/2015 Exactly what I needed. Beautiful place and wonderful staffs! E. 13/05/2015 Thank you. That was beautiful! J. 12/05/2015 Thank you Kana. Best massage ever. Relaxing and oils were great. will be back soon. J. 12/05/2015 Thank you Kana for the best massage ever. Very relaxing:) M. 12/05/2015 Thank you. Hana was so lovely. So relaxed. I really enjoyed you have beautiful hands. R. 11/05/2015 Thank you Kana. Abusolutely Amazing! 🙂 M. 11/05/2015 Thank you. 気持ち良かった!! Y. 10/05/2015 Thank you Hana for a wonderful relaxing massage. I will be back:) S. 09/05/2015 So relaxing after a tough work. Thank you so much! L. 08/05/2015 What a fabulous Mothers Day Gift. Feeling awesome!! N. 08/05/2015 Thank you. A lovely atmosphire. A wonderful Massage Salon. 07/05/2015 Magic!! Just Magic!!! Thanks Eriko!! C. 07/05/2015 Wonderful! Thank you so much. A lot of relief after being here for work. Thanks Again. 06/05/2015 Best after one month travelling Australia! Thanks:) 06/05/2015 Thanks Kana. You were Amazing!!:) 06/05/2015 ビックリするくらい気持ち良かったです! 本当に本当にきてよかったです。 ケアンズに来たらまた来たいです。Y. 05/05/2015 Thank you very much, looking forward for next massage 🙂 05/05/2015 As always you Girls are fantastic. Keep up the good work. 04/05/2015 知人や友人に勧めたいと思います。T. 04/05/2015 楽になりました。有難うございました!F. 04/05/2015 The Best. Thank you.B. 04/05/2015 It’s very good. S. 04/05/2015 Very good. Thanks. R. 04/05/2015 So good. I feel asleep 🙂 Thanks. R. 03/05/2015 Thank you so much Eriko! That was really fantastic! Cheers. C. 02/05/2015 So relaxing. Thank you. 02/05/2015 とても気持ち良かったです!!有難うございました!チョコレートもおいしかったです:) E. 01/05/2015 Very friendly staff. My body feels better. Nice atmospher. 01/05/2015 Very relaxing massage. Thanuk you. P. 01/05/2015 Thanks so much. Relaxing. D. 30/04/2015 Best massage ever! Very friendly staff. 3 0/04/2015 むくみがとれて、履いてきたクツがぶっかぶか!! 29/04/2015 Thank you. I feel much better. 🙂 29/04/2015 Thank you for great massage and friendly staff! 28/04/2015 Extremely good. Highly recomended. 28/04/2015 Thank you very much, a very relaxing massage! 28/04/2015 Thank you Sachi for your massage!! Good job!! F. 27/04/2015 Thank you very much. Lovely + Relaxing 🙂 27/04/2015 Very relaxing. I feel good! 27/04/2015 Excellent. I feel really great now! Thanks!! 26/04/2015 Well done. Very relaxing. Thank you. 25/04/2015 Good work!! 25/04/2015 Thanks very much. See you next time. 24/04/2015 Thanks. No headache now!! 24/04/2015 Thank you. Very relaxing. See you soon! 22/04/2015 Thank you Mutsumi, Excellent pressure. I loved the shoulder rub. No tension now. Very relaxing. B. 🙂 22/04/2015 Always fantastic. Thank you girls. L. 21/04/2015 Thank you Eriko, Twice I had this week with Eriko. How lucky!! Keep up the good job girls 🙂 20/04/2015 Second massage in one week. Fabulous! Thank you! 19/04/2015 Eriko, Excellent technique! Very relaxing style. Great! Thank you. 19/04/2015 Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. 18/04/2015 Head and upper body massage. Absolutely wonderful. Very relaxing. Thank you. H.& J. 18/04/2015 Amazing. So relaxing. Excellent service 🙂 Perfect massage. 18/04/2015 Juri…. You are the best! Amazing massage – Definitely be back. Thank you soo much. L. 16/04/2015 🙂 B. 15/04/2015 Mika, Perfect massage. Thank you very much! 14/04/2015 Needed it!! It was fantastic. Thank you. 13/04/2015 Thank you as always. It was fantstic. J. 13/04/2015 My first time have very relaxing and proffesional… I enjoyed my massage and will return. Thank you so much 🙂 T. 12/04/2015 First time and will return. Hana was amazing. Very relaxing. J. 12/04/2015 I always enjoy Eriko’s massage. She is good!! A. 11/04/2015 Great massage, thank you so much! S. 11/04/2015 Great massage! Thanks! G. 10/04/2015 As always it was AMAZING. Thank you Asuka!! I feel so much better! Y. 10/04/2015 This is my second visit here. And was very relaxing once again. I will be recommending to my friends. 