Natsuki did a beautiful job wiht my massage very relaxing ! I will come definitely come be back 🙂 thank you

Another wonderful massage!!
Super relaxing ! Thanks very much!!
That was fabulous! :)thank you so much! Just the right pressure and relaxed all my sore muscles 🙂
We came all the way from Melbourne and you are  our first visit in Cairns ! Thank you for an enjoyable experienced the fantastic massage! You were wonderful!! Thanks again E and M
Beautiful massage, I feel so much better and happy! Thank you and see you again! L
Once again the very best !
Beautiful massage with my boyfriend ! S
Lovely ! Perfect pressure ,soothing and relaxing! Thank you!
Absolutely amazing! Love coming here! I feel so good, very relaxed . Thank you ! A
Amazing as always.
Thank you so much. I was definitely in need and feel fabulous now 🙂 M
Thank you . Beautiful relaxing massage R and N
Thank you very much . I feel so relaxed and pampered. T
Sasha was fantastic! Thank you very much xo
Amazing as always C
The ladies here are beautiful and gracious and very god at what they are . My 5th times here and will be back soon ! L
Always a wonderful massage 
Very relaxing !
It was wonderful massage session and staff really nice ! We’ll come back again soon 100% sure!
Most relaxing massage ever ! Thank you
Awesome massage thank you ,Yulia is  ichiban!! Sugoi
Very healing hands just fantastic pressure excellent thank you so much!
Wonderful massage from Marina thanks.
Very good excellent thanks!
Feeling fantastic!
Thanks yuna awesome!
My first massage experience was absolutely heavenly. Thank you
Great massage for my visit in Cairns. Relax now for my journey south! Thank you!
Great massage
Very relaxing thank you
Very relaxing massage!!
Excellent massage very relaxing.
Perfect !! So relaxing!!
The best massage I’ve have in long time!
Awesome! So relaxing
Amazing see you next time!
Amazing thank you. Feeling totally better and relaxed.
An absolutely lovely and relaxing treatment as always! I’ll be back again for sure 🙂
Very relaxing recommend highly.
Amazing. Thank you! S
Very nice! Thank you.
Such a great relaxing massage after a hard days work will definitely be back 🙂
You  worked all my tight spots and now the are not so tight. Thank you.
Amazing Juri! I  have never felt so relaxed! Thank you ! S
Excellent massage very relaxing many thanks See you!
Yulia was great .highly recommend relaxing masage and friendly person.
So good thank you so much.
That was so relaxing. It was an another level.
Very good. Extremely relaxing.

Beautiful massage Tomomi

Thank you amazing as usual
Very best massage ever G
Wonderful so relaxing ! Thank you! S
Very nice massage
Just wonderful thank you A
Thank ou my feet feel great ready for my run 🙂 J
Great massage! C
Awesome !
Had a wonderful massage as always . I’ve been coming here for years and will continue to do. Very happy 🙂 P
So relaxing thank you ! J
Absolutely amazing thank you Natsuko!
Had a foot massage for 20 mins and it was amazing and relaxing . Definitely recommend . Awesome!
45 minutes massage and was amazing. Definitely feel better now.
Beautiful thank you 🙂
Lovely massage thnka you.
2 hr pregnancy massage , that would have to be the best massage pregnancy or not I have ever had. Amazing ♡thank you very much:)
Thnka you Sasha my third massage this week. A wonderful way to enjoy my holiday J
Great massages to relax while on business ! Definitely enjoyable !
Lovely massage . Thnka you again.
Amazing massage…. Great pressure and so relaxing.
Amazing massage every time I have came 🙂 J
Fantastic massage get attains thank you T
Amazing thank you J
Amazing! Always coming back here when I come to Cairns Thank you 🙂 D
Fabulous massage  thank you.
Very relaxing . My back feels better . I wish I could stay for hours.
Wonderful relaxing massage .
Perfect massage Thant made me feel so relaxed!
Nice palace here ! The staff is nice too. And I do have my time to relax. Will come back if I have time and will recommend to others too! 🙂 thank you !
Thnka you so much I almost fell asleep !! I’ll be back 🙂 U
Nice! I feel asleep 🙂
Awesome! Felt the tension sleep away. Very relaxing thank you 🙂 B
Great massage . Can’t wait for the other one J
Thank you for making me feel better S
かずえさんのマッサージがしっかりとした力強さでむくみが取れてとてもスッキリしました ♡ 本当にありがとうございました!R
Such a lovely experience wonderful girls and so relaxing.
Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxing massage . Very skilled 🙂 S
A great massage thanks for makes me relax!
 It was amazing! Fell asleep 🙂
Great massage S
Amazing !!
Thank you for a lovely relaxing time. It was amazing!  J
 Amazing as always xoxo
Thank you  Kazue for a relaxing massage !! Excellent 🙂
Thank you for the lovely service and massage amazing hospitality and experience. Much recommended. Amy is a fantastic masseuse. S
Wow ! What a wonderful 90 minutes of my live. Thank you Julie K
Thank you wonderful massage . C
Marina many thanks for the most amazing experience. Wonderful massage!
Incredibly relaxing ! Beautiful girls.
The most incredible foot massage I have ever had! The best anywhere in the world! Kazue is amazing 😃D
Amazing neck , chest, shoulder and calve massage . Definitely coming back again.
 Thanks Rio !
すごく気持ちよかったです。旅の疲れが取れました。また、オーストラリアに来た時には利用したいと思います! Y
Did not want it to stop very relaxing thank you 🙂
Amazing massage, great service. Love love love 🙂
Really great massage ! What a nice day to stay in Cairns . I almost dozed off like there times in the best way!
Thank you again for another fantastic massage. P
Very enjoyable massage very relaxed ! I will come back for another D
So incredible thank you!
Thank you I feel very relaxed now 🙂
Amazing massage ! Great pressure and relaxation in technique  thanks !
Incredible ! I feel fantastic  thank you xxx
Arigato! Definitely be back with the ladies.
Lovely and relaxing massage as always ! 🙂
Thank you Mariko for the lovely massage as always!! xx 🙂
Will be back R
Thank you! 😃
Thank you it was very relaxing . Will be back again soon !
Lovely massage, wonderful service thank you .
Perfect blend lil shiatsu and massage. Thank you
Very relaxing thank you x

Thank you. A perfect 10/10 massage. I will be back very soon.

Thank you very much.

Excellent as always. S

Thank you so much. Throughly enjoyable and relaxing. I will be back next time I am in Cairns.

Lovely massage. Thank you.

Amazing, I fell asleep. See you next time. J

Great, thanks.

Nao-san, amazing!! I could relax so much! Really appreciate you, I hope I can get massage soon♡ M

Oh wow! I feel so amazing. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you! Very relaxing… almost fell asleep!

Absolutely fabulous.

Beautiful, as usual!

Best massage ever! Thank you! T

I have been here many times before and will be back many more, just perfect.

Wonderful massage! K

Very relaxing. Thank you. S

Thank you for an amazing massage. I think the best I have ever had! F


First time here& to Australia. Very relaxing&you are an awesome job. Thanks so much!! A

Very relaxing. Thank you. L

Lovely and relaxing experience. I hope to be back again soon. V

Thank you for an amzing massage.

Thank you again to Ryoko for back repair. J

Thank you Natsuko for good healthy hands.

Fantastic massage. I wished I lived in Cairns to be able to come here more often. Thank you. K

First time visitor, excellent massage. Focused on specific areas as requested. Looking forward to next time. Thank you. N

Natsuko, WOW! You are amazing! Thank you.

Marina. Amazing. Thank you.

Had a wonderful pregnancy massage! Thank you so much Marina.

Thank you Marina. It was truly wonderful… I wish I could hare you work your magic every week!

Thank you so much!

Sakiko, excellent technique&wonderfully relaxing! Thank you!

Beautiful relaxing massage, great touch&energy very healing. Thank you.

Lovely massage, will be back. Thank you Julie.

Great massage. I will be back. Loved neck massage.

The best in town, will be back again. Cheers.

Wonderful massage.

Thank you. Feeling very relaxed after 3 weeks backpacking. Beautiful massage by Yuki.

Best massage in town. Thank you very much, will be back.

Thank you! Best birthday present to myself♡♡xx

The best ever.

Very relaxing. Thank you.

That was really great. J

Thank you so much. My first massage, amazing!

Very strong hands, very healing.

Excellent massage, very relaxing.

Amazing massage, thank you!

Very very good, thank you.

Beautiful, just what I needed♡ Thank you.

The best massage I have had in a very long time. Thank you.

The best massage I have ever had.

Staff was very kind+accomodating. Amazing massage. Feeling great after!

That was wonderful and very relaxing, thank you so much.

Thank you lovely.

One of the best massage I have ever had. Very professional. Thank you!

Thank you, feel great now.

The massage was sooo relaxing.

Fell asleep. So relaxing&very professional♡ Thank you!

Very good. Lovely strong hands, but pleasant. Thank you!

Very relaxing. Thank you!

A wonderful massage.

Yeeeessss. So good! Thank you!

Amazing massage! Very friendly.

Very good massage, very relaxing also.

Awesome massage. Thanks.

Best way to finish a long day. Very relaxing. Thank you.

Awesome! Was stressed on arrival but am leaving relaxed and recharged. Greatly appreciated!

Had many piece of heaven today! It was beautiful!

Wonderful care in feeling sore of 100, went home feeling 50!!

Feel much less tight after!

So relaxing! Thank you Asuka! Highly appreciate your service!

Best massage ever. Thank you so much.

Cannot thank enough!

Very relaxing, thank you Hiro!

Thank you so much Juri, it is always the best. M

Emi, you do very good job. Loved it. xx

Very good, thank you♡

Wonderful , arigato! D

Sakiko is so very good! I have been here many times and today was reminded again what a great place it is. T

We came all the way from NSW to have the girls from Oiled Massage again. Best massage in Australia. Thank you. G&W

Wonderful massage. 10/10

Amazing! Thank you.

Wonderful . Thank you. R

The best massage I have ever had. So good.

Amazing massage! Perfect service. E from Cairns

Such a wonderful massage. Perfect!! T from Cairns

Perfect blend, relaxing+therapeutic. Truly beautiful. A

Another gorgeous experience with the amazing Juri, thank you♡

Very relaxing! One of the best. S

The most relaxing massage I’ve had. Thanks.

Wow, the best massage ever! Thank you! W&D

It was sooo good.

Aaaaaaaaaaah… Thank you. V

Nice&relaxation time! Thank you!

Thank you for a great foot massage. Very relaxing.

Very relaxing, thank you, I’ll be back.

Excellent one again. I will recommend to all my friends.

First time to Oiled Massage and is the best I have ever had. Excellent, excellent.

So relaxed! One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Will definitely be recommending and coming back myself! A

Fantastic, 2nd time in a week. E from Cairns

So relaxing, thank you very much! S&W

Such a relaxing massage, will definitely be back soon. H

Happy! Thank you! Excellent treatment.

Very relaxing, thank you.

Very good massage. Thank you.

Very relaxing massage! I loved it!!

Thank you!! Excellent!!

Great massage, very relaxing. M

Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you. S

Lovely and relaxing with just the right amount of pressure. Thank you. J

とても気持ちよかったです。 Y

Such a great massage! Very relaxing, didn’t want it to end. M

Perfect massage, thank you!

So relaxing&lovely! Thank you!!

Thank you for a fantastic massage.

Awesome massage, thanks.


Thank you Ai. It was GREAT.

Thank you, best massage in Cairns.

Another amazing massage at Oiled. Thank you!

Very relaxing.


とっても気持ち良くて最高でした!日本人の方たちだったので、安心してお任せできました。ありがとうございました♡ M

Best massage in Cairns! Thank you. A

This was a fantastic massage Emi.

Time to sleep now. Amazingly relaxing. Cheers.

Fantastic relaxing massage! Thanks!!

Great massage! Thank you.

Great massage! Thank you.

Wonderful massage, arigato.

Absolutely wonderful.


Amazing everytime!!!

Fabulous massage. Got right into the tight spots. Thank you.

The best massage in Cairns!

Excellent massage. Thank you. K

Excellent massage, best I’ve ever had. Thank you.

Fabulous massage.

Good massage! The best. Keep up the good work.

Best massage place in Cairns. Would recommend the other people. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the great massage Makiko. Cheers. M

Thank you as always. It was an amazing experience.

Thank you. C♡

Lovely. Thanks.

Very relaxing, so good, feel great. Thank you.

Thank you for an amazing massage. Cheers. J from Melbourne

Thank you for making me feel so relaxed. So special. S from Auckland

りょうこさん、ありがとうございましたー!!!とってま気持ち良い&ほぐれましたー♡♡♡しかもやさしいオーラでいやされましたー。 Y


Thank you for a wonderful relaxing massage. Just what I needed. S from Brisbane

Awesome as always. Thanks. S

Amazing beautiful. xoxo

Thank you for a wonderful massage!♡

Enjoyed the massage feeling very relaxed. Thank you. S from Melbourne

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much Oiled!

The best, fantastic. Be back for sure!

Thanks for the lovely massage. Perfect way to end a Friday!

Thank you for lovely professional services as always. Thanks Coco for being and amazing massage girls, making me brand new. xxx Thank u Marina.

Great massage!! Best ever♡ Thank you☆

Come in with migraine headache, now gone! Thank you so much, was amazing, coming back again!

Very relaxing! Thank you.

Very relaxing massage! Thank you so much!

Still the best in Cairns!

Very good massage, Thanks!

Best massage I have had! Thank you.

Thank you Juri, fantastic massage!

Wow!! Thank you so much♡ It was amazing. I will be back.

I love you guys so much. You never fall to impress. You are all amazing.

Thanks, great, friendly team, nice, relaxing massage from Juri. I’ll be back every week till IRONMAN.

Really special gift. I enjoyed very much. G

Marina, I like very much. Arigato gozaimus. M

Amazing skills, beautiful massage! Thank you so much! I will be back! L

I’d recommend this experience to anyone. Great service&skill level. Thank you team! A

Just what I needed. Thanks. M

Very relaxing. Just what I needed. Thank you.

Thanks Coco for reducing my pain in shoulder. J

Head massage was divine! Thank you♡ H

I’m so relaxed, best massage ever! Thanks. P

オイル指圧とても気持ち良かったです。またケアンズに来られる機会があれば伺いたいです。ありがとうございました。Thank you. E

Thank you Coco, the best massage I’ve ever had!

Thank you. I look forward to coming back.

Thank you so much for the bset massage. Highly recommend.

I really appreciated your firm touch and expertise.

Perfect as always. G&K

Beautiful, perfect touch.

Domo arigatou. Thank you so much. Awesome, relaxing, respectful shiatsu.

Thank you so much for my wonderful massage. Much appreciated!

Feel fantastic! Thank you!!!

Awesome, thank you!

Subareshi massage! Thank you very much!

Be sure to get Natsuko. Amazing massage, will be back again.

Lovely, thank you.



Very relaxing! J

Thank you as always.

Amazing massage ever! Thank you.

Heavenly amazing.

Sooooo good!

Such an amazing massage. Thank you!

Great. J

Best massage ever! Relax and comfortable. C

Thank you very much. R

The most beautiful massage!! Sensational.

One of the best back massage I’ve ever had! Thanks!

Excellent job! See you very soon again. M

Excellent. Thanks.

Wow!! See you soon.

That was fkn awesome.

Another wonderful massage♡ Thank you.

An excellent place for such a great service. T

Amazing May. Thank you.

A lovely head/shoulder massage. L&D

Fantastic massage again! Love this place! Very professional.

So relaxing, amazing.

Very relaxing, great massage! Will be back♡ R

Very knowledgeable. Excellent. Recommend. K

Very nice massage. Relaxing&firm, more than happy.

Awesome massage. I will be back very soon. Thanks.

Coco is the bees knees+super dooper. Awesome woman. T

Great massage by Marina. Thank you.

Fantastic. Thank you.

Very relaxing. Thank you very much.

Thank you, feel great. Ready to race! T

Excellent. Very relaxing!! Thank you!!


Fantastic massage after a big race! Excellent, feel great!! Thank you. D

Thank you Natsuko, that was so relaxing! C U soon!!

Thank you very much. Was the best massage I’ve had in years. Will definitely be back again. E

Fantastic massage Nao, thank you very much. Will come again when I’m back in Cairns. C

I booked a massage on a whim, it was the best massage I have ever had! Just what I needed! Very intuitive+kind. D

Absolutely fantastic massage. Fell asleep.

Thank you Kumi, it was fantastic after my hike. 5 star.

Thank you for A VERY WONDERFUL birthday present. Very lovely. 
Very relaxing. Thank you
Thank you most pleasurable. Cheers.
Thank you – didn’t want it to end.  M 🙂
Just wanted to lie. Sooo good! Thanks!
Another wonderful massage. Thank you for fixing my headache!  – T
Just perfect. Thank you:)
Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ – T
Thanks fo much, it was the best massage I have ever had! You have magic hands. See you next time 🙂
Awesome massage. 
Absolutely wonderful massage. Thank you. We will be back. – G+D
Every massage I have had here has been perfect! Truly amazing! Thank you. – Y
Amazing massage as usual! Thanks
Very relaxing! Just what I needed. Thanks
Veeeeeery relaxing. Thanks!
One of the best massage I’ve had! Thank you. 
Amazing massage. Thank you.
That was superb! Will be making a regular appearance. Thank you so so so much!
Lovely massage. Thank you very much
Wonderful massage 
Feeling so much more relaxed. Thank you! 
Wonderful massage. Thank you – B
Best massage in years. Nami was amazing. Thanks 🙂
My feet deserved this treat and it was amazing. Thanks
Treated very well. Thank you
Awesome massage & great customer service. Thanks, -NS 🙂
Lovely foot massage ❤️ Thank you
Amazing ! Thank you! – L
Thank you very much for this awesome massage. We feel better now! – J& G from France
Always amazing, as usual! – C
Thank you v much for helping me with back pain 🙂
Wonderful massage. Will be recommending to my friend. Thanks
Awesome. Thanks very much. 
Had an awesome and most relaxing time. Thank you
Wonderful – I feel much better!
Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. 
Excellent! Very relaxing. Thank you
V. Good massage. Thank you
So amazing! Thank you fo much for completing our holiday in OZ! – L+A from UK
What a great massage! Thank you very much 🙂 – S
Very relaxing! Thank you so much – D+C from Alaska
The staff here are VERY nice and the massage was very relaxing. I feel about much lighter! – L
Very professional, excellent service. Replay nice massage. Thank you – I
Thank you very much! First time massage for me. It was awesome. – I
Thank you very much! Very relaxing 🙂
Awesome DEEP TISSUE and Firm. All in the right places. Thank you
Very good massage and good M & MS 🙂  I will be back!!!
Very nice, relaxing, wonderfull ! 
Beautiful massage. Trisha is a doctor and massage therapist! Healing was great ! 
A wonderful massage from Juri! Thanks very much. 
Very relaxed massage. Thank you
WOW feeling light and fluffy 🙂
Very good massage. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. It was relaxing. 
Wonderful massage! Very professional and helpful to my problem areas!
Wonderful massage! Very relaxing! What a professional! See you next time. Thank you very much.
AWESOME! Fantastic ❤️ – F
Fantastic Massage!!!
Magic !!! Super relaxing! Thank you!!
So relaxed! I loved it! 🙂
Amazing massage. Have to come back to Cairns just for this. Best massage ever! Thank you xxx
Absolutely Amazing! I really needed this and feel so wonderful. Best massage ever!!! 🙂 Thank you. -C 
Amazing! So relaxing. Will come back! – A
Such an amazing massage. So perfect. 
Thanks Juri for an amazing massage again. – L
Thanks Juri for a wonderful back massage – I will be back! – E
Thanks Marina for the best massage I have had! Love to come back again and again 
Thank you Marina. Magical hands. Beautiful energy!!!
Nao is brillant. Best massage ever@ 
Excellent massage as always. Thank you. – M
Thanks Sejong. Beautiful massage, very relaxing, will be back. – S
Brilliant as always! Thank you so much ! – C and A
Another fantastic massage – I keep coming back 🙂 Thank you – P
Excellent again. – S
Always amazing here. Thanks – A
  • ❤️❤️Fantastic massage as always! 
Amazing massage always! So relaxing
Amazing massage with Coco, I will bel back again! Thank you much – J
Head massage with Hiroko was divine! Will be back 🙂 – P
Exactly what I need it! Thanks 🙂
Thank you marina, Awesome massage. Will be back again very soon:) 
amazing, totally recommend these pleasant girls. I will be back. Thank you – T
すごく気持ち良かったです。ありがとうございました -S
Very relaxing and loosen up some knots! Thank you!!
BEST EVER. Thank you. 
Thank you Asuka!
Very relaxing. Was amazing experience. – T
Great massage. Very relaxing! Thank you. – J
Fantastic massage! Great service. Thank you Tricia – A
It was WONDERFUL!! – L

Perfect ! ♡

Love your loyal customers C and l xxx
I feel 100 % better thank you G
Thank you Miho feeling so relaxed and wonderful . Will definitely be back next time I’m in Cairns. E
Thank you so much Kasumi one of the best massage I’ve ever had!!
I have been so many massage . This is the best so far R
That was the best massage I have had! Well done A
The service is great ! The staff is friendly! Loved it !!!! J
Excellent most relaxing will be back again for more L
I will be back excellent P
Wonderful l1 J
 Very good massage , friendly and professional I’ll be back 🙂 M
The best massage I’ve ever had . Thank you so much C
Wow ! Such lovely ladies. Such fabulous experience . K
I really love Oiled ♡ hope I;ll see you again. 最高にRelax 、楽しいおしゃべりでした♡Thanks a lot N
Thanks Sasha . Always good R
One of the best experiences I;ve had in Cairns so far. Thanks a lot !!! S and F
Always good thanks Sasha. R
Fantastically relaxing thank you Sasha Kind regards W
Very good and relaxing
Kana beautiful! Very strong  perfect massage. Thank you ! L
Absolutely brilliant thank you.
I am so relax thank you Nana as always C
2nd time ,had 20 mins really relaxing
Awesome ! Talented hands.
I ‘ve been here lots of times . Always so relaxed great staff. J
Loving the my neck and head massage for the ending. Thank you ! M:)
Always wonderful ! Thank you .
Awesome massage . You have healing hands Rina ! Thank you G
OMG that was so good . Thank you so much B and S xx
One of the best massage I’ve had ! Thank you .
Awesome massage from Kazumi A
Thank you very much fell good.
1st  time deep tissue massage for me. It was awesome. I feel very relaxed 🙂 M
Very relaxing and refreshing feel great !
Amazing massage very professional relaxing and effective.
Most amazing massage really got in a worked on my knots !! Always happy with you guys thanks ! xx J
これからの旅の良いスタートができそうです。 Thank you.
Best massage I’ve had in a Long while ! I’m soooooo relaxed now. Thank you !! 🙂 C
Amazing so relaxing very pleasurable thank you.
Very relaxing and amazing!! Thank you so much! I might visit again in the newest future ! 🙂
Asuka , her hands like water. Thank you D
Great massage, very relaying ! Thank you.
Lovely atmosphere and great massage! Thank you K
Very good strong massage lovely relaxing music . Thanks heaps P
One of the best massage ever .I feel so relaxing . Thank you I’ll come back.
Thank you for making me feel so relaxed after such a stressful week . Sasha was absolutely wonderful B
Very professional very nice and an amazing massage. Thank you so much! J 🙂
Amazing massage the best I have ever had. Thank you so much G
Good massage as good as usual. Well done M
Juri it was prefect. I loved every minute. You  found sore spots. Very relaxing thank you so much! B 🙂
Yes yes yes exactly ! As good lovely perfect as always. Big thank you ♡
Yes that wa amazing! Thank you so much! Perfect as usual xxx thank you ♡
Best one in Cairns ! Thank you so much 🙂
Always great thank you D
Hannah did a wonderful job very nice 🙂
Pure bliss
Amazing thank you!! Very relaxing thank you!
Best massage ever ! Ta!
Great massage very professional. Relaxin I feel great R
So good always very soothing  and relaxing.
The best as always! T
So so good ! Thank you A
Feel so relaxed amazing. Thank you Kazumi
ありがとうございました ♡
Amazing as always thank you C
Great massage thank you Rina
Massage was lovely thank you for your attention.
What an amazing experience . I’ve had many massages but Kazumi definitely was the best I’ve had thank you so much K
Just lovely thank you ! 🙂 S
 Best massage. Ive ever had amazing and intuitive . We Weill definitely be back!
Awesome massage thanks heaps !xoxo Z
 Thank you very much!  Just what I needed 😀
Excellent massage back in 2 weeks.
Very good thank you lovely massage. See you again.
Best in town so far very relaxing experience.
Awesome thank you
Amazing experience thank you !
Exactly what I needed thank you.
Feel so relaxed now !  Thank you.
It’s awesome ! Thanks Juri I’m relaxed from Kazumi.
Miho that was incredible thank you so much! soooo relaixng 🙂
Thank you so much.  Lovely massage hot towels excellent great and to our holiday K
Kazumi♡ thank you so much you are so great !! See you soon J
Have enjoyed my massage today thank you Juri.  That’s why I keep coming back. Lovely that you help relax me P
Thank you very much for a great massage loved it! J
 We both enjoyed our massage thank you S and E
A wonderful experience as always . I;ll definitely be back :)P
Sing a brilliant massage.
Asuka thank you for the help and my recovery from accident.
Very good absolutely brilliant thank you !
Fantastic as always.
Excellent massage L and M
Very relaxing always the best.
I really loved the way of massage and the staff. Well done. Recommend to anyone P
Thanks very good.
Awesome!! Thank you very much! M
ありがとうございました!thank you so much Rio
Always so brilliant thank you Sasha
Very nice massage best in Cairns.
Best massage in Cairns B and J
Great massage I’ll be back.
Yukari was amzing D
You guys are the bomb!
Fabulous very relaxing !! S
Amazing! I’ll ve a regular for sure 🙂 K
Exactly what I needed after 2 days diving! Thanks R
Best massage in Cainrs P
Emiko has powefully and hearing hands thank you .
Beautifully relaxing massage. Thank you so much L
It doesn’t get any better than this G
Great massage.
Awesome massage very relaxing! Thank you Yasuyo 🙂 T
Very nice staff and good relaxing massage ! N
Awesome massage!! Must come again !!
ありがとう。heaven ! First time amazing ♡
Amazing relaxing perfect hour.
Beautiful relaxing 30 minutes of bliss. Will be back K
My headache gone thank you . Happy new year !
Thank you very much! Very beautiful relaxing! B
Always a beautiful experience. Thank you so much!
Execelent massage I will be back and Brin my wife as well S
 Thank you lovely as always xx
Marvellous  as always . We love you guys  xx S
Wonderful ! Thank you very much just what I needed .
Very nice S
Wonderfully relaxed 🙂 G
Felt like cloud nine . Thank you so much ! S
Very good . Excellent  massage thank you so relaxed .
Relaxing. You did my muscles a good work . M
Thank you so much I was very sore today . I was helped very much by the massage. i wanted  to stay and sleep. K
Perfect M
Excellent as always
Amazing ! So relaxing just what I needed . Thank you xx 🙂
Wonderful . How digit it go so quickly. Thank you very much.
Thank you for the relaxing massage!! 🙂
Thank you very much
Wonderful massage thank you very much
Very relaxing thank you
Best massage ever !
Unbelievable massage ! Amazing 🙂 so relaxing xoxox thank you Yasuyo♡
Beautiful very grateful for masseuse .
Always in the best !!
Still the best in town 🙂
Just what I needed so beautiful and relaxing 🙂
The most Amazing massage! Very welcoming
Lovely thank you 🙂
Been coming for a year . Best massages  every time !
Excellent massage. Lighting , music , all work  to make it a very enjoyable experienced♡
Amazing massage come in with stiff and sore neck and shoulders walked out pain free.
Awesome as always L
Super relaxing! Thank you!
Thank you very much. Very lovely.
Amazing lassies very good thank you.
Awwww ….so much better now!! Thanks.
とても気持ちよくて眠ってしまいました。肌もすべすべになって大満足です😀ありがとうございました。 R and M
Best massage I’ve had 🙂 thank you!
Very relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you J
Brilliant massage. Great vibe and lovely ladies . Very enjoyable second time here. I love it . Thank you S
 Amazing the best massage I have ever had. Thank you S
Mami is the best at reflexology! Thanks so much 🙂
An amazing massage . I can’t wait to come back ! A
Simply superb
Outstanding another beautiful experience ♡♡
Wonderful as always C
So so wonderful ! Thank you 🙂 ♡
Great job!! Thank you !!
Amazing thank you ! 🙂
Thank you so much. Mazing job, feel like new born:)
So relaxing !! Thank you 🙂
Amazing ♡ it was very good ! 🙂
So so good thank yo!
An amazing massage so very relaxing thank you.
Thank you . All of live come t you wiht ease and joy and glory truly wonderful J
Thank you so much. Was absolutely amazing B
Beautiful massage truly wonderful .
Amazing! Thank you 🙂
Ah ! I feel alive again! So relaxing so wonderful thanks x R
Super relaxing ! Thank you!
So relaxed thank you S
I have veen to a lot of massage places and this is by far the best ! Great massage! Thank you !
Best massage I have ever had thank you 🙂
Very relaxing was a wonderful experience S and S
Excellent massage very relaxing G
Thank you very much.very enjoyable relaxing massage. J
Thank you very much Asuka , you are beautiful masseuseM
Wonderful massage thank you
It was just awesome!! Completely relaxed sheers guys 🙂
Very professional lovely staff I will be back M
The best massage ei have had so far. I am 50 yrs old and I have had several massages. It was so relaxing so peaceful. Just what I needed .
Amazing thank you.
Perfect thank you I
Magic !! Best in Cairns .
Amazing !! Thank you very much!!
Awesome !!
Just wonderful 🙂
Lovely thank you.
Wonderful massage with perfect pressure thank you!
So relaxing will be back again thank you.
Great ! Helpful to recover from a hockey tournament ! M
Super awesome!
Amazing will be back
Thank you relaxing and love the hot towels
Amazing massage. Thank you so much! I feel great!!
Fantastic thank you I will be back soon cheers F
Was so so so lovely L
Yasuyo is amazing! Thank you perfect deep tissue massage ♡ I’m fixed xx
Juri is the best ! Never disappointed ! Always choose Juri
かすみさん  すごく気持ちよかったです。体がとても楽になりました。ありがとうございました!
じゅりさん すごく気持ちよく、リラックスできました。体もスッキリ!!今日からの旅行楽しく過ごせそうです。ありがとうございました。
Very good thank you Juri
The best one ! Thank you N
Perfect ! Thank you!
Very good I am very relaxed ! 🙂
Wonderful massage! Muscles feel a lot less sore thank you! 🙂
The best massage I’ve had ever !
Thank you very relaxing K
Excellent every time G and K
I had a wonderful professional massage. Lovely I’ll be back to see Juri she is great 🙂
Thank you soo much  C
Thank yo uwondrfu massage I will beck S
Thank you knavery relaxing !
Thanks again ladies xx love this place xx Brett B-347
Beautiful massage once again thank you xx
Excellent head massage B
Yasuyo brought me back to the mother earth. Hope more lovely people find this massage shop . A blue rose growing in black soil. ♡C
Bliss in between hockey. Thank you Asuka did for the lovely massage. Come visit Tasmania soon ♡
Was so relaxing! Will definitely come again ♡A
Awesome massage! We will be back ! 🙂
Absolutely amazing and relaxing . Made a first time feel wonderful!! Thank you A and K
Awesome ! Left broken in a good way! Totally relaxed. Again thank you for a wonderful massage R
Thank you for getting rid of all my knots it was a gables experience !Wishing you very success ! ♡ S
Yes absolutely RELAXED thank you.
Thank you so much. Nanaho very very good R
Thank you Nanaho you are amazing as always C
Excellent We will be back D
Juri the best very good V
Sashaさん、とっても気持ちよかったです。ありがとうございました♡ Y
Sashaさん、うっとりするような幸せな時間でした。途中で眠ってしまったのが、勿体無かったです。 Very very thanks !!A
Kasumi beautiful my firsttime loved it ♡♡L
Kasumi was sensational great massage will return B
Thank you so much . It was totally wonderful. I loved it. Thank you Marie you have the most beautiful hands . I will be back. H
Great massage thanks J
Very through and attentive . Excellent V
The best massage I have ever had . I wish I lived locally J
Rina gave me a magical massage. Really lovely ♡ 🙂
 Amazing massage with you.
Wow Rina you are so strong ! Amazing massage !
Very relaxing thank you M
Exquisite massage with Nanaho thank you ♡
So good ! Thank you !!! ♡
Great relaxing massage thanks ! 🙂
 A lovely relaxing massage  thank you 🙂
Amazing massage thank you C
Kasumi is the best xxx R
That was amazing god ! You are the best . Thank you so much . See you next week S
 Again !  So so so good thank you ♡ J xxx
Exactly what I needed 🙂
 Absolutely amazing !!! Thanks Emiko than you 🙂  xx
Best massage place in Cairns  !
Kasumi was fantastic
Thank you for a wonderful massage R
Sensational !! Great start to some time together thanks S and S
Very relaxing!  Thanks very much a lovely end to our stay 🙂 M and S
Brilliant as always ! Thanks Nanaho ! T
Magic ! I feel fully recharged ! K
Feel much better thank you J
Thank you the stress and tension in my shoulders fells much better 🙂
That was just awesome thank you so much Kasumi♡
Thank you Nanaho . Feel really for sleep ♡
Oiledis always an oasis after a long day of work! Thank you very much!
Surberb massage ethnic you Juri xo
Thank you really wonderful !
A lovely way to take time out thank you!

Thank you  for our couple massage it was very relaxing ♡

Wonderful as  always thank you!

Thanks for a relaxing massage thank you  x
Excellent !!
Very good thank you!
Fantastic!!! I’ll be back 🙂
Beautiful pregnancy massage even the body enjoyed it 🙂
Sooooo mazing. You always give the best massage here ! Thanks. Thanks  L
Fantastic !!
Fantastic and very relaxing thank you!!
Awesome very relaxing just what I needed thank you:)
Very  good thank you!
A fantastic and unique massage thanks a lot!
As always very relaxing and enjoyable .
I love oiled thank youJ
Wonderful and so relaxing. Thank you May
Very nice thank you so much
We spent very comfortable time thank you! H and M
Fantastic massage loved it J
Fabulous really enjoyed D
Always amazing! Thank you:)
Thank you for very relaxing massage and amazing and beaurifula experience. I will come back . C
Thank you for great massage always . I will come back to home another amazing massage again soon K
Just amazing ♡ thank you Kumi
The most lovely relaxation massage thanks:) xx
Feeling much better as usual
Great! 🙂 thanks  very much!
Absolutely incredible what I needed. Thanks Tomomi ♡ D xxx
Amazing as sushi I’ll return A
Wonderful massage! Thank you so much A
Thank you! I especially enjoyed my feet and head ♡
Thank you Rena my massage was absolutely perfect!
Thank you what was so beautiful . I love moving here.
Wonderful and relaxing I fell asleep just what I needed ♡ see you at my next visit to Cairns
Great massage lovely place.
Thank you so much Mizuki. I walked in and spent an hour in bliss. Just what I needed on my birthday! Thank you lovely R
気持ち良すぎて途中眠ってしまいそうでした!! 日々の疲れ、すべて回復した気がします♡またケアンズに来た際には、マッサージ受けたいです!ありがとうございました😀♡
A great way to  time some time off and enjoy .the service was lovely and professional. M
Nice relaxing massage excellent. Thank you S and A
Beautiful massage very relaxing thank yo! We are locals and will be back 🙂
Thank you for a lovely massage ♡
Thank you I’m floating 🙂
Very good massage very happy with May Arigato
Thank you for  a awesome massage , I will be back again I will tell all my and I enjoyed  a lot C
Very relaxing was fantastic thank you.
Tomomi has magic hands an amazing massage thank you. S
Thank you for the relaxing massage was excellent  we will be back again . Thanks again H and K
So very relaxing! Beautiful massage ! Thank you 🙂 T and M
Beautiful massage! Worth every moment. I am a local and will definitely be back S
Absolutely beautiful massage . Just not long enough will be recommending to my friend and hopefully my husband  will buy me another an hour. C
Sweat by those ladies! We can’t go anywhere else! Beautiful ladies amazing service and brilliant massage !♡♡
Thank you again for an amazing massage! ♡L and E
I feel fantastic ! Thank you M
Thank you for taking care of me today. I will be back !!
Thank you Nami! That was a beautiful massage 🙂 T
Very relaxing massage, always lovely ! T
Thank you so much amazing. Vigarating . relaxing. Love it will be back 🙂
Great massage today (always !)thank you and be back again xxx
Thank you for an amazing relaxing massage . Just what the doctor ordered 🙂
Thank you for the wonderful massage. I fell soo relaxed now and it feel like I;m floating on a could. Thanks again.
Always a fantastic massage. Will be back.
Fantastic massage! Thank you so much for a relaxing afternoon we will be back.
What a lovely couple’s ,massage. I felt very relaxed and  my my partner and we are very relaxed . Cant’t wait for the next one .will be back.
Thank you for a great relaxing massage. Feel very calm now.
Thank you so much for such a relaxing massage 🙂
Thoroughly relaxing thanks so much!!
Absolutely wonderful thank you!!
Wonderful couple’s massage!highly recommend ♡
Massage was amazing . I feel asleep A
Thank you!! Massage was amazing. Just what we needed! M and C
Correct couple’s massage loved it ! Thank you so much.
Absolutely wonderful thank you!
Thank you I feel so much better
Very relaxed and rested
Dendedn was amazing! She is very nice and fitted . Ift was my best massage experience. I have been in many planned around the world. Also the place is really nice.
I hope to be back soon and definitely I will share the place with more people .
Tomomi was great. It was wonderful massage  very happy L
Mana amazing! ♡ thank you J
Remedial massage worth every penny !! Feel great, thank you so much M xx
The only place in Cairns I trustful relaxion and remedial massage! I recommend d OILED to everybody. Absolutely amazing service every time! Thank you♡
Great massage thank you!
Wonderful massage took all the knots out!
Thank you so much, hevenly!! Y
Thank you Tomomi. A very beautiful massage.
Wonderful as always
Very relaxing and beautiful customer service
Very good thank you
Very good W
 This was just perfect I really needed some nurturing . The perfect way to reward myself for finishing my midwifing degree yesterday! Thanks Songmi! ♡ P
Very good  strong! Enjoyed massage with you !
Best ever . See you next week!
Just what I needed ♡ thanks.
Thank you Rio that was a great massage L
Thank you for a great massage. M
Amazing ! Thank you so much ! K
Wonderful ! Thank you very much 🙂 N
Beautiful massage. Will be back thank you ♡♡C
Anazubg!thank you 🙂 S
Just what I needed to destress after uni exams ♡ E
Amazing massage, so relaxing .perfect start to my holidays 🙂
Excellent and feel good massage as usual T
Amazing ♡thank you♡
Thank you Kumi amzing.
Very good ! My favourite place .
Thank you Kumi for the wonderful and relaxing massage.
This is  my second time visiting and the service is amazing as always thank you very much! My first time here was awesome  B
So relaxing thanks !!
Thank you Mizuki it is wonderful experience as always ♡A
Denden you are master of your skill you are so good for me!! Thank you.
My favourite massage salon in Cairns. Always a beautiful and professional service . Thank you ♡ K
This was totally lovely I feel very relaxed and cal,. What a beautiful massage.thank you 🙂 totally blissful .
Fantastic great massage will recommend 🙂
On my gosh a wonderful wonderful massage thank you so much. So peaceful , calm, professional. I will definitely be back. Thank you.
気持ちよくて寝てしまいました(笑) そしてとても癒されました♡ ありがとうございました♪ M
Wonderful experience for the massage. Very relaxing thank you
Beautiful massage, will be back very relaxing and enjoyable ♡
Perfect again!
Thank you Kumi it was wonderful ! Very [eaceful thank you.
Amazing as always ! Thank you ♡
Fabulous thank you M ♡
I will be back.
Fantastic way to end our father and daughter holiday to Cairnrs thank you Renna so chilled .
Omg my massage deep and through best ever ! Thank you N
Thank you always excellent and relaxing .♡
Great time went too quick thank you K
Amazing best massage ever !! :)K
Thank you for relaxing massage:)
So amazing thank you so mu ch ♡
Very nice thank you very much!
Relaxing  I was in heave but also asleep at time , so good thank you Rika.
とても気持ちよかったです。ありがとうございました! Thank you so much ! S
Awesome as alywas coming back soon 🙂
Amazing thank you
Always so good !! Thank you !
Thank you very relaxing.
First time here awesome thank you so much it was fabulous .
So amazing thank you very much
Super relaxing think I fell asleep it was so good thanks !
Thank you that was truly relaxing.
An amazing first time. I would definitely come back soon A
Thank you Denden as always you are good masseuse. Very nice!! R
Thank you Ivy , really nice very relaxing J
Ivy five very good massage. Very relaxing, professional  S
Rika fantastic thank you.
Liked it was very really wonderfull
We always love coming here. Thank you for another relaxing massage !
ありがとうございました!!リラックスしました。 S and Y
The best in love ♡
Very relaxing feeling happy 🙂
Very nice massage will definitely recommend.
Thank you for an amazing massage Rio J ♡
とても気持ちよかったです♡ ありがとうございました!ハネムーンのよい思い出になりました!!
Best reflexology I’ve had in Australia . Kumi fantastic, R
Wonderful massage, thank you so much. You made our day! ♡ H and J
Very relaxing and nice S
Great location and a thoroughly relaxing massage thank you!
Super relaxing thank you !!
Great service nice staff thank you.
Thank you!! めっちゃ気持ちよかったです♡N and A
Very relaxing and nice! Thank you !!!
Very very feel so good ! Thank you M and M
Just what I needed thank you Denden
Kindly and nice.thank you
Great massage! Thank you.
Excellent massage !thank you so much G
Thank s heaps iced my bad shoulder .
So wonderful just what I needed. M
Lovely massage! K
Lovely massage Denden as alywas see you next time ! R
Thank you amazing massage! J
Thank you so much O
Simply amazing. Thank you for a beautiful massage ♡ E
Thank you for the amazing and relaxing couplesmassage! Just what we needed!
Save me from sea sick. Just what I needed! D
Thank you Tomomi it was wonderful again as always
Thank you so much ! Revere relaxing 🙂
 Very rekaxing ! Loved it !!
Everybody is always so kind and accommodating . Thank you ♡♡♡ Natsuko
Awesome is not the best word Reina had given me the best massage ever and made me more relax and comfortable. Perfect pressure points especially my legs were hurting and massage was done at next level ,felt so good after massage was done n dusted finally thank you so much for perfect massage ♡♡’
Perfect as always the couple massage room is great for us. J and T
Thank you my first visit it was lovely ♡
Enjoyed good massage.
Been multiple times now and it’s been perfect every time .so relaxing thank you !P
First visit very impressed !
Felt like an angel just moved over the gold , gold, gold 🙂
First visit very relaxing sooooo good thank you.
Second time here excellent service xxxxxxx
Thank you that was amazing as always 😀
Thank you truly an amazing massage, extremed professional hand of a angel
Thank you ♡ relax ♡
Thank you great massage experience.
So amazing , felt so much better thank you . Merry Christmas Renna.
Perfect ! Beautiful combination of pressure and tempo. Thank you.
Massage was really good ! Thank you .
Good massage. Very hard working girls
Absolutely amazing 🙂 we will be definitely be back again.
Thank you very much great massag! Merry Christmas xxxxxx
An absolutely beautiful experience will come again !! Merry Christmas ♡
Rika you are very very good thank you .
Superb ! I feel wonderful thanks girlsT
Lovely massage thank you S and J
Lovely massage thanks ♡ 🙂
Thank you very much for your lovely massage C
Locals love it regulars !
 Best massage in a long time ! Will be back again !
Thank you . Excellent strong hands. Thank  you xxxx

Wonderful. Would definitely come back.