09/04/2015 As usual it was amazing. Just perfect. F. and R. 09/04/2015 Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you. I will be back! 07/04/2015 Absolutely wonderful!! Will be back many times! P. 07/04/2015 Arigato! Wonderful! Excellent service. Love your work! 06/04/2015 Asuka, that was fantastic! 06/04/2015 疲れ取れました!めっちゃ癒されました。有難うございました! またケアンズに来たら行きたいなーと思いました! 06/04/2015 Chie was amazing! Thanks! M. 05/04/2015 Thanks again ladies for amazing hands. C. & M. 05/04/2015 Chie was amazing. Thanks. M. 05/04/2015 すごく気持ち良かったです。とてもリラックスな気分になりました。N. 05/04/2015 We have been here many times now & Oiled just gets better & better. G.&K. 04/04/2015 Thank you very much. Best massage I’ve been to in Cairns. Thank you to all the girls. J. 03/04/2015 I agree with the below. Thank you Asuka. J. 02/04/2015 Very good massage Asuka. One of the best I ever had here. Thank you.N. 02/04/2015 Thank you Eriko for healing hands. You helped my knee pain go away. Thank you. S. 02/04/2015 Very relaxing. Thank you. 01/04/2015 Was great,Feel so relaxed. N. 30/03/2015 Thanks for amazing massage xxx W. 30/03/2015 Thank you for massage!! I had a great time with your staff. 30/03/2015 今日はマッサージありがとうございます。他のお店では味わえないとても貴重な時間が持てました。また、よろしくお願いします。 29/03/2015 Always, always always love being here. Thank you,ladies! L. 29/03/2015 Always Enjoyed my massage here. Thank you. 28/03/2015 Thanks for massage, I really enjoyed. From N.Z. 28/03/2015 Very good,thank you so much! 28/03/2015 Top massage, thank you very much. 27/03/2015 Eriko is good!! Thank you!! 26/03/2015 Excellent technique pleasant staff member-Chie. thanks. 26/03/2015 Great massage as always! Thanks so much. 26/03/2015 Back for our indulgence… too relaxed and write anything!! Divine. F., R. and A. 25/03/2015 Wow-absolutely lovely-well recomended. See you next week. L. and C. 25/03/2015 Wonderful. So peaceful and so relaxing. Thank you. L. 24/03/2015 Thanks a lot for your shiatsu-oil. Relax massage. P. 24/03/2015 Thank you for a really relaxing massage. This is my first time and I will definitely be back. Until then. S. 23/03/2015 Amazing as always! See you next time. C. 17/03/2015 That was a wonderful. L. 23/03/2015 Amazing Best massage Ive had in a long time. L. 22/03/2015 Dear Eriko, That was a wonderful massage. You have amazing technique. I was so relaxed. I definitely prefer the 90 mins.massage. I will probably do it again in future because it is such a treat. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I particulary liked the shoulder part today. Amazing, thank you.B . 22/03/2015 That was awesome! I will definitely be coming back on my next trip 🙂 E.& R. 22/03/2015 とっても気持ち良かったです。来てよかった!有難うございました。N. 21/03/2015 Thank you for the amazing relaxing massage. I felt asleep and I loved it. Thank you. B. 21/03/2015 Chie, Wonderful relaxing massage. Hope we meet again. Take care and best wishes. I. 21/03/2015 Perfect atmosphere. Perfect massage by Eriko as usual. S. 21/03/2015 I had a massage of Juri. It was fantastic. Very relaxed. 20/03/2015 Thank you very much. It was very nice and relax. Definitely I will be recommending to my friends. 22/03/2015 Thank you for an excellent massage. I should really come here more often. Very relaxing. P.