Great experience, highly recommend. C

Unreal as always!

Really good as usual. G

Amazing as always.

As always amazing! Thank you. J&S

so relaxing. I fell asleep. zzz

Most relaxing massage I’ve had I think ever. Thank you!

I haven’t had a massage for years so that was most relaxing. Thank you.

Most relaxing feeling for a long time. Thank you.

Thank you for your healing touch! W

Thank you Nai, it was wonderful. Best wishes. A

Fantastic! Bese I’ve had.

Once again excellent. Thank you. E from Piato restaurant

Second time here. Very happy with my massage.

Super relaxing! I will be back!

Amazing 1 & half hour massage by Nai. Perfect intuitive pressure. Will be back!



The best massage I’ve ever had! Absolutely beautiful. xxx

Relaxing and beneficial at the same time.

Thank you May.

Thank you so much May!!! Just what I needed♡

Very relaxing after a hard day.

Thanks so much for fitting me in and taking my headache away. I really appreciate water drink and Kumi is awesome.

Thank you sooo much! Just what I needed! Enjoyed every minuets. M

This was a gift from my daughter+it was the most relaxing. Many thanks.

Thank you so much! Kumi was amazing, very polite, great pressure. Will definitely be back♡ M

Kumi was a great masseuse, she was very good! I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Kumi. L

Amazing!! Thank you so much♡ C&B

Yuri gave a fantastic massage. Thanks. C

Absolutely amazing massage! Thank you for a trully wonderful+relaxing experience. S

Always a wonderful experience. Thank you. T

Amazing! Thank you♡

Lovely as always♡ Thank you.

So good, I keep coming back! P

Amazing as always♡

Feeling relaxed. Thank you.x

So relaxing, thank you very much:)

Always the best massage! Thank you!

Felt like heaven very relaxing. See ya soon.

Thank you May! I will be back! Great relaxing pregnancy massage!

We loved our massages. It was great, especially the head massage. M&M

Loved my massage. Really needed it. Lovely treatment a massage. M

Really nice massage. Very relaxing.

So relaxing! Thank you Asami for your magic touch! Will be back.

Great thanks. You have golden hands Kumi!


Absolutely amazing just what I needed. Seriously the best. A Cairns local♡ D

Amazing! We will be back!

Fantastic massage. C

Thank you.

OMG amazeballs. C


Excellent as usual. Thank you! A

Fantastic! Very relaxing. Thank you!

One of the best massages I have ever had! Thank you.

Thank you Kumi for your amazing massage. You really fixed my neck. Thank you. J

May you are amazing!! You have magic hands! Thank you!

Asami this was the very best. Thank you. 5 star. E

Absolutely amazing, exactly what I needed!! Weeks of stress build up feels like a weight lifted from my shoulders. Thank you. P

We’ve been repeat customer for three years and Oiled is still the best massage in Cairns. Thank you for the relaxing afternoon♡ T&C

As always amazing service. Best massage in Cairns. Thanks. J

Relaxing, calming and a stress relief. Thank you Oiled staff. Mrs.&Mr. B

Thank you! Relaxing massage I even fell asleep! Will be back for a 3rd time. S&D

Was very relaxing, thank you amazing service, highly recommend. T

May, I can tell you are very special lady, with a healing sift. Thankful a relaxing massage today. All staff are wonderful.xx♡ S

May was amazing. Thank you!!! K

Thank you for the wonderful massage. Really needed it. M

Absolutely amazing everytime!

Amazing! Thank you!

Kumi, just perfect!!

I have needed this for months… I feel so relaxed now! Thank you.xxx

Beautiful! So relaxing, professonal+wonderful price!

Awesome! Thanks.

As always, best massage I’ve had!! Thank you so much!!♡A

Very relaxing, thank you! J

Massage really good. Very relaxing, thank you.


Amazing service. Thank you! Feeling 100% better already, thank you! Amazing! Feeling very relaxed! Thank you!

Songmi  Thank you so much thank was pure bliss ♡ L

First stop after 6 weeks in UK/Europe wonderful thanks!
Aya is awesome, totally relaxed. Thank you.
Very relaxing, thank you!
After moving house perfect massage de-stress!
Thank you lovely.
Awesome thank you.
とってもいやされました!また来たいです。ありがとう♡😀 T and M
Thank you again that was so nice G
Wonderful massage ♡ thank you M
Lovethis place.
Awesome massage best I have ever had. P
Best massage ever ! R
Thank you!!
Amazing thank you ! I have had many massages but this is the best so far! Again thank you and take care x
Such a good time! So relaxing, almost sleeping thanks C
Very healing and sensual perfect balance. Thank you
Absolutely amazing massage so nurturing and effective thank you  ♡ D
Very calming and relaxing. Will definitely be back again soon . Cheers . E 🙂
Feel so much better after this very relaxed and refreshed, thank you M
Very comfortable and soothing , medium soft pressure was excellent!
90分という長い時間が半分ぐらいに感じるような素晴らしいマッサージをしていただきました。本当にありがとうございました。またケアンズに来たらよろしくお願いします。ハネムーンの良き思い出となりました♡ N and A
Incredible!! First time I’ve fallen asleep from being  so relaxed !! M
Absolutely awesome so relaxing. I will be back. Thank you! A
Excellent treated like a king. Very relaxing I’ll be back. Thank you .
Fantastic relaxing massage! Loved the hot towels too! Well Roth taking time out to be nurture ! Thank you very much cheers C
Really enjoyed my first couple massage and experience fit. Fantastic service !! Would highly recommend 🙂 A and L
Wonderful service ! Thank you! C
Awesome massage, feel so relaxed G
Beautiful l;relaing massage . Fell asleep , will keep coming back . K
Very relaxing massage. Thank you! N
The best birthday present ever ! Could stay all day Many thanks.  Best wished C
Wonderful as always! T
Thank you J
One of the best massages I’ve had in Cairns and I’ve been to most therapists in Cairns ! Many thanks Song mi ! You  are very talented ! Will be back again… J
Perfect massage from May. Always a great massage here at Oiled. I will be back thank you May x T
What a wonderful massage from Asami. Very relaxing and helped my stuff . My daughter had has best massage ever and loved it !!
Thank you so much!! Amazing massage ! Unfit, best first massage ever ! Thank you 🙂 E and L
The best massage I’ve ever had. See you next week May K
Lovely  massage thank you very much A
Thank you very much for a lovely massage . Great technique one of the best . M and A
Thank you for an absolute delight of a massage. I lobed it !!!
Best massage ever ! Have been back multiple times now ! Great service , free chocolate and great place!!! K
Beautiful massage! M
Thank you to Same . Was a beautiful massage with perfect pressure. Will be back . Xoxo S
Amazing hot stone massage. Thanks 🙂 will definitely be back.
Thank you, Mana . It was so nice beautiful thank you very much. B
The perfect treat from my amazing work collages. Thank you for an relaxing massage. I will  be back ! S xxx 🙂 ♡
Thank you so much always perfect ! K and A
Jiwon thank you , for a wonderful massage! R
Thank you very much very good time! I’m hverry happy today 🙂
Thank you! Very comfortable ! I hope I come back !
Unreal massage. So relaxing !! Thank you ♡
Thank you it was lovely I will come back.
 So wonderful and relaxing thank you.
Beautiful massage. Thank you:)
Very relaxing massage, thank you.
Thank you so much. Was very relaxing and great massage .Kumi well done, E
Soooooolovely ! Thank you !! K xx
That an amazing massage. Thank you !
We had a wonderful couples massage and will come again to do our girls day. Thank you so much!
Excellent thank you 🙂
Most relaxing massage I’ve ever had thank you ! S
Very relaxing and most professional thank you 🙂
So relaxing very good job. Thank you.
Thank you Akina, gentle but nice touch massage.
Thank you very relaxing. Perfect and to a weekend.
Was such a great massage as a couple. Thank you so much 🙂
Thank you very much very relaxing and beautiful .
Beautiful as always.
Love the couple massage. Very relaxing… I’m floating on a cloud thank you:)
Wonderful as always!
That was incredible!
Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to back! x
Thank you Rio for a very relaxing massag! It was perfect 🙂
Thank you Akina for this wonderful experience ! It was perfect 🙂
Very relaxing thank you !
Absolutely amazing! Just what I needed thank you!
Just what I needed after looooooong drive thanks 🙂
Awesome relaxing massage very stress relieving. Thank you
Thank you so much wonderful
Wonderful massage thank you very much:)
Absolutely perfect!! Loved every minute of it. Will definitely be coming back with friends !1 🙂
Amazing  can’t wait to come back 🙂
Was a great massage :)
Fantastic massage as always! Must come back more regularly .
It’s the best massage!  OMG!! So great. Amazing I feel unreal ♡
Fabulous massage wish it wouldn’t  end !!! Highlight of summer !
Just perfect say no more!
Thanks Songmi feel great .
Perfect way to start my b’day thank you so much!
Hakumi gave the most relaxing massage. Thank you so much!
My massage was amazing! Feel so relaxed
Perfect way to start my holiday absolutely beautiful so relaxed and ready for the rest of my trip. Thanks heaps 
Arigatou gozaimasu. Absolutely brilliant cheers.
Amazing massages ! We come often and love every minute of it ! Thank you so much!! 🙂
Thank you Jiwon, I feel healed.
Very relaxing and such nice and friendly , smiling staff and will come back thank you:)
One of the best massage ever! Thank you!
Asami thans very much for excellent massage. Body feels healed.
May , you were fantastic! Thank you Blessing. Will be back soon 😀
Relaxing and helped me heaps thank you 🙂
Exquisite as always thank you.
The massage was lovely and relaxing thank you.
Thank you May for a lovely and relaxing massage. See you again soon:)
Each girl has her own technique and I absolutely love it♡!!
Beautiful and calming thank you.
Very very lovely feel so relaxed after . Will definitely come back.
Dear Ayano and Oiled thank you so much for my wonderful massage today ♡ M
Amazing !!! Thank you very much I’ll be back.
Thank you! Simply brilliant 🙂
Amazing! Thank you S and D
Thank you lovely massage  very nice Thanks.
Excellent thank you ! J
Very good thank you very much!
Thank you amazing massage!  B and J
Feel wonderful G and B
Excellent A
Will definitely be back .
Magic thank you for an how of now thoughts only bliss na relaxation need to do this more A
Very nice thanks!
That was a good massage ….thanks Ayano!!
Thank you so very much Nai ♡ such a beautiful massage. You were so accommodating to my sore shoulder and I feel so relaxed now ! See you next time ♡S
True heave! Blissfully relaxing thank you x
Now very relaxing after hard day .
Massage was amazing ♡L and J
Thanks for an amazing massage! P and S
Thank you so much! Amazing massage! Can’t wait until next time 🙂 J and S
Thank you Tomomi and Same !! 😀 wonderful massages J and K
Amazing thanks May ! ♡S
Thanks May that was the best massage P
Thanks May was amazing very relaxing. Will definitely be back when I come to Cairns again S
Thank you so much for  the massage . So amazing absolutely fantastic .thanks! ♡ B
Thanks for a lovely massage ♡ N and M
Thank you♡ M thanks very much, great massage!!!
One hour and fifteen was amazing so relaxing!
Thanks May excellent massage! Will definitely return next time I’m here. A
Incredible massage! Thank you it was just what I needed.
Wonderful massage thank you so much ! A
めっちゃ気持ち良かったです♡ thank you so much 😀E
Thanks again Tomomi!
Many thanks for an amazing massage Mr and Mrs D xoxo
An amazing first time @ Oiled will be telling family and friends K 🙂
A wonderful massage! Many,many thanks. L
Thank you Asami! That was wonderfully relaxing 🙂 T
Thank you May
You ladies are amazing♡
Such an amazing ladies love from W
Great massage sorry ended up asleep T
Amazing gmassage by Akina. Thank you so much! Arigato !!! T and C 😀
Wonderful really relaxing. All the right points. Will be back thank you Tomomi!:)
Thank you beautiful♡ so good thank you so much Songmi !!! D
Excellent thank you ☆☆
素晴らしかったです!とっても気持ちがよくて感動しました M
Very relaxing, excellent. thanks.
Amazing thank you so much.
Relaxing perfect thank you.
Soso relaxing I fell asleep absolutely wonderful!
Absolute splendour ♡
Fantastic as always this is our favourite place♡ J and M
Very relaxing excellent service every thing good !!!
Excellent massage and very relaxing.thnak you!
Always great!! Thank you ♡
Magic! Say to all!
Amazing! Thank you D
Just delightful thank you so much . Took me to another world.
Just what I needed. Thank you so much !
Absolutely wonderful thank you.
Amazing ! We will definitely be back 🙂 A and A
Fantastic after a live board! Thank you!
Thank you so much Aya! That was an amazing massage! My hard over worked body feels so much better now ! See you next time P♡
That was  my first massage as a couple . There was jack hammering for a while so thank goodnesss they went for lunch. Massage was excellent. That smooth that I don’t think she even had finger prints. Thank a lot S and S
It was fantastic.
Rika is incredible! Love this place ♡♡ thank you.
Fabulous massage very professional.
Thank you for a wonderful massage. I feel fantastic best ever massage.
Thank you so much. Wonderful massage very relaxing. Amazing  . Love it!
May is the beast masses and the massage keep getting better thank you P
Thank ou for wonderful relaxing couples massage. 25 wks pregnant and very relaxed now on our holiday. Thanks B and A
Amazing massage today ! Couples massage , I had Nai and will be back for sure !! Thank you!
Nai was amazing! Wil definitely be back!
Best massage thank you May!
Thank you Mana, wonderful massage R
Thank you firls♡ was amazing xoxo
Thank you ! Very relaxing and enjoyable couple massage ♡
A wonderful massage to end a busy week. Just what we needed.
Truly amazing and relaxing thank you
Thank you firls really relaxing and peaceful J♡
Thank you so much! So relaxing .  I really needed that 🙂 K
Wonderful  ending to my day. So relaxing ♡ S
Glorious, wonderful , relaxing massage. Beautiful therapist gentle Kind. Thank you.
So good I always come here when I visit Cairns . Best massage anywhere thank you.
Thanks girls beautiful massage as usual! T
Thank you fabulous  massage will come again. B
Thank you beautiful massage 🙂
Perfect ! Best pressure I will be back 🙂
Thank you very relaxing and very good massage Z
Thank you so much. Very relaxing and will definitely  come again:)
Amazing as always xoxo
Incredible and so relaxing 🙂
Absolutely incredible thank you very much!
Fabulous thank you ♡ L
Amazing best massage R
Really beautiful massage once again thank you:)
Thank you so much xo
Lovely massage.i fell asleep. Music relaxing too. Same and Name did a great job. Will definitely be back M and T
Thank you so much May. I had such a beautiful experience . I felt so relaxed and comfortable with my pregnancy in your amazing hands. Can’t wait to be back xxx S
Thank you May! Amazing as always !
Always amazing who ever I get. So relaxing I fall asleep thanks guys.
ありがとうございました。ボティマッサージは全然受けたことがなかったので、気持ち良すぎて感動しました♡また来たいです。 M
So amazing ! One of the best I have ever had 🙂 M
Thank you very much! Great experience very relaxing and therapeutic great pressure.
Amazing, feel so much better and relaxed thank you ♡ G
Wonderful thank you!
Fantastic, the girls were amazing. Worth every visit .we will be back 🙂
Bliss! I loved every minutes of may massage. NAmi was very attentive and I’ll definitely be back!
Wonderful professional just right! Definitely be back.
Really nice and relaxing thank you!!!
Amazing and so relaxing thank you.
This was a very good massage. Next time we are in Cairns we will come back for other one.
Again!!! Wonderful !
Thank you very nice 🙂
Thank you very much. That was absolutely beautiful will definitely recommend this place loved it!
Thank you very much♡とても気持ち良かったです M and M
What a great massage! Absolutely beautiful !
 Just one word excellent.
Mmmmm….! Now time to get fresh burger ! Soooooo gooooood xoxo M
Delightful !
So relaxing! Thank you 🙂 it was lovely and relaxing.
Amazing massage, friendly staff ! We will be back A and M
Thank you very very much
The best 😀!
Very relaxing R♡
2nd visit just as good thank you E
Keeps getting better ♡ S
Another fantastic massage hope to see you again next year G
Very good massage Nami! Thanks J
Just the best , I wish it was longer hahaha thanks 🙂
Fantastic again thanks
Amazing, our me to sleep ! Firm but relaxing thanks.!
Beautiful lovely massage Kumi  domo arigatou!! R
Absolutely brilliant thanks. L
A great great massage. Perfect thanks T
Wonderful hot stone massage….fabulous! Thank you Tomomi
Fantastic massage thank you!!

Same was fantastic.  I definitely will be back thanks Same !! J

Once again great service, friendly staff and fantastic massage. This is my regular place now. Thanks . C
I had a awesome massage with May, she was wonderful. Thanks so much ♡
Amazing beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much♡ xx B and G
Ricky you are ra tactic so relaxing ♡
Thank you so much Tomomi! That was truly one of the best massage I have ever had. Just perfect!  I feel nurtured and relaxed .much appreciated! ♡ P
AWESOME !! J nad C
So relaxing !!! Thank you! A and D
Excellent !! W and A
Excellent …the best place for massage and relax in Cairns E
Amazing thank you so much! S
Have heard  wonderful thing about “Oiled” and finally got to experience it . Wonderfull! ! will be back .
Wonderful! Very relaxing! S
Awesome massage.
Thank you, Akina ! A beautiful relaxing massage .
Lovely experience! Thanks . J
Feel amazing! Thank you so much. As usual, Oiled was fantastic!! J
Come here 20 times a year OMG  Rea has magic  D
Thank you Mizuki after riding 1150km on my bike , my legs and body are feeling amazing!! 😀thank you J xxx
Excellent get again. Thank you P xoxo
Wonderful thank you! Ba back for sure . T
Absolutely LOVE coming here! Will be back ! 100% x
Wonder full, imaging, relaxing 🙂 10/10 J and S
It was very relaxing and amazing. P and R
The perfect combination of pressure and Exceptional customer service  also. D
Excellent, relaxing with beautiful ladies, very professional. D
Most beautiful ,relaxing experience thank you very much.  B
One word , SENSATIONAL. D xx
Thank you 🙂 very relaxing . R
Fantastic second time. D
Second time I’ve been, amazing almost fell asleep very relaxing 🙂
Second visit for my boyfriend and I . Amazing . Thank you .
Thank you for another wonderful massage so relaxing and comforting. Thank you B
Thank you May . It was wonderfull very relaxing. Beautiful hour thank you.
Thank you Tomomi. You read my body and muscles like a magic. Y
Thank you so much K:)
Perfect as always thank you Rika !!
Thank you very much , perfect as always 🙂
Amazing massage! Very relaxing . Thank you 🙂
Akina is ver nice and wonderful massage experience ! So relaxing and comfortable. I think I will visit again. 🙂
The most wonderful experience especially on mothers day.
Thank you Aya such a beautiful massage . I’ll be back again 🙂
Very enjoyable thank you 🙂
Thank you  Rika. Lovely so relaxing T
It was a really good thanks so much ! J
AMAZING xx thank you
Thank you that was amazing !♡
Thank ou so much that was seriously amazing and the best massage I  ever had 🙂 ♡ K
Thank you May and Asami for a wonderful massage. So relaxing amazing . Thank you for my birthday present ♡ N
My second time back and definitely not the last ! Wonderful l! Thank you so much girls :):):) S
1st time loved it thans M
Incredible , thank you very much. Wanted to sleep going and going. Highly recommend . R
Such a present relaxing massage. Lovely staff thank  you so much I
I have been to Oiled quite a few times now and its always an amazing massage and at the staff always make me feel welcome and special. Same you have healing hands. Just perfect! T
Very relaxing massage . The staff at Oiled do such an amazing job. Thanks so much . C
Thank you very relaxing massage . Just what we needed on our 20th wedding anniversary  T and K
My second time back here and this time I brought my partner for a couples massage which was amazing! So good he woke hisself up snoring. Thank you ladies ♡
Thank you so much. Best pregnancy massage I have had. I will be back x
That was AMAZING OUTSTANDING THE BEST. Loved every second thank you a😀 we will be back!
SUGOI:) loved it thank you.
Very nice massage thank you. N and B xxx
Awesome!! Very relaxing thank you 🙂
An wonderfull massage very relaxing. Thanks again!M
Very lovely massage thank you N
Wonderfull couple massage ! So relaxing and perfect pressure. We will be back for more ! thank you 🙂
Thank you so very much for a wonderful and very relaxing massage.
Really enjoyed relaxing 90 minutes massage thank you 🙂
The girls did themselves a long and very indulgent massage looking after our every need. Will definitely come back. Thank you!
Fabulous massage Tomomi.  Enjoyed every second. Was just what I needed .super relaxing! I’ll be back x
We came back for another massage. Had 2 massage 2days. AGAIN AMAZING , FABULOUS AND OUTSTANDING. Can you come to Gold
Coast thank you 🙂
Perfection thank you 🙂
Thank you Kumi wonderful 🙂
Thank you just wonderfull! So very very relaxing !:)
Think I slept the whole time . Simply amazing, pure heave. Thank you very much:)
I love it. Excellent ! Thank you O
Mizuki was amazing! A perfect massage for me. Thank you J
That’s amazing!!! Thank you so much Mizuki
Sooo relaxing!!!
Thank you so much May and Aya. It was simply amazing! ♡
I am blessed to have havd tommy’s hands work their magic!
Really nice massage! Thanks ! Feet really relaxed. Thank you L
Yuri thank you for a superb massage you definitely hit all the right spots . I will be back very soon C
Most amazing massage thank you Tomomi H
Never disappoints the best in Cainrs. Amazing!!
Incredible as always:) thank you !
Was lovely very relaxing ♡ thank you x
Excellent massage! We will definitely be back thank you .
Rika is the best ! 🙂 ♡ thank you so much! S
Thank you so much how lovely a beautiful way . M
Feeling so wonderful and refreshed. Thank you so much K
Very relaxing and calming thanks 🙂
Lovely relaxing massage. Briss !♡
Mizuki was amazing! So relaxing thank you O
Thank you so much just what we both needed thanks S and D
Very relaxing, beautiful !! B
Wonderful massage! Thank you so much ♡ S and C
Loved it . Thank you sooo much! T
Thank you so much. I will be back L
Just fantastic thanks a million K
Stil the best in Cairns
Amazing massage! We lobed every second. Thank you! E and K
Very good thank you♡ L
Thank you May good massage very professional.
Wonderful best  I’ve had. L
Thank you! 気持ち良かったです♡ S
Wonderful! R
Thank you !! Very good!! Will be back. Very relaxing and peaceful♡
Great massage very relaxing. Will be back when I visit Cairns V
Just wonderfull thank you♡ R
Cheers awesome. F
Always wonderful thank you 🙂 T
Very relaxing thank you S
Very relaxing thank you Tomomi you’re wonderful ! R
Love the arm and head massage thank you R
Thank you ! Loved it! S
 Great massage to thanks K
Never disappoint every single time!
So amazing ! Awesome wow! M
v ery relaxing. Thank you L
Aya was absolutely amazing, very relaxing. T
Thanks again always so relaxing never disappointing . C
Thank you !! Great massage
Excellent massage! Thank you M
Thank you again for wonderful massage.
Second time here and just as good . Very considerate and well done massage , thank you E
A wonderful massage every time ! I’ll definitely be back P 🙂
Amazing massage Thank you so much. I can’t wait to come back.
Amazing feeling so much better  S
Wonderful thank you.
Very relaxing massage 1 hour full body thank you!
Wonderful and relaxing massge thank you so much!
Amazing thank you ! K and R
Feeing so relaxed ! Thank you so much.
Thank you very much for a fantastic massage!
Very relaxing, thank you so much!
Thanks for the best massage. I’ve had very relaxing. B
Relaxing thanks!
May was brilliant very happy .
Loved my massage with May
Asami was amazing very enjoyable 🙂 thank you
Best and most relaxing massage I have had thank you Rio 🙂
Amazing massage! Than you Akina .
Wonderful relaxing atmosphere thank you !
So relaxing !! Thank you .
Lovely staff, very relaxing .
Lovely relaxing staff thanks.
Best massage I have ever had.
The service is spectacular . Friendly and very warm welcome. I love coming here for regular massage M
So relaxing  would like to come back 🙂
Amazing! Always good! I will continue to come back ! P
Awesome massage.
Grea remedial massage I will be back F
Always a good massage. Always relaxed. P
Very good massage thank you.
Wonderfull relaxing exoeriencethnak you E
Fantastic massage one of the best I have ever had! Thank you so much 🙂
Thank you Rio for another wonderful and amazing massage A
The best as always !!
So good !!
Thank you very much always good service very professional.
Absolutely amazing! The best I have had in a long time. Thank you . Gratitude ♡  D
Always amazing! Thnakyou ♡ M and L
Excellent massage!!
Best  massage ever thank you.
Thnak you ! Loved it! ♡
I will be back for more 🙂
Completely amazing from head to toe. Thank you 🙂
Relaxing massage with Aya excellent
Amazing! Thank you 🙂
Beautiful massage ♡ thank you.
Thnk you Tomomi I feel so relaxed. Just what I needed S
Thank you Rika such an amazing massage. We will be back !! 🙂 ♡♡
Thank you very much May you are amazing 🙂
I feel amazing, thank you. I’m feeling on cloud . N
Best massage I have ever had !! Thank you May!
This very nicet thanks
Thnkay you so much . Feel very relaxed ♡! J
Thank you Aya for the wonderful massage! I feel so much better . Exactly what I needed! I will be back P
Wonderful massage as always ! ♡ R
Thank you very much!
Thanks for the massage it was good feel 100%
Very nice relaxing massage. Was worth it. 10/10
Excellent massage I will come back again. I feel fantastic K
It was a great job well done.
Thank you Aya! Just wonderful♡
Love this place. Second time here . Will be back again and again B
Best massage in town.
I’ll keep returning .very relaxed . Blissful experience thank  you Tomomi♡
Thank you for such a relaxing an hour ♡ much relaxed!
Super relieved and soothsay treatment. Thanks so much!♡C
Thank you so much to Tomomi for finding my needs and providing such an amazing experience ! Much appreciated . E
Thank you Anika and team. Another wonderful magical experience . Wish I was staying . Bless ♡
Excellent will come back thanks.
Thank you for he beautiful energy you gave 🙂
Thank you for a great relaxing massage.
Thank you for the wonderful time! ♡ N and T
Thank you excellent !
Thank you for great service
Just amazing. Thank you so much .
Thanksa for the beautiful massage Mana♡ see you next time.
Thank you for the lovely relaxing pregnancy massage . I feel so amazing E
Loved our massage! Thank you to the lovely staff ! Great  polite service! S and L
Thank you for the very lovely massage .
Very good massage thank you ! Will come back again 🙂
Amazing!! Fel like a new person 😀
Wonderful massage I will be back thank you K
Massage was amazing. I will definitely be back.
Thank you for the lovely massage great skill.
To all staff, thank you for the lovely massage J
Beautiful massage thank you !
Thank you for a beautiful relaxing experience D
Tomomi = Queen ♡♡
Nai was amazing! The perfect amount of pressure for my sore mussels and knots. Thank you again and again.
I am so grateful thank you for such a great experience . My muscle feel so much happier and my body so relaxed.
Thank you Tomomi! That was one of the best massage ever ! I have even to most of the other massage precious in Cairns and this is #1!!
Best massage in Cairns thank you !
↑ absolutely agree! Feel so relaxed and refreshed . Thank you !!♡
Rio is great fantastic remedial massage . Excellent M
Kumi funtastic massage I’ll be back Thank you .
Thank you Asami for the most delightful relaxing massage. I feel nice and reconigized K
Just what I needed today!grea massage and lovely looked after by Nai.thank you M
By far the best relaxation massage Cairns!! Thank you we will be back 🙂
Best thing ever thank you 🙂 T
Thank you for the beset ever massage in Cairns ♡ K
Thank you for a wonderful relaxing experience! We’ll be back !!
Thanks again for a great massage look forward to the next one 🙂
Thanks for a very relaxing massage! J and T
Thank you beautiful . J and G
Excellent massage totally relaxed thanks. K
Excellent magic , wonderful massage   L
Wonderful and very relaxing. M
Excellent massage ! C
Wonderful again ! Thank you . Song mi is awesome  J
Thank you very much wonderfully relaxing ! R and J
Amazing thank you S
So relaxing thank you ! K
Amazing! So relaxed ♡J
Thank you for a relaxing massage, it was so wonderful ! L
Wonderful couple massage so relaxing! Thank you very much.
Amazing thank you very much!!
Wonderful the best I have ever had.
Great massage.
Thank you very much. The couple massage was so lovely . We will be back. B and L
とても気持ち良かったです!!旅の最終日にしていただいてよかった!!またケアンズに来たときはぜひお願いします!! S and J
Lovely  massage J
A wonderful massage in delightful surrounds. Thank you. I
Best  1 hour ever ! Divine massage thank Nai 🙂
Nai’s massage was fabulous  thank you   G
Very good shoulder massage thank you!!
Fantastic will come again !!
Wonderful again thanks.
Thank you so much. Best massage I have ever had.
What a lovely massage!! Thanks Akina
Jiwon lovely massage today. Thank you! R
Wonderful as always ! Thank you. Absolutely perfect ! Thank you
thank you for a wonderful relaxing massage. Very special. Feeling soooo relaxed. J
A lovely experience thank you so much!
Thank you after such a hectic  week it was nice to take time for myself. I’m now relief. I’ll be back. J
Thank  you Rio 😀 many thanks ♡see you next time when I come in Cairns L xoxo
Excellent couple massage! Thank you 🙂
Unreal. Blissful. amazing. I am grateful.
Lovely massage very good K
Absolutely amazing ! Feeling super fresh ! Thank you so much 🙂
Always love coming here !! T
Tomomi is prefect !! Thank you very much A
My massage was very relaxing and enjoyable! 🙂 I can’t wait for my next massage! Thank you “Oiled” Team.
Had a very enjoyable + relaxing massage! Thank you so much.
Awesome! I will be back!
Thank you, Thank you!
Thank you very much!! We loved it!
Awesome 1 hour massage. Didn’t want it to end 🙂 Thank you, ladies.
Relaxing massage. Really enjoyed it. Thank you:)
So amazing. We will be back. 🙂
Thank you Rio for another wonderful +relaxing massage❤️
Excellent massage. Thank you.
Arigato for this hour in paradise!
Un sup momont! Merci pau la relaxalion ef votre profeseionalisme.- Paris, France.
Thank you, nice to “bliss at” for an hour. Love the blue theme!
Day off and great massage
Amazing!! Need to offer full day massages.
Thank you meg for the amazing massage. Hope you come back soon. Love, good luck.
Excellent as always.
An wedding anniversary surprise. I had the most amazing relaxing massage. Thank you so much. Yuri
Amazing. Love the oiled.
Sooo good. Thx.
Thank you so much again for a very pleasurable and relaxing massage. I fell invigorated and wonderful. 🙂
Wonderful manage. Thank you so much:)
WOW!! It’s been a long time since having a massage this good. Thank you and we will be seeing you again soon.
A truely relaxing experience. Thank you
Nai gave me a fabulous massage. Relaxing yet firm. Just what I needed.
So happy right now! Best massage have had for ages +awesome firm pressure. Thank you soooo much.
Very relaxing massage and it has made my sore back much better. Definitely planning to come back. Thank you.
This was so relaxing! Thank you very much for the amazing massage. Thank you
Very polite and professional. I feel very relaxed! Thank you.
Lovely massage. Thank you! I’ll be back!
Thank you so much. I feel absolutely wonderful. My massage was excellent.
Rika, fantastic as always. Will be back again for sure.
OMG! The best! 🙂 1 1/2 hours, truely to die for ❤️
Thank you so much. Really lovely massage, Akina❤️
Fantastic so lovely and relaxing – Brisbane
I feel weightless and relaxed. The perfect combination after a perfect massage. Thank you Mizuki and Oiled. Sleep time for me now.
An amazing and much needed relaxing massage. I greatly appreciate everything. Thanks.
A wonderful experience so happy we stopped in! Thank you so much!
Exactly what I needed. Thank you Rika.
Never been so relaxed before! Lovely! Best 60mins of my life.
Very professional and relaxing. One of the best massages.
Another amazing massage.
We will always be back here.
Thank you so much! 8 month pregnant & came out feeling amazing! Loved it.
Another present & amazing massage. Thank you.
Another amazing excellent massage and it’s fantastic! I will be back 🙂
Thank you so much, a very amazing relaxing massage.
Always the best massage.
Definitely will be back! Feel amazingly relaxed. Sleepy. Thank you so much.❤️
Thank you for this awesome massage! ❤️
Great massage. Thank you.
Best massage I’ve had, will definitely be back❤️
Brilliant again. Thanks.
Always wonderful!
A wonderful experience every time! I’ll be back again in a few weeks! 🙂
Great. Very relaxing massage – lovely atmosphere. 🙂
Lovely, relaxing massage. 90minutes flew by. Thank you so much. Have a lovely evening. See you again next time 🙂
Amazing atmosphere, so relaxing, thank you very much 🙂
Amazing! Will be coming back!
Second that amazing!!!
I will definitely be back! wonderful!
We always come back every chance we have. Oiled do the best massage. Very lovely:)
Tomomi was amazing! Always keep coming back 🙂
Always amazing ! 🙂
That was so good, just wanted to float away ! xx
Perfect again ! Thanks
Absolutely amazing + very relaxing. Will definitely be back again.
Thank you so much. Feels a lot better. wonderful. Xxx
Beautiful massage. Thank you so much!
Beautiful massage! Thanks Kaori & Erika
Great massage! Thank you.
Just what I needed.
Thank you May & will be back.
Thank you. Will be back. Well done. Xxx
Thank you. I feel great. Will be back.
Thank you, May❤️ It has been to long since my last massage – this is just what I needed!
Excellent massage, very relaxing!!
Rika is the best masseuse in Cairns. Very attentive to your needs and is caring. Thank you for the beautiful massage!
Best massage I’ve had in a long time. Thank you for all being so lovely and accomodating to my needs. Will be back again soon.
Thank you so much Erika. It was amazing and just what my body needed. Thank you 🙂
Thank you, Tomomi. That was probably the best massage I’ve ever had! You are a true healer with beautiful, soothing energy ❤️
Amazing as always. Thank you so much
Very relaxing, perfect pressure – wonderful. Thank you May 🙂
Thank you so much. Very relaxing.
Amazing great experience.
Thank you Rikkie. It’s a very relaxing, peaceful time.
Very very professional and amazing! Will come again and recommend for sure!
Very courteous and lovely staff. Amazing service, will come again!
Thank you again May for the amazing massage!!
Absolutely amazing, enjoyed immensly. Thanks again.
Thank you Same for the best massage I’ve ever had. wonderful+ highly recommended.
Just fell in love with the hands of massage masseuse. Thank you.
Thank you for a lovely massage.
Great massage. I fell so good. I will be right back Akina❤️
Awesome massage, thank you su much.
Awesome – as always
The absolutely best massage I have ever ever had
Erika, that was fabulous – thank you! I look forward to seeing you again!
Thank you for a relaxin gmassage. Your service is peaceful and professional.
Thank you for very relaxing time!
Lovely & relaxing- thank you! xx
Very relaxing + I feel amazing! Thank you very much. 🙂
2nd time I have been here. Absolutely love it!!
Very good massage I recommend RIO!!
May, you helped me relax, and my body+mind for that. Very very grateful.
Elina. amazing! 🙂

Thank you Mizuki!

Best massage!! M

Thank you very much Yuki.

That was absolutely fantastic+very, very relaxing. R

すごく気持ちが良くて最高でした!!昨日の疲れがとれた気がします、、、!!ありがとうございました Y&S from Japan

Fantastic, thank you! D&L

Erika, best massage ever! Thank you! L

Thanks MEG! Had massage all over the world. Best everw J

Yes amazing ERICA. K

Excellent massage, Tomomi. Very relaxing. S

Thank you Akina. Fantastic.

Most beautiful hot stone massage. Very relaxing!

Thank you♡ S

Best 30mrn massage!! Thank you May!

とても気持ちよかったです!肩のまわりが楽になりました。ありがとうございました♡M from Japan

力かげんが丁度よく、とても気持ちよかったです!ありがとうございます! M from Japan

Erica was fantastic, very relaxing massage.

Excellent massage as always.

Excellent massage, thank you.

とっ〜ても気持ち良かったです♡一つ一つ丁寧にして頂いてるのが伝わりました!ずっと居たいな〜って考えながら、寝ていました💤また来たいです♡ Y

ZZZZzzzzzz…! Awesome.


Amazing! Thank you so much!

What an amazing one hour massage! The best massage I have had in years. I’m local here and I will definitely be back.

Just perfect&relaxing. Thank you so much.


Wouldn’t go anywhere else♡ As perfect as always. J&N

Just what I needed.

This was the best way to spend our first day in Australia! Thank you ladies  it was more than I could have hoped for 🙂

Thank you so much May.This was the best massage I have ever had.The pressure , technique and service was perfect in every way.C and K
Very good as usual ! D
Thank you Miho very relaxing!
Wonderful very relaxing!
Good job well done… very relaxing.
Thank you very much for a relaxing massage. It was perfect. Pease come to Townsville.
↑ No you can’t have them . They want to stay in Cainrs 😀♡ lol
Very good would recommend .Please come to Townsville.
First experience with a massage , very good and relaxing. Definitely need t bring Oiled to Townsville.
Thank you for the beautiful massage. Much needed. Will be back again.
We had a couples massage and was very relaxing.My partner feel asleep. We will be back 😀
Thank you for an amazing ,very relaxing massage. We can’t wait to come back again very soon!
 Rio once again gave the most relaxing massage thank you! O
ともみさん、ユリアさん、そしてかよさん、ありがとうございました!!めっちゃきもちよかったです。Very relaxed! K
ていねいなマッサージ、とても体が軽くてなりました。非日常をありがとうございました。寝てしまってところどころ記憶がないのが残念です、、、。天国でした♡  wife of K
**It was fantastic, firm but not sore.
Thanks again to your wonderful service! See you soon I hope C
Thanks Kumi. The massage was wonderful.Hoep to see you again. C
The best massage so far….amazing… E and M
Always amazing! Thank you 🙂
It was an awesome experience . Thanks!!
Thank you so much. Just What I needed.
Thank you ! Always amazing!
Same. That was really beautiful.Thank you smooch.
Amazing as usual! Got goosebumps 3times♡  Love love love ♡
Excellent Againg.Thank you x Z
So relaxing fell asleep sometime. I’ll be back 😀 G
とても気持ち良くて後半口開けて寝ていたような気がしますう、、、笑  素敵な旅の想い出になりまし!!ありがとうございました ♡
Amazing,very relaxing just what I  needed .Thank you K
Super relaxing !Thank you so much!!Sooorelaxing.Loved every minutes of it!!
とても気持ちよかったです!!足のむくみが取れました:)また来たいです♡ ♡
Thanks , lovely deep tissue massage M
Thank you amazing relaxing .M
Amazing, we are both very relaxed. T and K
Miho was amazing and very friendly. Gave me a great massage. D
Excellent massage very relaxing therapeutic . S
Amazing massage. I feel so relaxed and blended !! Thank you so much Kumi , you have a ‘gift’ I will be back.
Thank you very wonderful.
Wonderful I will be back !!!
Thank you May.
I loved the massage. It was really relaxing for me. Hope I will be back. All of you staff was amazing meet to .I will soon be back and thank you so much D
I had an awsome time.
Very nice technique and massage.Thank you.P
The vest massage very relaxing thank you.
Excellent and relaxing massage again thank you.
Very good massage very relaxed.
Thank you so much wonderfull massage I feel so relaxed. A
Thank you so wonderful feel like brand new people we will see you again R 🙂
Most relaxing time of my life. Thank you so much. Tomomi and Akina absolutely amazing ! J and R
Thank you very much so relaxing . Heavenly. Love all the time . E and M
Thank you ! Was so relaxing . I will be back . E
Was so good !!! Thank you . C
Thank you soo much!! Yuki was amazing !! Will e back !! M
Amazing !! 🙂 B and R
Thank you Kumi for a wonderful massage ,very nice 🙂
Thank you so much for a beautiful sense. K and I
Absolutely amazing. Best ever . Thank you .
Amazing work ! C
Will be back ! Exactly what I need !!
We love you !♡  M
So relaxing! You guys are the best ♡  M
S,Y and E,Y
Thank you very much.Such a great day.
Excellent massage thank you ! Megu !♡
Thank you for the relaxing massage . A and M
I loved the massage. I want another one ! Lol
The girls a re wonderful!   Thank you !!
Loved the massage thank you B
Thank you very relaxing! K
Thank you that was absolutely amazing! 🙂
Thank you for the wonderfull massage.
The massage was amazing and truly relaxing. Would high recommend ! Thank you. S and S
Thank you awesome!!
Fabulous massage ♡ thank you M
Fantastic massage, will definitely come back thanks.
Beautiful!  So relaxing and enjoyable ! Thank you so much ♡
Just what I needed. Absolutely beautiful and relaxing perfect for valentines  day♡
Spoil  myself for valentines day 🙂 was wonderful ♡
Rika fantastic , pain free and just half an hour beautiful technique M
Thank you so much ! Was very good , relaxing and clean ! We’ll be back 🙂
Amazing massage! Very relaxing. See you on the other side . D and S
An amazing massage 1 hr of  love relaxation . I will definitely be back . Thank you!
Thank you perfect massage e. I’m a regular.
Nice massage and great environment.
Very relaxing thank you . M and J
Amazing as always ! Thank you so much 🙂 S and N
A magic experience will be back for sure 🙂
Beautiful massage thank you R and c
Absoulutley amazing A and T
Than you . Have a lovely day.
Was amazing ! Very relaxing L
Devine !!!
Amazing massages , very relaxing… again thank you S and L
Wonderful service from beautiful girls. Will be retuning. K and K
Totally awesome many thanks Yuki xx
Fabulous really enjoyed it !
Wonderfull massage thank you.
Always very good, thank you.
Wonderful massage! The release of tension that I really needed. Thanks so much! 🙂
Thank you so much !! Come regularly  and every girl I’ve had is amazing . ♡  J
Still the best massage in Cairns !! ☆☆😀
 Thoroughly enjoyed the massage ! My knee feels better ! Thank you! Brilliant !
Lovely thank you.
Thant was amazing ! Thank you so much P
So relaxing and lovely thank you D
Abolutely incredible , so relaxing.  Akina was wonderful , made it such as a calm and relaxing experience. Thank you! G
Thank you Aya for a very relaxing massage!!
Awesome lovely thank you so much best massage .
Wonderful thank you.
Very nice thank you!
It was amazing thank you os much!
Awesome massage thank  you so much!
Very nice and relaxing.
Wonderful and truly relaxing! Amazing experience !
Wonderful massage very relaxing! Will be back again ! Thank you:)
it was a good massage. Very enjoy it and relaxing thank you!
Very relaxing!! Loved it 🙂
I really enjoyed it. I felt relaxed after it. Thank you.
Very good thank you!
Wonderful experience. So relaxing!
Beautiful massage! Thank you.
Very good massage as always! Thank you!
Tomato had perfect hands. Thank you:)
Very nice massage very relaxing thank you 🙂
Amazing ♡ Thank you.V
A wonderful experience. Thanks May.
Many thanks feeling much better such a wonderful massage S
Many thanks best massage in Cairns.
Amazing! Every time I come here ♡  P and H
This place is just MAGIC♡ wonderful staff and perfect massage. 20 out of 10 M and G
Another incredible massage! Miho did a perfect job today! Best place in Cairns, will be back soon. N
So relaxing, forever leaving. Happy. Meg is amazing! O
Very beautiful thank you. Relaxing and wonderful staff. Thank you ♡  S
Thank you this was just what I needed tonight. Beautiful hand thank you K
Very relaxing and great massage thank you K 😀
Amazing as always! We will be back . D and S
Thank you. Excellent as always.
Very relaxing:) thank you.
Absolutely beautiful much needed!! Thank you so much 🙂
Top class Mizuki thank you 😀 L
Thank you May. You are wonderful! T xx
I feel so relieved thank you! K x
Was a beautiful experience . Me and my husband enjoyed the coupe massage . Really relaxing! L xoxo
Thank you just what I need . I’ll be back.
Thank you Mizuki for the great massage. Really enjoyed it ♡
What a wonderful enjoyable. I loved it . The best massage I have ever had. L
Thank you. Massage was fantastic. Loved it♡ ♡
Amazing massage Meg’s! One of the best I’ve had, would highly recommend !C
I loved the massage very enjoyable!
Meg’s 10/10
Erika very good excellent.
Thank you again for a great massage.
Amazing massage by Ayami! Thank you !
I didn’t want it to the end…loved every second. Thank you Ayami♡
It was so relaxing. I didn’t want it to the end . Feeling the most relaxed I have felt for ages. Highly recommend .
The massage was very relaxing extremely therapeutic .when I come to Cairns I will make sure I will visit you again,
Amazing♡ thank you.S
An absolutely wonderful remedial massage. Strong but definitely worth it ! Thank you very much ! P
It was a very good massage thank you very much K:)
Amazing ! Best massage I’ve ever had. Thank you so much. D xx
Wow! Amazing thank you ! D:)
Exactly what the doctor ordered. Pure bliss thank you!!
That was amazing! So relaxing. Perfect thank you!
Awesome massage !!! 10/10
Tommy is absolutely amazing . Every time I am in Cairns I always come here.thank you so much!
とても気持ち良かったです!また来ます!オイルがあったかくてポカポカしました♡♡ あとおわったあとのチョコとお水もうれしかったです!AMAZING!! 😳 Y and M
たいへん気持ち良く、身体が喜んでいます♡まさかの、セラピストさんが友達の友達でした!冷え症なので最初に足湯があったらもう少し体が準備できたかもしれないです。でも最高でしたよ!ありがとうございました!!Thank you!!  K

Joy gave a lovely very relaxing massage . Thank you ! 🙂

とても気持ち良かったです!!友達はグッスリ寝てました😀Thank you♡
Best massage ever! Thank you.
Every time we come to Oiled , The staff never disappoint. Thank you.Joy for fixing me up. As usual I walked out feeling AMAZING:)
Domo arigato
Thank you Joy for a most relaxing massage .Feeling refreshed.
Amazing so relaxing Thank you.
Oiled is the best massage I’ve ever had.They were perfect massage. Thank you:)♡
It was amazing….Thanks.
Best massage ever !Thank you 🙂
Beautiful aromas and technique very relaxing – thank you;)
Always enjoyed coming. Amazing work! Excellent work by Rio Thanks!
Amazing!! Joy gave such a great massage, was very impressed.
Very good massage! I recommend Rio:)
Great job highly recommended greenly wonderful service feel great! Will be back again next time😀
So  relaxing and such wonderful service. I highly  recommend.
Very good oil massage! The best !
Amazing!! Will be coming back. Thank you. Lovely staff too xx
Always great!
Just what I needed, thanksJoy:)♡
Very relaxing!! M
Wow amazing Yulia thank you ♡ xx
Very beautiful – thank you.
Feeling very relaxed thank you so much :)K
The massage very good confortable thank youvery much N
Another amazing,beautiful experience. Thank you so much just magical ♡
Most enjoyable and well balanced massage.Y
Thank you very much!
Highly recommended! The best massage salon in Cainrs♡
Just beautiful♡
Really relaxing definitely will return😀
Best massage ever 🙂
とっても気持ちよかったです♡Thank you!
Best massage at Oiled ! Thank you C X
A beautiful moment for me ! I want more…thank you very much:)
It was really perfect. Thank you for the wonderfull moment.
It’s very good time. Thank you very much! Beautiful! L
Thank you very much X
Totally amazing, felt as through all my worries melted away thank you.
It was really relaxing thanks C
It was amazing thank you so much ♡ H
Thank you was so relaxing. Feel so good.R
I have had amazing experiences from remedial massage.Thanks to Rio,the tension on my body is gone. Thank you E
Thank you Junko, It was awesome. I am feeling so relaxed happy!S
Loved every minute. Thank you so much!
Best massage of my life.
So so so good best ever !!♡F♡
Ichi ban Junko!
Thank you so much!! Such an amazing massage so friendly and made sure I was fully relaxed.
The best massage I have ever had , very through and will be coming back.
Tomomi. Best ever! Wow, she took her time and hot every spot I would love to come back! N
Awesome massage. Thank you S
Erika was fantastic 😀Highly recommend ♡ L
Great massage, very relaxing J
Thank you – fantastic relaxing D and K
Junko is excellent .
Perfect way to start my weekend!  Thank you so much ! E:)
Thank you Kasumi best massage I’ve ever had! E
So relaxing ♡ E
Very  very good.
Wow thank you.
Yulia was amazing thank you 😀
Thank you .Lovely.
Wow The most amazing massage ever.Thank you Yulia from M
Beautiful relaxing and toxic massage!!
Lovely thank you Ayami. It was so relaxing I think I fell asleep xo
Awesome massage very relaxing thank you 🙂
Rio, absolutely amazing as always! Thank you so much 🙂 A
Always feel amazing after getting may massage here 🙂
Thank you Tomomi. You were very welcoming 🙂
Thank you Erika, very professional massage and it really soothed my back and shoulders! 😀 will be back again….
Thank you Fantastic as always .
Thank you – very relaxing:)
Very professional operation – Tomomi was excellent , 5stars!
Thank you so relaxing♡Sensational!! Best in Cairns!
Most enjoyable and relaxing. Wonderful and amazing as well. Best massage in Cairns ! B
Thank you Yulia and merry Christmas for you and everyone.
Loved the serenity put me at ease straight away.
Massage work my headache went away. Thank you and merry Christmas to you all. I will be back T:)
Relaxing and professional knew hot to massage, work very happy:)
Amazing!! Thank you so much xoxo
Perfect as always Thank you!
Jolis is just wonderful! Merry Christmas! R
Cool massage, thank you S
So relaxing , feel much relieved M😀
Very nice 🙂 will recommend to my family and friends to come . ♡Thank you.
A wonderful relaxing experience as always ! We ‘ll definitely be back. P and J
Massage was great! Thank you!!
Bless Thank you !! Rika the best. B
Yulia , Adam
Thank you for the lovely massage ♡Good to be back here  and will be back again xxx S and S
Thank you for the relaxing massageW Sand S
Great! I love it !
It was good thank you.
Best massage ever, Nealy fell asleep . Thank you and merry Christmas. S xx
Very comfortable massage. Thank you. K
Fantastic as always  G and K
Awesome massage Thank you C x
Amazing massage! Wish I could have essayed forever ! 🙂 Merry Christmas.
Best massage in  Cairns  so far thank you so much!!!:)
Very good massage. We enjoyed it.
A and S
Very good thank you will be back.
Great massage. Thank you.
Excellent thank you S
Feeling so relaxed. Great job Thanks.
Feel out of this world soooo relaxing!! Thanks S
Felt like a dream, thank you!
Amazing massage, will definitely be back very relaxed 🙂
Had a very enjoyable experience.  Very relaxing will definitely be back 🙂
From the tips  of my toes  to the top of my head so relaxed  thank you
Was an amazing massage thank you so much 🙂
Always lovely  treat after a big day or just anytime thank you
Beautiful massage in 6yrs Thank you 🙂
Wonderful massage for my mum and me!  Feeling good!! L and J
Thank you very much. Awesome as always. See you again . S and F
Excellent massage . Will be back 🙂
Thank you very much for excellent massage. See you !!
Joy was very good ! Thank you so much. Very Relaxed ♡
Amazing massage .Thank you Joy and Yulia
Best massage I have ever had !Thank you so much. will definitely be back B
Thank you Yulia I feel so relaxed.
Wonderfull! We’ll be back!
Happy new year :)Thabnk you massaged ♡
Feel like a new person!
Thank you so much , wonderfull!!! Happy new year all the best .
Very relaxing! Thank you 🙂
Great massage! Will be back.
90 minutes massage was wonderfull! Sooooo relaxing. Thank you
Amazing as always 🙂
Very good  I will be back. Thank you! 🙂
We loved it:)
Excellent massage Thank you.
So good!!
Just as good as !! Loved it !
I;ll definitely be back again ♡
Just lovely.
Beautiful full body thank you K
Excellent massage perfect pressure.Thank you.
Exactly as I wished thank you .
Absolutely beautiful. Just what I needed. Thank you! ♡
Feel like a new person after 90 minutes .
Amazing massage. Thank you Tomomi!!
Absolutely loved it I feel great and so relaxed . Thank you smooch Yulia 🙂
Yulia and Adam, thank you so much see you soon !!
Yulia san and Adam san Arigatougozaimasu!! お幸せに♡ S
Thanks I will be back Cheers Yulia
Wonderful I get again !
An amazing massage!
Beautiful as always ♡
Wonderfull will be back thank you!
Oiled @Pier. Hubby and I enjoyed a deeply relaxing and wonderful massage . Will definitely be back 🙂
Very relaxing fell asleep, now feels energiged- healing hands Thank you Tomomi.
Great massage thanks a lot.
Joy did a rely good job. Very relaxing.
Yulia was awesome! Very relaxing! Slept!
Very good massage.
My partner got me this voucher for a gift and omg the best gift ever !! AMAZING!!!!  N xx
Great couple massage.Thank you! 🙂
Amazing massage thank you 🙂
Great massage Thanks Rio!
Thank you Yulia ! P
Thanks kayo for yet again. Great staff who do the most perfect massage! I fell asleep again! J and L
An absolutely wonderful massage as always! I’ll definitely be back P:)
AMAZING – as always !:) D
Very relaxing Thank you:)
Lovely ! R
Perfect massage Thanks a lot B
Healing hands Tomomi – Thank you♡
Very wonderful massage, so relaxed didn’t want to leave! N
Amazing! I feel renewed xx M♡
Very relaxing very nice massage . Love to  be back thank you D
Very good . Thank you . I really needed it . P Cainrs
I enjoyed my massage.
Very relaxed and comfortable . Thank you. S♡
We loved our couples massage! Indulged in 2 hour session and it was worth it ! Thank you so much! xx
Excellent Will be back.
Very Nice massage . 2nd time. Love it. Thank you. D
Super relaxing and  affordable ! May very professional Thank you!
Excellent will be back and will also recommend.
Very relaxing whilst on holidays. Recommended .
**Very relaxing and comfortable. Throughly enjoyed . I will surely come back .
Thank you Very relaxing. D
Thank you . Exceptional from me and buddy 🙂
Thank you Rika.
We come to OILED every rime in Cairns and it is always excellent . Cheers C and M
Excellent thank you B
Very relaxing. N and R
One of the best massages I’ve ever had! Thank you! P
Wonderful, amazing, relaxing!Thank you 🙂
Fantastic massage !! Thank you very much Rio:)
The best I will be back.
Really enjoyed ! Thank you.
Brilliant, Beautiful Thank you.
Brilliant Thank you 🙂
Excellent massage! Great experience!
Amazing massage, thank you !!
Thanks for the relaxing massagE! Enjoyed every minutes♡ H and O
Just WOW! 😀
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
***One the best massage
Love it everytime we come here !
Simply beautiful – I’ll be back!!
It was amazing, fell asleep! Definitely will come back 🙂
Amazing massage, thank you.
Amazing as always Thank you Rio.
Always wonderful, thank you.
Great massage thanks 🙂
Best pressure I received on my back .Thanks.M
Fabulous massage! Very much enjoyed!
Lovely massage, therapy enjoyed it, will be back again!
In the 2 weeks of my stay here I fave tome to Oiled three times and wow all the times where wonderfull and relaxing a friendly. Thank you so much G
Kumi is the best . J
Feeling very relaxed great massage !! R xxx
Thank you Adam very relaxed ♡ J
Just what needed! So relaxed and feel much better. Thank you!  E
Always very darling 🙂
Thank you very good time!! M and A
The massage was really amazing S
So fantastic! Erica is amazing and feel really relaxed ♡J
Thank you – the massage were fantastic. We will recommend !
Best massage I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of massage in my life C X
I come here frequently , never disappointed. Beautiful massage. L
Best Foot/Leg massage in Cainrs ! G
So friendly ,accomodating and perfectly professional the therapist really listened to what I was after delivered ! So relieved, thank you!
Tat was divine!
Fantastic! Perfect massage, O wo;; be back every time I am in town.
Oiled Massage

Great massage – Will be back for more – Thank you Stella.

Wonderful as always ❤️ Charis

That was so beautiful. I am so released. Thank you❤️

Amazing! Thank you so much Mako. Loved it. 

That was so relaxing! I think I heard myself snoring. Thanks!

I felt nice. I was in a dream world ❤️ Nicky

So relaxing – Thank you so much ❤️Kate

Just what I needed. Thank you. – Luca 🙂

Thank you for such an amazing massage -Karlie

Thank you Ivy. Very good

Amazing massage. Thank you – Kim

Thank you so much. It was very good! 

Tomomi, Domo Arigato! Thank you so much – Rocher


Was a lovely massage. Ladies were lovely. Perfection.

Awesome massage – Ben

Arigato Gozaimasu

Thank you for lovely couple massage – Poland❤️

Very relaxing, thank you. We feel great 🙂 – Amanda&Pete

BEST MASSAGE EVER!! Thank you to the lovely massage therapist. Just perfect❤️


Relaxing way to end our honeymoon! Thank you 🙂 

Thank you!!! BEST MASSAGE !!!

Tomomi is seriously the best @ massage. Thank you – Deb❤️

Excellent massage always – Sam&Lauren

Good as always.

A lovely massage as always. Very relaxing after a big weekend. Thank you 🙂

Turned over a new leaf !! Amazing 90min massage, Thanks.

Thank you – Amazing!! 

Very good, relaxing massage !! 

Thank you for giving me massage. You made my day! – Nao

Always a great massage here 🙂

Thank you. Always relaxing. 

Thank you . Very relaxing

Thank yo so much! Wonderful ! 

Amazing pressure! Very relaxing + Great customer service! ❤️

Thank you!! It was very relaxing and great customer service

Amazing! B.B

Very Relaxing. Thank you

Thank you May. That was wonderful. – C. 

最高でした! ーYusuke

ありがとうございました!!– Aiko

Massage sangat bagus! saya nak lagi ! 

とても気持ちよかったです!ありがとうございました❤️ – Kaori Kanta

Very relaxing !

Always incredible. Amazing skill and fantastic customer service❤️

Beautiful skill and massage. Healing!

Very relaxing massage, didn’t want it to end. Thank you.

Beautiful + Relaxing! Thank you 🙂

Thanks fo much – very relaxed as I slept half the time. 

I feel like a new woman! Thanks fo much 🙂

Thank you. Fabulous massage. I feel very relaxed + recharged. 

Fantastic massage, feeling great 🙂

Feeling so great after massage! Many thanks, we will be back for sure! 🙂

すごく気持ちよかったです!ありがとうございました❤️ Yurie


Very relaxing! Thank you!

Best massage ever! Superb! 

Incredible – Thank you so much! ❤️

Great massage. Thanks fo much.

Thank you for the wonderful massage, Cherry. 

Wonderful as always.

Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much. Wonderful ambience. Can’t waif to come again 🙂 – From Townsville

❤️ magnificent I feel wonderful. Thank you fo much 🙂

Thank you so much. Beautiful massage every time ❤️ Jimmy&Mel

ありがとうございました:)またオーストラリアに来たいです❤️ 今日はありがとうございました!本当に気持ちよくてまた来たくなりました❤️ – Miyu

Thank you so much! Great massage.

Thank you so much!!! It’s very nice massage 🙂 We’re coming back!

Thank you very much for the beautiful massage & extra gift for my partner’s birthday! Very thoughtful:) Thank you so much everyone! 

Yuna is wonderful. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Very very good 🙂 – Angelina

Thank you very very much Yuna. It was amazing. -Kia

The very BEST massage ever! Yuna! 

Just the right amount of strength. So good, Yuna. Thank you.

Lovely! Thanks Renata! -Jerry

One of the best massage. Thank you

Amazing. Thank you 🙂 – Miss Kay

I never want it to finish… It was so good. Thanks Yuna. 

とても気持ちよかったです!!ありがとうございました!!❤️ Ayaka & Izumi

Thank you Yuna for giving me the best massage! Kat❤️

Kumi, it was delightful. Such gentle hands. Thank you. 

Bliss – Just what I needed – Thank you.Magnificent relaxation for my muscles. Thank you 🙂

Amazing massage. Great deep pressure. Awesome. Thank you 🙂

Have come here a number of times and it’s always amazing. Above and beyond! 🙂

Thank you, was wonderfully relaxing 🙂

Great. Feeling very relaxed. Thank you. 

Thank you for an absolutely marvellous massage. 

Thank you so much! Much needed 30mins of heaven. Very relaxing, amazing. 🙂

Very relaxing, great customer service. Definitely amazing. 

Wonderful massage – very relaxed . – Kari , Cairns

Very nice way to spend an hour. Thank you so much.

Divine! Loved the whole experience. 

Amazing. I fell asleep so many times – this massage was just what I needed. 

Thank you so much Tomomi for your beautiful work. The massage was 10/10 🙂

Wow, such amazing hands. A beautiful massage. Thank you. -Maxine 🙂

Fantastic!! Superb customer service & very professional skills. Would recommend to friends & family ! 🙂

Thank you May. Very relaxing. 

Thank you so much! Like a heaven. Amazing! From Tokyo.

Thanks again 🙂 Fantastic every time 🙂

Thanks! 2日連続で来ちゃいました!また来ます!From Tokyo.

So relaxing. Thank you:) Wonderful relaxing massage today! – Rose

All good. I’ll be back. -Kate

Thank you! とてもリラックスできました。明日からの旅がまた楽しめそうです。From Osaka

Kumi gave me a wonderful massage. Just what I needed. Thank you so much! I’ll be back. – Tara J Clarke 🙂

First time here. Will be definitely be coming back. Thank you  – David

Absolutely wonderful & beautiful… Thank you once again, Oiled! 

Beautiful! Definitely will be back 🙂 – Amanda

Wonderful, relaxing. Thank you. I will be back. 

Had a great experience! Thank you 🙂

Amazing! So relaxing & loved the hot towels! – Nicole

Absolutely fabulous – Loved every single minutes. – Zen

Always wonderful – will never go anywhere else ❤️ -Courtney 

Amazing every time I come here. Ladies are beautiful. Would recommend to everyone. Kumi is the best. – Alexis❤️

Recommend Kumi 100%

THE BEST MASSAGE I’ve ever had. The pressure was amazing. Would recommend 100%

Thank you very much for the wonderful moment. Just loved it!

Wonderful. I feel great. Thank you so much. 

Tomomi – Thank you soooo much X 1,000,000. So important to feel relaxed as a mother, wife & worker ❤️ – Daniela

Thank you for yet another beautiful massage – Simone

What a magical 30min ❤️ Thank you. -Tracey

Thank you Den Den. All the best. Great Massage 🙂 XO

Just amazing Tomomi! Perfectly firm & so relaxing

Tomomi gives the best pregnancy massages ever! I feel so great. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ Thuy&Clint

Thank you for the amazing couples massage, was great . – Darcy&Teagan

Always amazing ❤️ 🙂 Thank you . – T

We loved our first massages at Oiled ❤️ Thank you! 🙂

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Every single time!! Thank you

Excellent massage. Thank you 🙂

Beautiful foot / leg the best I’ve ever had. 

Thank you that was amazing ❤️

Awesome massage. Thank you 🙂

Kumi does amazing head & back massage!

Thank you Stella – Great massage

Excellent and relaxing massage. Thank you. 

Excellent experience. Very relaxing. Will come again. Thank you. 

Songmi – Thank you 

Another beautiful relaxing massage. Tomomi gave a lovely relaxing massage. Can’t wait to come back. – Natalie

Thank you for the amazing relaxation 🙂 

Amazing as always! – Ben&Jen 🙂

Great hands

Yuna was really amazing!

Great as always. Thanks

Amazing. Thank you! – J

Great work Yuna. Thank you. 

Thank you Mako! 🙂

Amazing as always. Thank you. 

May was amazing, best massage ever. Want her again. Thank you. – Silvana

Very nice and relaxing.  – Karen & Rob

Pavla was amazing. I feel so relaxed. She knew to hit all the right place. Just perfect! I’ll be back. – Tara

May was amazing. Thanks! I will be back. 

Thank you May. I feel so relaxed and like I’m walking on air. I will be back❤️ -Michelle

Thank you. Wonderful experience! 🙂 

We will be back. “Great”

Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxing experience. -Deb&Andi

What a wonderful massage. The girls were very professional. I melted into the table. A Great couples massage. Thank you. 

So relaxing, took me to another world. 

 Tomomi Thank you. You are always wonderful. Take care

Thank you so much. It was THE BEST MASSAGE EVER. Be blessed. -Skye&Leanne

Thank you for the amazing 2 hour massage Yuna! Already feeing 10times better -Ebony

Wow! Just wow, couples massage left us both very relaxed. We will be back, thank you 🙂 – James&Gerry

Ivy was amazing! Thank you for a beautiful massage you made my day. 

This massage was totally amazing. Thank you fo much for making so feel better. 

Couples massage with my best friend – professional service, great massage and lovely girls who looked after us. As locals we will be back more regularly for some special treatment @ Oiled XX – Col+Tanya

Beautiful massage- Thank you

Beautiful massage. Thank you Rika was amazing 🙂

Thank you again Yuna for your wonderful massage. It was very professional and relaxing. Just great. 

Beautiful massage. Felling much better. Thank you so mush❤️

Tomomi- you rock. I’m addicted. Love love love your hands – magic!

Very good & relaxing couples massage. Thank you 🙂

Just what I needed. Thank you. 

Had the most relaxing time. From Sheadyn XO

 Amazing experience. Very enjoyable massage. Thank you – Curtis and Maddison 🙂

My only regret is that I don’t have more time to come back again! Wonderful massage! – Rachel, Michigan. USA

Another amazing massage 🙂 XX

Thank you so so much! Exactly what I needed to end my holiday! Cheers – Canberra ACT

Great massage!

Lovely as always. Thanks

Beautiful service 🙂 Thank you all x

 Thank you very much Yuna for the amazing massage. See you next time – Amanda

So very relaxing and such a beautiful building. – Rachel, NZ

Lovely massage. Thank you May

So beautifully awesome job. Thank you.

Absolutely divine! Thanks so much Renata. I was so gentle and the manage was so relaxing. I think I fell asleep 🙂 Will be back for sure! -Amber

I will definitely be visiting again. One of the best massages ever. I was almost asleep. Thank you 🙂 -Camille

 Really good. We will be back in 4 weeks for another! 

Thank you❤️❤️ 21/03 -Saki


すごく気持ちよかったです!Thank you 🙂

Very good. Thank you Tomomi. – Chris

Thank you beautiful ladies ❤️

Thank you for all excellent massage


Yuna was great 10/10 very happy late as I rang up last minute but was accepted very happy. -Eli

A lovely massage for the birthday boy❤️ The ladies were amazing & surprised us with a little birthday gift. We will be back! – Alicia&John

Could have been wheeled out as was so relaxed after my 1 hour massage. Wonderful. Thanks – Ann 🙂


Thank you May. My massage was sensational. I will be back! Thanks again 

Thanks for such a great massage, so relaxing! Will be back again soon. -Thor

Best massage in Cairns. So relaxing & great customer service. -Laura

Beautiful pregnancy massage. Gentle and relaxing. Just what I needed. Thank you❤️

Thank you:)

Thank you so much my massage was amazing. It was the best birthday present 

My mum and I both had a massage and it was absolutely amazing. Such thoughtful service. All the girls were great and love the oil. We will be back. Thank you so much 🙂 -Sarah+Tia

3日前に受けたけどまた来ました!彼がとても気に入ったようです。特別な時間がハネムーンらしくて楽しいです:)とても気持ちよかったです。最高の旅行になりました。ありがとうございました!From Aichi Japan

Amazing-2nd time here, both times beautiful & relaxing. Thank you again. 

Fantastic! So relaxing & great pressure.

Wonderful as always. Cannot recommend Oiled enough! 

Thank you- lovely as always! -Tammie

What a wonderful treatment for myself and husband. Thank you

Thank you SO MUCH! That was magnificent. This is my second visit and I’ll be back again 

Thank you so much for a wonderful massage once again. Mako was professional, lovely and excellent. I will return once again! 

Thank you! Very relaxing and a beautiful way to end our holiday! 

Blessed! Feel much better. Thank you.

Amazing as always! Thanks!

Thank you so much! Extremely relaxing and enjoyable – I will return!

Thanks for a wonderful massage – Denise & Sue

Stella is the best! She made me feel like in heaven! Thank you Stella! 

Thank you for my amazing massage. Feeling very relaxed from your help Kumi. Cheers.-Karen

Thank you, feel su much better. Amazing massage.

Thank you very much, one of the most relaxing massages I’ve had 🙂


We love coming for a couples massage!! We enjoy every minutes of it. -Jam


Thank you so much for our massages. They were the best massages ever. -Josh&Tammy

Amazing as always. The most relaxing in one region. Xoxo

So so relaxed! Thank you!

Sensational!!! Thank you

 Amazing! One of the best massages I’ve ever had 🙂 Thanks Tomomi!



Was amazing. Feel so relaxed. Will definitely come back x

Wonderful as usual. So relaxing 🙂

Very good. 昨日結婚して、疲れを取るためにはじめて来ました。また来ます。とても良かったです

Thank you fo much! Coming back for sure❤️


Wonderful massage, Songmi. You fixed me 🙂

Wonderful massage from Yuna. Very firm. Very very good. xx

Thank you fo much for a very relaxing massage, it was just wonderful 🙂

Thank you. It was a very relaxing experience. I enjoyed the whole time. 

Fantastic as always. Thank you 🙂 

I had Tomomi, She understood exactly what I wanted.

Absolutely amazing massage! Very relaxing! Skilled+respectful. Can’t wit for our next one!

Great massage. Thank you♡

Vepy relaxing. Highly recommend.

Thank you very much for a relaxing massage just before Christmas! Merry christmas to the entire Oiled team.

Just in time for xmas! Thank you so much.

Brilliant ×2. Thank you.

Tomomi-amazing, magical experience.

Rika-beautiful brilliantly relaxing. Thank you.

Very nice.

Sensationally head massage, feeling very blissful, much appreciately. Thank you.

Thank you!! ありがとうございました。とっても気持ちよかったです! T&F

Absolutely wonderful, very relaxing.

Thank you!! Very comfortable!

Really really good! The reviews online were spot on, this place is excellent. Gav de goosebumps on a few occasions it was that good♡

Thank you!! Very good!! S

Wonderful relaxing massage as usual. Very peaceful. Thank you.

Thank you for a great massage again! Thanks Kayo for organising the couple massage at short notice. See you all again! J&J

Great job May! D

Wonderful staff and beautiful massage! Will be back for more. K&J

Always a great massage! P

Thank you DenDen! Amazing massage! f

First coupes massage was amazing. Will be back. C&J

Very relaxed! Excellent! Y

Amazing!! I will Definitely be back. So glad a friend recommended you.

Thank you so much. That was wonderful. B

Perfect! Just what I needed. Best massage I’ve ever had. Thank you+Happy New Year! M

Thank you so much. Everything was wonderful! Vesy professional! Love the interior! Love the ladies. R

Thank you very much ladies. Beautiful massage. Gentle ladies. J

Thank you so much! I wish the time could last longer! I’ll come again next time when I visit Cairns. Thank you! S

Thank you so much. We had a fabulous experience, pity we couldn’t stay for longer. Best wishes, L&E

Thank you. Wonderful experience. T

Was just wonderful! Very relaxing+I feel amazing. Thank you! L

DenDen was wonderful! Just what I needed!! See you next time. C



Come back every time! So amazing loved e(ery second of it! Thank you so much, very relaxing! K

I’ll be back. Thank you Thank you.

Very good. Will come back. Thank you. J

Very relaxing+well job done. Will be back. R

Thank you May!

Thoroughly relaxing I’d love to come back again. Thank you. J

Always amazing! Thank you. Will be
back soon.

ゴージャスな時間を過ごせました!!ありがとう♡ S from Tokyo

Very friendly and nice staff, and very relaxing massage. Will be back if I visit Caisns again! ありがとうございました♡ Y

とてもリラックスできました!ありがとうございました♡ M&Y

Thank you very much. Incredible massage Ivy. A&G

A wonderful & relaxing experience. Staffs here are beyond welcoming & kind. Thank you♡

A gift from our children. Thank you to the girls who gave us this relaxation. D&R

Wonderful, friendly service and such a relaxing massage. Thank you!

Thank you! Amazing.

Such a relaxing couples massage. Thank ya, we will return. B&M

Amazing massage by Ivy. Thank you. A

Always the best massage everytime we visit. Thank you. J&A

Lovely massage, much needed after our travels. Much recommended! C&N

Very relaxing!♡ R

Sooooo good! ip think I may have snored. Loved it. R

We booked the couples room and it was lovely! Very relaxing! We’ll be back soon!! S&A

Very enjoyable remedial massage!!! Will be back for sure! S

Feel amazing after our massage. We will Definitely be back. Thank you. D&S

Thank you for the best massage. I feel very relaxed. L

Best massage EVER! So professional+courteous! Thanks a million! T

So beautiful♡ So needed. Never want to go. Thank you. Arigato Gozarmasu. K

Absolutely amazing! Loved every minuet. Thank you so much. Looking forward to my next one. S

Thank you Yuna for a fantastic massage. It was so relaxing. J

I have to say one of the best. Thank you. S

So amazing! Thank you.

Renata has fantastic pressure! Thank you! S

Excellent massage therapy & great session. Awesome!

Great experience.

So lovely. Thank you so much! Sorry I fell asleep! N&T

Very relaxing! I fell asleep. The tension in my muscles are all gone. J

The best remedial massage ever, thank you Rio. M

A wonderful thing to do together on holiday, and the oil is really refreshing rather than greasy.

A wonderful massage. Certainly helped my sore shoulders.

I had the Shiatsu neck and head massage. Very calming and relaxing. Thank you very much. K from Melbourne

Very relaxing, enjoyed very much. R

Excellent relaxation by therapist MAKO!

Best relaxation, have ever experienced, very professional. M from Sydney

Thank you, it was lovely!

Very relaxing couples massage. The staff were very friendly and made us feel so welcome. K from Melbourne

This massage was so Incredible. So relaxing! The service here is wonderful. We felt so welcomedw Will for sure be visiting again! Thank you. A&T

The best massage we have had here in Cairns, so relaxing. G&C

Excellent very relaxing. Well done.

Had a relaxation couples massage. Very very nice and relaxing. The staffs were kind and professional.

Amazing massage! Highly recommend!

Thank you so amazing.

Perfect couples massage, we will be back. Thank you.

Perfect way to end the holiday! Renna was amazing. Thank you.

Best massage ever, just perfect. Thank you.

Very relaxing couples massage. S

Perfect massage. M

This was my second time coming here, and I was not disappointed. Such a relaxing experience and the staff are fantastic. K

Relaxing and very enjoyable. Look forward to returning.

Both my husband and I shared the couples massage. Very enjoyable, very relaxing.

Awesome!! DenDen is an amazing therapist. Feeling extremely relaxed.

Thank you, just what I needed.

Amazing!! Pure relaxation. Thank you Rika you’re the best. Ambiance is great. A♡

Excellent massage, relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you.

AMAZING!! Thank you.

Sooooo good!! S

Absolutely amazing!

Wonderful again, thanks Tomomi you are the best. I’ll be back.

Fabulous, thank you.

Very relaxing, best treat before traveling♡

Excellent! Very relaxing!

Beautiful, thank you♡

Thank you Pavla for a wonderful experience. I highly recommend.

Thank you Tomomi and Pavla fop this moment. S&R


Very happy with my oil shiatsu massage. Tomomi did a great job and all staff always are nice.

To another world took me, you did, Songmi! Thank you so much. I’m in paradise!!

Feeling so amazing now. Thank you♡

Thank you sooo much, we’re feeling amazing! A fantastic end to our holiday. J&S

Thank you♡ C

So amazing! Definitely will be coming back.

Pure relaxation, wonderful way to end the weekend and prepare ffi the week ahead. Thank you. S

Incredible! So relaxing. I’ll be back again♡E

Really amazing, so relaxed, being in paradise! Thank you so much for everything!! N

Had the best massage by Yuri for my birthday with my partner! I’ll recommend this place. Wonderful.

Amazing massage and service. Very relaxing. A

What a wonderful, bliss, thank you. W

Been many mny times. Best massage by Rika. M

The massage was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

Beautiful and relaxing massage. Wonderful friendly service. Thank you♡

Beautiful massage. Thank you.

Beautiful experience. We will definitely be back! Thank you.

Awesome massage, very professional and relaxing.

Very relaxing+ a professional experience.

Renata did a great job. I’m Feeling great. Obrigada.

DenDen, you were amazing. Thank you so much. K

감사합니다 Son-chan

Was amazing!! Thank you Rika-chan

Absolutely wonderful. Songmi was perfect. Thank you! J

Thank you very much for a lovely, relaxing massage. J

Very good massage!! Thank you!!♡

Thank you good massage!! I feel relax.

Beautiful massage was perfect. Thank you. C

Amazing Rika-the best.

Soooo relaxing. Thank you so much! S

Perfect, so relaxing!

Thank you so much, it mas perfect!

Excellent service. Third time here and we’ll continue to visit. Thank you!

Excellent massage. Very happy. Thank you heaps♡ M

Me too, excellent massage, will be back. Thank you Yuna.

Thank you. fabulous massage. Ta.

Oh My! Wonderful! Thank you Yuna!

Very relaxing, I fell asleep. Thank you.

Thank you. We refreshed.

Thank you♡ マッサージきもちいい

Thank you Rin. Got all the soreness out of my muscles without any pain. Awesome. Great thanks.

Both enjoyed our massages very much. Perfect end to our trip, thank you! A&J

The most wonderful massage. Thank you. C

Thank you! Wonderful massages. C&D

Best pregnancy massage ever!! Humble and relaxxxxxxing. Thank you.

Thank you Yuna. You’re the best!!

Thank ymu, always a fabulous massage.

Thank you…bliss!!

Thank you, wonderful massage♡♡ First trip in Cairns.

Thank you so much May! Wonderful massage! See you next time♡

Thank you a lot, it was very good massage.

Loved every minutez

Thank you, very helpful.


つかれがとれましたー M&K

Thank you Renata, wonderful massage!! Perfect pressure, only wish was that it was longer. K

Thank you so much Yuna! Was a very good massage. J

Thank you for a beautiful massage!

Very relaxing and helped my sore shoulders. Thank you.

May, I love you♡ Best massage I’ve had!!

Amazing massage! Loved it♡ S&K

Gerat massage! Thanks a lot May!

Amazing massage, Thank you so much. K

Beautiful strong massage. Thank you.

Awesome massage with Renata. Thank you♡

I like Ivy’s massage. M

Tomomi, thank wou so much. Fantastic massage!

Renata was wonderful. Thank you.

Always wonderful. Thank you.

Love my relax massage Rika is awesome. So nice also. She is fantastic masseuse.

Thank you againg May. Grateful for the amazing massage was in heaps of gain but now I believe I can fly!!

Enjoyed an amazing massage. Thanks very much May.

Always a delight to be pampered by the ladies here. We keep returning. Beautiful birthday treat. Thank you.

Thank you, so relaxing. Will be back again. R

Thank you so much. Very relaxing and enjoyable. M&B

Thank you for such a wonderfully relaxing massage. The heat pack for my lower back (injury) was so lovely! B

An absolutely beautiful and relaxing massage. K

Thank you for the best relaxing massage felt nice. B

Thank you for a relaxing and soothing couples massage. S&J

Wonderful relaxing. D


Amazing massage as always. L&E

OMG! Incredible, had the most amazing 60min massage. I feel so relaxed. Thank you.

Wonderful massage, rejuvenating!!

Nizzi was fabulous one of my best massage ever. Thank you.

I didn’t want it to end!! Thank you.

Very relaxing massage. Thank you. Will be back!

Amazing massage. Feel so great. Destressed. Many thanks. N

Absolutely ah-mazing. Haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. Thanyou! R

That was amazing!!! We will be back very soon. Thank you so much. C&C

Beautiful relaxing massage. Thank you, we will be back.

Wonderful massage!! Will definitely be back. Thank you.

Just what I needed, very relaxing. Thank you!

A relaxing massage. Thank you!

Amazing as usual. Thank you ladies!!!

Very relaxing, Thank you!

Amazing experience! Thank you so much! Loved it!

Wonderful massage! Especially the scalp massage!! Thank you!!!

Best reflexology massage ever, Tomomi has skilled techniques. Loved it! Thank you.

Thank you Renata!! K

Very relaxing, thank you.

Always absolutely amazing! I always recommended family and friends to come to Oiled! Never disappoints. E

Renata was amazing. Coming back soon. S

Amazing! Thank you for today! So happy to find an awesome massage in Cairns! T

Thatmwas beautiful. Thank you so much May! J

Thank you so much for the relaxaing massage. C

Amazing massage Stella. Thank you.

We both loved so much. Thank you for your professional hand! S&S

That was very beautiful and relaxing.

I like the massage.

Beautiful experience and fantastic massage. Loved it.

It was a very relaxing massage. Thank you! C

Loved it! First time couple massage. Girls were amazing. Thank you. A&T

Thank you. Have gone to heaven. 90min went to fast.

Thank you, wonderful massage. I feel great. K

Thank you Nizzi for the most relaxing and wonderful massage. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the wonderful massages. R&J

Thank you for the wonderful massage. J

Wonderful massage again! Thank you so much. J

Thank you so much. A

Thank you, that was so good.

So relaxing+beautiful. Thank you.

So lovely, thank you!

Perfect as usual. Thank you.

Amazing! I feel brand new.

Thank you! I feel human again!

Thank you so very much! Very relaxing.

Always 10/10 excellent service. Thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful massage.

It felt so good! My body became easier! Thanks! N&N from Japan

Thank you for my wonderful massage. A from Melbourne

Thank you, it was wonderful experience.

Thank you, hamstrings and calves are feeling great.

Feeling great. What an experience. Loved it. Thanks. S

Very relaxing, thank you Stell, you’re a superstar! ♡♡♡LOVE♡♡♡

Wonderful as always. Thank you. T

Very relaxing. Thanx

Thank you very much. It was absolutely lovely and will be back.


Very good, Thank you so much.

It was so good, it was over rn the blink of an eye. A&R

It was great. Going home very relaxed. Enjoyed every minute. A

Amazing work. Love this place.

Unbelievable♡ D

Feel very relaxed loved my massage. Will definitely be back again. T

Amazing, thank you!!

Thank you guys! Awesome, relaxing and amazing. D

I need a good nap now! So relaxing. M

It was just amazing. Extremely relaxing. Should do this more often. B&K

Yuna, you’re so good! Until next massagex see you. N

Always perfect, Thank you. E

Thank you Eileen! I’ll be back!!

Lovely as always.

Eileen, excellent technique. Both very relaxing and also therapeutic! Thank you!

Awesome, I feel relaxed. Thanks.

Absolutely awesome! Thanks for make me feel so good Renata!

Perfect, so relaxed. A

You’re the best. I always wake up smiling, I know it’s your fault.

Thank you!! Feel amazing and happy.

So wonderful, really happy and feel sensational. Thank you. D

Great experience. Will do againg. Thank you. M

Fantastic as always! Never had a bad massage. Thank you!

An amazing massage. Will be returning. E

Been twice now and will always be back. Amazing place. Thanks heaps. D

Thank you very much, we are both leaving feeling amazing+relaxed!


Incrediblely relaxing massage. Thank you Ivy! Highly recommend you+will be back again. Feeling amazing! W

Thank you so much!! I felt so gfod.

Once again, amazing!! Will be back soon. A

Fantastic service, thank you so much for a lovely relaxing experience. T

Yuna is the best, I finally found someone who knows what they are doing.

Thank you!! Leavieg refreshed. T

Beautiful massage, thank you!

Thank you! Wonderful experience! L

Like always, it was great! D

Thank you so much! Very nice.

Lovely massage by Renata.

Amazing massage.

Beautiful massage by Kumi. Thank you so much, I feel 20 years younger. S from Switzerland

Thank you Kumi for great massage. So good. B

Very nice relaxation massage. Thank you.

Just amazing, fantastic ladies, Thank you.

A beautiful experience, many thanks Ivy.

Thank you Ivy. Feeling very good after my massage.

Very good massage+very relaxing. A&S

The best massage salon around! Always amazing. S

Worth waiting for!

Amazing massage! Value for money. Beautiful and relaxing massage. Thank you.

Lovely massage from Eileen. I will be back! Thank you. D from Sydney

Beautiful massage, will definitely be back.

Thank you again for my mother’s day massage.

Thank you Yuna! A perfect massage. S

Loved my massage. Thank you May. S

Lovely massage. M

Yuna is the BEST!

Absolutely wonderful, Thank you!

Ai, thank you for the wonderful massage! R

Beautiful massage! Most relaxed I have been in a while! L

Fantastic massage. So relaxing and great experience. P

Excellent massage! M

Fantastic massage.

That was magnificent Yuri!

Fab, great, brilliant the best! Thanks.

Renata, very relaxing, enjoyed the music+atmosphere. Thanks!

Very relaxing enjoyed. Thank you.

Amazing enjoyed&relaxing. Thank you. May was superb. S

Excellent massage+great experience. Thanks! T


Best massage every time!

Very good massage, feel really good now.

Had a couples room massage. Very relaxing. Great massage.

Amazing massage. The best I have had. Thank you.

My favourite place in Cairns. Thank you.

Lovely massage, thank you♡

Ivy, absolutely amazing pregnancy massage! Will be back on my next visit. Hands like an angel♡

Songmi, wonderful massage. Thank you so much, can’t wait until next massage. W

So relaxing, my 2 hour massage was pure bliss♡

Thank you, very nice.


Thank you very much.

Wonderful as usual! Thanks ladies.

Amazing massage.

Thank you. Very good.

I come here several times a month and it is always very good! Feeling very relaxed after! Thank you! C

Great relaxing and peaceful, thank you. M

Very relaxing! Thank you. D&P

Love it very much! Thanks!

Very lovely massage! Will definitely come back soon! Feels very relaxing after! Well done! Thank you!!

A wonderful relaxing massage. A perfect end to my busy vist to Cairns! Thank you&best wishes.

Great. Thank you Yuna! My body feels so relaxed now.

Second time herfor couples massage, fabulous again. Thank you.

Heaven. Thank you…

Lovely! Thanks May.

Excellent massage. Great attention to detail! Thanks. S

Visiting from wagi wagi NSW and this massage was beautiful and gentle as I asleep. Lovely, thank you so much. J

Thank you so much Kumi! Excellent massage!

Thank you so much! Amazing. T

Thank you Yuri, amazing massage. Thanks so much.

A beautiful relaxing experience. Ivy is wonderful! Well worth the trip from Tassie, will return! D

Very relaxing and great massage! Thank you.

Just beautiful. Absolutely perfect evey time. Thank you Kumi.

We really really enjoyed our massage. So relaxing and comfortable. Totally woned recommend the services of Oiled!! A&M from Singapore

I’ve been coming to Oiled for over 12 months now and each time I come I feel so relaxed and at peace. The staff are excellent at what they do and customer service is perfect! C

Wonderful massage! Thank you very much.

BEST MASSAGE. Thank you!!


My mum+I have been coming to Oiled for years, +every time it is amazing+so relaxing! The staff are beautiful+very kind always, thank you!♡ A&D

First time massage with Tomomin and wow! Very strong and absolutely a very relaxing “time-out”. I’ll be back. Many thanks. R

Beautiful massage as always! I always feec so relaxed when I leave. I will definitely be back again. Thanks. S

Firs time here was fantastic, very relaxing. Will definitely be back! S

Just what the body asked for. J

Back here again for an encore. Just so good♡

First time here, hopefully not my last. Pre-existing back injury had me worried before but I had no pain and no discomfort. Thank you so much.

Another wonderful session, thank you very much. T

Absolutel amazing! Thank you very much!

Excellent service, thank you.


A very special massage taking me to an incredibly relaxed state. AMAZING! Thank you so much. B

Excellent service, thank you so much. R

Thank you so much! S&J

Incredible, thank you. B

Amazing massage, Eileen. Best wishes from London

Amazing couples massage. We’ll be back. F&D

Another perfect massage. Thank you. M

Thank you so much for wonderful service, care+ amazing massage.


Best massage I’ve had for a long time. Thank you Ivy.

Fantastic massage. Many thanks.

Amazing. Thank you!

Excellent, thank you so much.

Thank you May. Awesome massage. I feel very relaxed!

Beautiful, relaxing and wonderful way to spend my day. I’ll be back♡

Very good, healing, beautiful. Thank you.

Good massage.

Lovely amad relaxing, thank you!

Great massage.

Had a wonderful, relaxing pregnancy massage.

We really enjoyed our couples massage while on our honeymoon! D&E from USA

Very relaxing.

Always come here the Best in the FNQ. Thank you 

Best Massage in Cairns. Will be coming back regularly. Thank you Sara 

Thank you Larissa! So relaxing. Now feeling great! 

Awesome! I’ll be back very soon. Very professional. Thank you

Always magical! All the aches & pains just melt away. Thank you so much Elaine.

Beautiful people. Amazing and so very Grateful. Thank you

Thank you so much SOOOOO Amazing.

Lovely quiet atmosphere, very friendly staff and relaxing massage. Just what I needed today. Thank you.

Great Massage – YURI was GREAT. Very Relaxing.

Very Relaxing. Loved it!

Exquisite! Wonderful Larissa! 

Thank you so much! Lovely massage

Larissa – THE BEST EVER !!! Thank you so much

So relaxing! Thank you

Yukari-san is amazing! She has fixed my sore back again! Thank you so much! Nick

Thank you so much. Sore shoulders no more

Thank you so much. That was just amazing!

Really Great! Enjoyed very very much!

Thank you Yuri! Excellent Massage

So good! Thank you very much! 


Thank you Sooooooo Much. I’m coming every time I visit Cairns

The best Oiled Massage I’ve ever had! Thank you! Tara

Thank you very much for the excellent service from start to finish. Appreciate the help.

Thank you! Amazing!

Thank you so much Stella. That was the most amazing relaxing n beautiful restorative massage! I loved it so much! Sarah 

Thank you for a fantastic massage! 

Thank you, was lovely

Wonderful massage Rika! Thank you so much! I feel relaxed and nurtured!

Perfect just what I needed. Lovely quiet massage. 

Lovely as always. Thank you

Thank you Yukari. Excellent massage.

Thank you Yuna for relaxing massage. Take away may cramps.

Thank you Rika. Wonderful massage!

Amazing as always. Thanks!

Please forgive my snoring LOL XXOO

Thanks heaps -best 30 minutes this week. Cheers

Very beautiful & relaxing experience.

Thank you very much. It was a relaxing massage

Very relaxing massage ! Thank you! Fantastic!!

Thank you Ai – Excellent technique! Great! 

So so good! Thank you so much! Very Relaxing. 

Always amazing, Thank you!

Very Nice! I’m so happy

Fantastic AS USUAL

Thank you for the incredible massage. -Toby

Thank  you for a fantastic massage! -Anthony

Thank you. Very Relaxing. -Sarah and Katherine.

Great massage- Thank you 🙂

Thank you so much for such a great massage. Amazing! Michel & Jess. 29/6/19

Thank you for energising massage. Take pains away! Nick&Sashi 2019/6/29

Very relaxing and great massage ! -Dan

Lovely & Relaxing. Will be back! -Lucy

Beautiful! Perfect pressure. Thank you – So relaxing

Seshika, Thank you

Great one hour massage. Thank you. Appreciation&Grateful 

Amazing, Thank you very much! 


Thank you! So good ! -Mel

Very good – Relaxing, Good Pressure. -James

Elaine was brilliant! I feel 100% relaxed! Will definitely be back.

Amazing! 10/10 !!

So very relaxing. Now I want more! Thank you so much.

Was lovely. Many thanks

Very relaxing – just what I need after a long day at work. Thank you!

Thank was a truly wonderful massage! Your attention to detail was very much appreciated. Rarely have I felt so nurtured and cared for. After a long work week, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Rika. You are a master!

Before : So excited for this birthday massage ! / After: WOW / Chloe + Dan 8/6/19

Perfectly relaxing. Thank you! – Natasha

Thanks for a very relaxing massage.

Thank you Yuna. Feeling Relaxed. Thanks for your attention to detail! Increased range of movement. Cheers. – Lisa

Just what I needed after a long week at work – Amber 

Very relaxing massage! Will definitely be back. Thank you! – Karina, Cairns

2 time going and back pains gone! Excellent massage, thanks


Excellent Massage. Will be back soon. Thank you. -Jackie T, Perth

Always a wonderful relaxing massage @ Oiled. Highly Recommend. -Dave, Perth

Excellent technique Yuri. Thank you… wonderful! 

Wonderful massage and really helped with my shoulder injury pain. I feel so much better now. -Scotty D, Sydney

An AMAZING and THOROUGHLY relaxing experience. I will definitely be back.

Very relaxing perfect start to the weekend. Thank you

Thank you! It was wonderful. I’ll be back! -Erin, Cairns

Serene, relaxing, wonderful massage! Completely professional, soothing, and tension relaxing. I could not keep backpacking if my back know was not released / fixed here. 10/10! Love, Sydney from USA

Very relaxing! Thank you so much 🙂 -Zoe

Thank you so much, it felt amazing. – Courtney

Yuri n Elaine. Thank you very much. We are in town at a conference and glad we found you. Best wishes, Martin&Rebecca 24/5/19 NSW

Great massage Yuri

Excellent massage Yuri, Thank you. 

Wonderful. We will be back. Thank you very much. -Melisa & Emily

Brilliant hands from the staff at Oiled. Thanks Yuki. Loved it.

A wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the nice and relaxing massage. I fell asleep. Great one. Thanks!!!

Thank you for the amazing 90minutes of massage. Was an amazing birthday & Mother’s day treat! Thank you!!

An incredible massage! Very relaxing, Thank you!

Wonderfully relaxing, thank you. So much. -Anne

Good massage Thank you

Wonderful massage !! Thank you!

Incredible massage. Best I had in Cairns!

Amazing massage – Thank you so much!

Amazing – so relaxing. Thank you

So good!! Thank you 🙂

Absolutely amazing, relaxing. Thank you.

Very good. Thank you!

Great massage! Loved the pressure.  Oil is so relaxing. Atmosphere so good. Thank you. My favourite massage place.

Thank you sooo much. It was amazing 🙂

Thank you very much. Amazing. -Hannah

Thank you! Great Massage!

FANTASTIC – Beautiful way to start the day.

Beautiful and relaxing. Thank you. -Stacey

Wonderful, very relaxing. Definitely recommend. -Lisa

Excellent massage. Left feeling very relaxed 🙂

Very great massage 🙂 

Thank you so much! Than was amazing! 🙂

Very relaxing !! Thank you! 11/4/19

Amazing massage, relaxing. Thank you so much 19/4

Excellent as usual !

Nizzi is the best massage I have had @ Oiled !! Thank you

The most relaxing massage ever. Didn’t want it to end 5/4/19

Thank you. I really needed this massage after a long week! 05/04/19

Very good massage. Great way to start a long weekend ! 🙂

Such an incredible time, definitely will come back again! 🙂

Fantastic in every way – I will be back to have another amazing massage. Thank you. Arigato.

That was amazing. Renata did a great job – Strong but very gentle. 31/03/19

The best massage I have had in a long time! Thank you very much! 30/03/19

Amazing!! Second time here and more to come! J&K

Great massage! Highly recommend! C&K

First time here and absolutely loved it! Great service and felt so relaxed. Definitely will be back! S

Been here half a dozen times to relax after a stressful week & to relieve migraines and always leave here feeling absolutely relaxed & happy. Everyone I take here are happy as well. Thank you again for meeting my needs. S

First time here. It’s so accomodating, pleasant considerate, relaxing… I can go on & on. Thank you! J&N from Sandiego, CA

Also first time here! Relaxing, pleasant, and WONDERFUL! Might come again. Thanks! from Losangeles, California

Amazing massage. I fell right asleep. Great to destress right before Xmas. Thanks!!

Very relaxing & soothing.

Thank you Summer. I had always great massage!

Very relaxing+destressing massage. A great experience. Very happy. from Sydney

Magical massage. Thank you! from Gold Coast

Thank you Yuna for a truely beautiful massage! Just what I needed!

Thank you for an amazing massage the best ever. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Tomomi has magic hands.

Thank you my massage was very relaxing! Perfect way to end the year.

That was amazig. Thank you so much DenDen

Very nice massage. Thank you.

The best place when I have a backache, I leave always to relaxed! Thank you.

Lovely! So relaxing. Thank you.

Absolutely great and very relaxing. Thank you.

Wonderful! Merry Christmas.

Perfect again. Thank you.


Absolutely amazing! Thank you, I’ll be back.

Very relaxing experience. We will definitely come back!

Awesome, lovely girls.

Lovely massage and beautiful, kind girls! Will be back♡

Once again, a magical massage. Such talent and respectfulness!

Beautiful massage. We will be back.

Always come here. The best in the FNQ. Thank u♡

Always magical! All the aches and pains just melt away. Thank you so much Elaine.

Awesome! I’ll be back very soon. Very professional. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you Larissa! One hour of bliss. So relaxing. Now feeling great!!

Very relaxing, Loved it!

Great massage. Yuri was great. Very relaxing.

Lovely quiet atmosphere, very friendly staff and relaxing massage. Just what I needed today. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Sooooo amazing.

Beautiful people. Amazing and so very greatful. Thank you♡♡♡

Thank you so much. That was just amazing!

Thank you so much. Sore shoulders no more.

Yukari-san is amazing! She has fixed my sore back again. Thank you so much! N

18/10/2016@City Another wonderful massage!!!

18/10/2016@the Pier Ai is fantastic! Wonderful massage. Thank you X

18/10/2016@the Pier Thank you very much Yasuyo. Much needed relaxation.

18/10/2016@the Pier Than you Ai, amazing 🙂

18/10/2016@the Pier We feel very relaxed and calm. Thank you.

18/10/2016@the Pier Wonderful. Thank you.

17/10/2016@the Pier Out standing!!! G and N from Florida

17/10/2016@the Pier Very good! Thank you 🙂

17/10/2016@the Pier Best massage in a long time Juri. Thank you. I will be back.

17/10/2016@the Pier So relaxing. Thank you so much, Ryoko!!

17/10/2016@the Pier Amazing! Thank you. L

17/10/2016@the Pier Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you so much. R

16/10/2016@the Pier Thank you Cocco. Lovely massage 🙂

16/10/2016@the Pier The best massage:) E

16/10/2016@the Pier Thank you 🙂 Best Massage 😉

16/10/2016@the Pier Words can’t describe!! Thank you so much. K from N.Z.

16/10/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thanks so much.

16/10/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you.X

16/10/2016@the City Perfect blend oil shiatsu massage. Thank you☆

16/10/2016@the City Lovely massage, wonderful service. Thank you.

15/10/2016@the City すごくやさしかった。また来ますよ。

15/10/2016@the City Thank you, it was very relaxing. will be back again soon!!

15/10/2016@the City Thank you;)

14/10/2016@the City Thank you Mariko for The lovely massage as always!! Plz stay in Carins:)XX

14/10/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage as always!;) XOX

14/10/2016@the City Did not want it to stop. Very relaxing. Thank you:)

13/10/2016@the City 身体が浮く感じです。疲れがとれました。ありがとうございます。S

13/10/2016@the City すごく気持ち良かったです。旅の疲れがとれました。またオーストラリアに来たときには利用したいと思います!!Y

13/10/2016@the City Thank you Rio! Tranquility!

13/10/2016@the City Amazing neck, chest, shoulder, calve massage definitely coming back again.

12/10/2016@the City The most incredible foot massage I have ever had!! The BEST anywhere in the world! Kazue is amazing!! 🙂 D

12/10/2016@the City Incredibly relaxing! Beautiful oils…:)

12/10/2016@the City Wonderful again!

12/10/2016@the City  Marina-Many thanks for the most amazing experience. Wonderful massage!

11/10/2016@the City Thank you for wonderful massage.C.

11/10/2016@the City Wow! What a wonderful 90 mins of my life! Thank you Jury.K.

10/10/2016@the City Thank you for the lovely service and massage! Amazing hospitality and experienced. Much recommended.S.

10/10/2016@the City Thank you Kazue for a relaxing massage, excellent job!

09/10/2016@the City Amazing as always!

09/10/2016@the City Excellent massage! I.

08/10/2016@the City Thank you for a lovely relaxing time. It was amazing!J.

08/10/2016@the City Amazing!

07/10/2016@the City Great massage! S&S

07/10/2016@the City It was amazing, Fell asleep!

06/10/2016@the City A great massage, thanks for making me relax!C.

06/10/2016@the City Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxing massage, very skilled! S.

05/10/2016@the City Such a lovely experience, wonderful girls and so relaxing!

05/10/2016@the City かずえさんのマッサージはしっかりとした力強さで、むくみがとれてとてもスッキリしました。ほんとにありがとうございました!R.

04/10/2016@the City Thank you for making me feel human again!S.

04/10/2016@the City Another great massage, can’t wait for the next one.J.

03/10/2016@the City Awesome. Felt the tension sweep away. Very relaxing, thank you!B.

03/10/2016@the City Bliss! Gift for body, thank you.J.

02/10/2016@the City Nice, I fell asleep!

02/10/2016@the City Thank you so much I almost fell asleep! I’ll be back! U

01/10/2016@the City Definitely be back.S.

01/10/2016@the City Arigato! I loved it!

30/09/2016@the City Incredible! Feel fantastic! Thank you!

30/09/2016@the City Amazing massage! Great pressure and variation in technique! Thanks!

30/09/2016@the City Thank you, I feel very relaxed now!

29/09/2016@the City So incredible, thank you!

29/09/2016@the City Very enjoyable massage, very relaxed! I will come back for another. D.

29/09/2016@the City Thank you once again for another fantastic massage.P.

28/09/2016@the City Really great massage! What a nice place to stay in Cairns, I always dozed off like three times, in the best way!C.

28/09/2016@the City Amazing massage, great service, love love love.

28/09/2016@the City Nice place here! The staff is nice too. And I do have my time to relax. Will come back if I have time and will recommend to others too!Thank you!

27/09/2016@the City Perfect, 1st massage that made me feel so relaxed and energized at the same time!

27/09/2016@the City Wonderful, relaxing massage!

27/09/2016@the City Very relaxing. My back feels better, I wish I could stay for hours.

26/09/2016@the City Fabulous massage, thank you.

26/09/2016@the City Awesome, feeling great again!A.

26/09/2016@the City Amazing! Always coming back here when I come to Cairns, thank you!D.

25/09/2016@the City Amazing, thank you!J.

25/09/2016@the City Fantastic massage again from Hiro, thank you!T.

25/09/2016@the City Amazing massage every time I have came!J.

24/09/2016@the City Amazing massage, great pressure and so relaxing!

24/09/2016@the City Lovely massage, thank you again!

23/09/2016@the City Great massages to relax while on business!Definitely enjoyable!

23/09/2016@the City Thank you Sasha, my third massage for this week, a wonderful way to enjoy my holiday!J.

22/09/2016@the City 2 hours pregnancy massage, that would have to be the best massage pregnancy or not I have ever had! Thank you very much!

22/09/2016@the City As usual, massage is extreamly relaxing experience, thank you!D.

21/09/2016@the City Lovely massage, thank you!

21/09/2016@the City Aaahhmazing!

20/09/2016@the City Beautiful! Thank you!

20/09/2016@the City 45 mins massage and was amazing, definitely feel better now.

19/09/2016@the City Awesome!!

19/09/2016@the City Had a foot massage for 20 mins and it was amazing and relaxing. Definitely recommend it!

18/09/2016@the City Absolutely amazing, thank you Natsuko!

18/09/2016@the City So relaxing, thank you!J.

17/09/2016@the City So relaxed, thank you so much, Marina!J.

17/09/2016@the City Had a wonderful massage as always, I’ve been coming here for years and will continue to do so, very happy!P.

16/09/2016@the City Awesome!

16/09/2016@the City Very relaxing -my idea of a holiday- being pampered, thank you. J.

15/09/2016@the City Great massage!C.

15/09/2016@ the City Thank you my feet feel great, ready for my run!J.

14/09/2016@the City Just wonderful thank you!A.

14/09/2016@the City Very nice massage!

13/09/2016@the City Wonderful! So relaxing! Thank you!S.

13/09/2016@the City Very best massage ever!G.

12/09/2016@the City Thank you, amazing as usual!

12/09/2016@the City Beautiful massage from Tomomi!

11/09/2016@the City Thank you for lovely professional services as always, and thanks Cocco for being an amazing massage girl, making me feel brand new, thank you!M.

11/09/2016@the City Thanks for the lovely massage. Perfect way to end Friday!

10/09/2016@the City The best, fabulous, be back for sure! J.

10/09/2016@the City Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much Oiled!

09/09/2016@the City Enjoyed the massage! Feeling very relaxed, thank you!S.

09/09/2016@the City Thank you for a wonderful massage!M.

08/09/2016@the City Amazingly beautiful!

08/09/2016@the City Awesome as always, thanks!S.

08/09/2016@the City Thank you for wonderful relaxing massage, just what I needed. S.

07/09/2016@the City とても気持ち良かったです。オーストラリアにまた来たら、利用したいです。とてもいい時間をありがとうございました!M。

07/09/2016@the City りょうこさん、ありがとうございました!とっても気持ち良くほぐされました!そして優しいオーラで癒されましたー!Y.

06/09/2016@the City Thank you for making me feel so relaxed, so special!S.

05/09/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage, cheers!J.

04/09/2016@the City Very relaxing, so good, feel great, thank you!

03/09/2016@the City Lovely thanks!

02/09/2016@the City Thank you as always it was an amazing experience, thank you!C.

01/09/2016@the City Thank you for the great massage, Makiko, cheers. M.

31/08/2016@the Pier Beyond words. One of the best massages ever. Cocco is definitely amazing! Thank you!

31/08/2016@the City Best massage place in Cairns would recommend the other people.Thank you very much.

31/08/2016@the City Good massage! The best. Keep up the good work 🙂

31/08/2016@the City Fabulous Massage!

31/08/2016@the City Excellent massage – best I’ve ever had. Thanks!!

31/08/2016@the City Excellent massage. Thank you. K

31/08/2016@the City The best massage in Cairns!:)

31/08/2016@the City Fabulous massage got right into the tight spots. Thank you.

30/08/2016@the Pier Ryoko was wonderful, excellent! F.

30/08/2016@the Pier Amazing, very relaxing, just what I needed. B.

30/08/2016@the City Amazing everytime!!!

30/08/2016@the City Blissful!!

30/08/2016@the City Absolutely wonderful.

30/08/2016@the City Wonderful massage. Arigato.

30/08/2016@the City Best massage! Thank you.

30/08/2016@the City That was the best massage I have gotten.

30/08/2016@the City Amazing. Thank you so much! 🙂

29/08/2016@the Pier Awesome!

29/08/2016@the Pier It was wonderful, it was just what I needed!Thank you so much.G.

29/08/2016@the City Thank you for a lovely, relaxing & gifted massage! N. 🙂

29/08/2016@the City Sooo good as usual! Thank you! 🙂 S.

29/08/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage by Arisa. See you next time.

29/08/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you!

28/08/2016@the Pier Thank you for fitting me in great massage. K

28/08/2016@the Pier Perfect!

28/08/2016@the City So good. Thank you so much. I feel so relaxed!

28/08/2016@the City One of the best massage I have ever had! Amazing! 🙂

28/08/2016@the City “Simply The Best” One incredible experience…The Best!

28/08/2016@the City Great massage! Thank you. 🙂

27/08/2016@the Pier Thank you Minako for a beautiful massage, I’ll be back.J.

27/08/2016@the City Fantastic relaxing massage! Thanks!!

27/08/2016@the City Time to sleep now. Amazingly relaxing. Cheers!

27/08/2016@the City This was a fantastic massage Emi. P.

26/08/2016@the Pier I can understand why my husband has been twice in two days. So beautiful,thank you.

26/08/2016@the Pier Beautiful, amazing and peaceful, thank you.

26/08/2016@the City Best massage in Cairns! Thank you. A.

26/08/2016@the City とっても気持ち良くて最高でした!安心してお任せできました。ありがとうございました!M.

26/08/2016@the City いいにおいと丁度良いマッサージで癒されました。オーストラリアに来た際には、また利用させて頂きたいです。Y.

25/08/2016@the Pier Cocco, thanks very much! Extremely talented, was amazing. I feel so much better.

25/08/2016@the City Very relaxing! O.

25/08/2016@the City Another amazing massage at oiled. Thank you! Y.

24/08/2016@the Pier Absolutely delightful. So relaxing and respectful. Thank you Asuka!

24/08/2016@the City Thank you. Best massage in Cairns. 🙂

23/08/2016@the Pier Tomomi very good, professional, nearly asleep, deeply relaxed. Thank you.

23/08/2016@the City Thank you, AI. 🙂 It was GREAT!

23/08/2016@the City とっても気持ち良かったです。:) ありがとうございました!Y.

23/08/2016@Green Island Awesome.

22/08/2016@the Pier Awesome. Very relaxing. Really liked it very much. Sasha has done wonderful job. Good luck to all. Love.

22/08/2016@the Pier The massage was really good. Very relaxing. Will come back. C.

22/08/2016@the Pier Amazing!!! Very nice + Relaxing. Thank you.

22/08/2016@the Pier Wow. It was perfect. Thank you Sasha! S.

22/08/2016@the City Awesome massage. Thanks!

22/08/2016@the City Thank you for a fantastic massage!

22/08/2016@Green Island Thanks, very lovely. D.

21/08/2016@the Pier Amazing 1st massage on my birthday! Thank you! ありがとう

21/08/2016@the Pier Oiled massage – Always fantastic. Thank you Cocco. V S. Cairns Local.

21/08/2016@the Pier Massage was so good. Thank you so much. : )

21/08/2016@the Pier Again best massage. Thank you. 🙂

21/08/2016@the City So relaxing & lovely! Thank you!

21/08/2016@the City Perfect massage. Thank you!

21/08/2016@Green Island Very good, very relax, thanks.

20/08/2016@the Pier Great relaxing massage. I’ll be back… nest time. I’m in Cairns. Wonderful.

20/08/2016@the Pier Wonderful massage.

20/08/2016@the Pier Wedding Anniversary gift + such a lovely relaxing massage, thanks so much!!! 🙂

20/08/2016@the Pier Thank you Mariko for a relaxing massage! 🙂

20/08/2016@the City Such a great massage! Very relaxing, didn’t want it to end. 🙂 M.

20/08/2016@the City とても気持ち良かったです!H.

20/08/2016@Green Island Thanks! Lovely!! E&G 2016 XOXO


19/08/2016@the City Lovely and relaxing with just the right amount of pressure. Thank you. 🙂 J.

19/08/2016@the City Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you. S.

18/08/2016@the Pier Most amazing massage. Fabulous service. Simply perfect + I highly recommend! Thank you! 🙂

18/08/2016@the Pier Such beautiful girls wonderful massage. Just a perfect experience, thank you xx

18/08/2016@the Pier Thank you so much again. Best massage ever! xx

18/08/2016@the City Great massage. Very relaxing. M.

18/08/2016@the City Thank you!! Excellent!!


17/08/2016@the Pier ココさん!ココさんの魔法の10本の指にやられてしまいました。日本で頑張って仕事しているのでとてもいやしてもらいました。有難うございました。これからも頑張ってください。私も頑張ります。またお会いできますように。M.

17/08/2016@the Pier アイさんにとてもきもちのいいエステをしてもらいました♡ 最高の旅で最高のエステ!!とてもいい思い出です!!ありがとう♡ またお願いしますね 🙂 M.

17/08/2016@the City Very relaxing massage! I loved it!!

17/08/2016@the City Very good massage. Thank you!


16/08/2016@the City Very relaxing, thank you!

16/08/2016@the City Excellent treatment! 🙂

16/08/2016@Green Island SIMPLY AMAZING. M&S(ENGLAND)

15/08/2016@the City  🙂 Happy! Thank you!

15/08/2016@the City Such a relaxing massage. Will definitely be back soon! H.

14/08/2016@the City So relaxing, thank you very much! S.& W.

14/08/2016@the City Fantastic. 2nd time in a week! E.

13/08/2016@the City So relaxed! One of the best massage I’ve ever had. Will definitely be recommending and coming back myself! A.

13/08/2016@the CIty First time to Oiled massage and is the best I have ever had. Excellent, excellent. B.

12/08/2016@the City Excellent one  again. I will recommend to all my friends. J. 11/08/2016@the CIty Very relaxing. Thank you. I will be back. 11/08/2016@the City Thank you for a great foot massage. Very relaxing. W+S. 10/08/2016@the City Nice & Relaxation time! Thank you! 10/08/2016@the City Aaaaaaaah… Thank you. V. 09/08/2016@the City Hi Oiled, Fantastic! One of the best if not the best 1hr massage I’ve had. Other are wonderful, but Japanese is the best!!! 🙂 A. 09/08/2016@the City It was sooo good! 🙂 08/08/2016@the City Wow, the best massage ever! Thank you! W+D. 08/08/2016@the City The most relaxing massage I’ve had. Thanks. P. 07/08/2016@the City Very relaxing! One of the best! S:) 06/08/2016@the City Fantastic!! 06/08/2016@the City Another gorgeous experience with the amazing Juri. Thank you☆ 05/08/2016@the City Perfect blend-relaxing & therapeutic. Truly beautiful. A. 04/08/2016@the City Such a wonderful massage, perfect!! T. 04/08/2016@the City Perfect service! E. 03/08/2016@the City Amazing massage! 02/08/2016@the City The best massage I have ever had. So good! 🙂 M. & D. 02/08/2016@the City Wonderful. Thank you! 01/08/2016@the City Amazing! Thank you! 01/08/2016@the City Wonderful massage:) 31/07/2016@the City We came all the way from NSW to have the girls from Oiled massage us again. Best massage in Australia:) Thank you. G+W. 31/07/2016@the City Sakiko is so very good! I have been here many times and today was reminded again. What a great place it is! T. 31/07/2016@the City Wonderful, Arigato! D. 31/07/2016@the City Very good, thank you☆ 30/07/2016@the City Emi, you do very good job. Love it! 30/07/2016@the City Thank you so much, Juri. It is always the best 🙂 M. 29/07/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you, Hiro! 29/07/2016@the City I cannot thank you enough! ☆ 29/07/2016@the City Best massage ever. Thank you so much. 28/07/2016@the City So relaxing! Thank you Asuka! Highly appreciate your service! 28/07/2016 @the City Feel much less tight after!:) 27/07/2016 @the City Wonderful! came in feeling sore 100 went home feeling 50!! 27/07/2016 @the City Had my piece of heaven today! Quite beautiful! 27/07/2016 @the City Awesome! was stressed on arrival but am leaving relaxed and recharged. Greatly appericiated! 26/07/2016 @the City Best way to finish a long day. Very relaxing. Thank you! 26/07/2016 @the City Awesome massage. Thanks! 25/07/2016 @the City Very good massage. Very relaxing also. J. 25/07/2016 @the City Amazing massage! Very friendly. P. 24/07/2016 @the City A wonderful massage. Yeeeesss, so good! Thank you! 23/07/2016 @the City Very relaxing. Thank you! 22/07/2016 @the City Very good! R. 22/07/2016 @the City Very good. Lovely hands and pleasant. Thank you! 21/07/2016 @the City Fell asleep. 🙂 So relaxing & very professional. Thank you! 21/07/2016 @the City The massage was sooo relaxing. 🙂 20/07/2016 @the City Thank you, feel great now! 🙂 20/07/2016 @the City One of the best massage I have ever had. Very professional. Thank you! 19/07/2016 @the City Thank you. Lovely! 🙂 19/07/2016 @the City That was wonderful and very relaxing. Thank you very much! 18/07/2016 @the City Staff was very kind and accommodating. Amazing massage. Feeling great after! 🙂 18/07/2016 @the City The best massage I have ever had! 17/07/2016 @the City The best massage I have had in a very long time. Thank you! 17/07/2016 @the City Just what I needed. Thank you! 16/07/2016 @the City Beautiful!! 16/07/2016 @the City Very very good! Thank you. 🙂 15/07/2016 @the City Amazing massage, thank you! 15/07/2016 @the City Excellent massage. Very flurd relaxing moment. M. 15/07/2016 @the City Very strong hands. Very healing. T. 14/07/2016 @the City Thank you so much. My first massage-amazing!! 14/07/2016 @the City Thank you. Really great .J. 13/07/2016 @the City Very relaxing. Thank you. 13/07/2016 @the City The best ever 🙂 12/07/2016 @the City Thank you! Best birthday present to myself. ☆☆ 12/07/2016 @the City Best massage in town. Thank you very much. Will be back. 1 1/07/2016 @the City Thank you very much! Feeling very relaxed. after 3 weeks back-packing. BEautiful massage by Yuki.:) 11/07/2016 @the City Wonderful massage. I feel I am walking easier. 10/07/2016 @the City The best in town. Will be back again. Cheers.:) 10/07/2016 @the City Great massage. I will be back. Loved neck massage. 09/07/2016 @the City Lovely massage. will be back. Thank you. J. 09/07/2016 @the City Beautiful relaxing massage-great touch & energy very healing. Thank you:) T. 08/07/2016@the City Thank you Sasha. I am revived:) Y. 08/07/2016@the City Fantastic massage!! Felt sooo relaxed. Best one I had ever had. THank you. D. F07/07/2016@the City Thank you. I will be back! S. 07/07/2016@the City Awesome!! Very very relaxing! (so relaxing, I think I way of dribbled a bit, but don’t tell anyone ><) Thank you Yasuyo!! S. 07/07/2016@the City Thank you, we would fly all the way from SA again just for a massage here! Just what we needed 🙂 A&K. 06/07/2016@the City  Was very good, Thanks a lot! Y. 06/07/2016@the City  Great massage. Thank you very much! T. 06/07/2016@the City Thank you so much. I will be back. 05/07/2016@the City I feel so relaxed. Thank you! 🙂 05/07/2016@the City Sakiko – Excellent telminioce & wonderfully relaxing! Thank you! 05/07/2016@the City Thanks so much! 04/07/2016@the City Thank you Marina. It was truly wonderful. I wish I could have you work your magic every week! 04/07/2016@the City Had a wonderful pregnancy massage! Thank you so much. M. 04/07/2016@the City Marina – Amazing. Thank you:) 04/07/2016@the City Natsuko-WOW! You are amazing! Thank you. B. 03/07/2016@the City First time visitor, excellent massage. Focused on specific areas. looking forward to next time. Thank you. N 03/07/2016@the City Fantastic massage. I wished I lived in Cairns to be able to come here more often. Thank you. K. 03/07/2016@the City Thank you Natsuko for your healing hands. K. 02/07/2016@the City Thank you again to Ryoko for back repair. J. 02/07/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage:) 02/07/2016@the City Lovely and Relaxing Experience. I hope to be back again soon:) V. 01/07/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! L. 01/07/2016@the City First time here. Very relaxing & you did an awesome job. Thakns so much!! A. 30/06/2016@the City Emiさん、最高でした。ありがとうございました! 30/06/2016@the City Thank you for an amazing massage. I think the best I have ever had! F. 29/06/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! S. 29/06/2016@the City Wonderful massage! K. 28/06/2016@the City I have been here many times before & will be back many more, just perfect! G. 28/06/2016@the City Best massage ever!! Thank you!! T. 27/06/2016@the City Beautiful, as usual!! 27/06/2016@the City ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 25/06/2016@the City Thank you! Very relaxing…almost fell asleep! 25/06/2016@the City Oh wow! I feel so amazing. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. 24/06/2016@the City Naoさん:) Amazing!! I could relax so much! Really appreciate you.  I hope I could  get massage soon. M. 23/06/2016@the City GREAT. THANKS. 23/06/2016@the City Amazing, I felt asleep:) See you next time, J. 22/06/2016@the City Lovely massage. Thank you! D. 22/06/2016@the City Thank you so much, enjoyable and relaxing. I will be back next time I am in Cairns! 🙂 21/06/2016@the City Excellent as usual! S. 20/06/2016@the City Thank you, very enjoyable! B. 19/06/2016@the City Thank you. A perfect massage. I will be back very soon. S. 19/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Marina’. I will definitely comeback next time I’m in Cairns. Thank you! 🙂 D. 18/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Kumi’. It was fantastic after my bike. 5stars! I.
18/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful! Very relaxing- magic! S+M. from Melbourne
18/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for your great service + relaxing massage. Will be back! H+M.
18/06/2016@the Pier Great massage. great service. Back again. S.
17/06/2016@the City Absolutely fantastic massage! R. & B.
17/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful. Thank you so much.
17/06/2016@the Pier Thank you. Very relaxing. S.
17/06/2016@the Pier Very relaxing. Thank you. L+E.
17/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so much. So relaxing and strong to very good . Lots of love. Thank you Emi & Pixie.
16/06/2016@the City It was the best massage I have ever had! Just what I needed! Very intuitive and kind. D.
16/06/2016@the Pier Really lovely. Thank you. Kindly after just losing a husband & father, we loved this. T&J.
16/06/2016@the Pier It was great should do more often. M.
16/06/2016@the Pier It was amazing. Thank you!
16/06/2016@the Pier 2nd time for us!! Beautiful so relaxing.
15/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage!  ‘Nao’ thank you very much. Will come again when I’m back in Cairns. C.
15/06/2016@the Pier Beautiful! Thank you.
15/06/2016@the Pier Very nice. Thank you.
15/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful:) Thank you so much. See you again. N.
15/06/2016@the Pier Fabulous! Loved it. Thank you . K.
14/06/2016@the City Thank you very much. It was the best massage I’ve had in years. Will definitely be back again! E. 13/06/2016@the Pier Always fantastic! Wonderful . F. 13/06/2016@the Pier Best massage I’weever had. thank you . J. 13/06/2016@the Pier Thank you . It was amazing will be back we finish our holiday. M&J. 13/06/2016@the City Thank you ‘Natsuko’, that was so relaxing! See you soon!! C. 12/06/2016@the Pier thank you so much! Best massage i’Ve ever had. I will be recommending your service to every one.E. 12/06/2016@the Pier Massage was absolutely beautiful. The girls provided the best service from start to finish. Thank you very much. T. 12/06/2016@the Pier PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY! 12/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage after a big race! Excellent, feel great!! Thank you. D. 11/06/2016@the Pier Great hands. Lovely experience Pixie!! A. 11/06/2016@the Pier Lovely massage! Beautiful couples room. Delightful customer service. 11/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful , wonderful, amazing! F. 11/06/2016@the City Excellent!! 11/06/2016@the City Excellent. Very relaxing!! Thank you!! 10/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for a wonderful massage. 🙂 10/06/2016@the Pier thank you 🙂 10/06/2016@the Pier Natsuko, Thanks a lot for the wonderful massage. Really feel relaxed after the long day at the Reef. V.:-) 10/06/2016@the Pier Mariko, Thank you very much. It was a wonderful foot massage! J. 10/06/2016@the City Thank you, feel great, ready to race! T. 09/06/2016@the Pier Thank you was a really nice massage. 09/06/2016@the Pier Thank you for a special time. 09/06/2016@the Pier Amazing mass!! One of the best ones I’ve ever had! 🙂 Thank you so much!! 09/06/2016@the City Very relaxing. Thank you! M&C 🙂 08/06/2016@the Pier Excellent! Really calming massage that  totally relaxed us. Thank you:) 08/06/2016@the Pier Thanx. Fit all the right spots & worked out the knots. Feel relaxed. Nice & calm space:-) 08/06/2016@the Pier Great mass. M. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you! It was wonderful! F. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so so so much!! Natsuko⭐︎ Absolutely amazing as always. Oiled you have the best staff. B+A. 07/06/2016@the Pier Thank you so much for such a great couple massage! Next time we are in Cairns we will come to visit you guys again! A+E. 07/06/2016@the City Great massage by ‘Marina’. Thank you! 06/06/2016@the Pier Fantastic & so relaxing. Thanks. M. 06/06/2016@the Pier Beautiful reflexology very relaxing 🙂 Thank you. S. 06/06/2016@the Pier Fantastic massage! Very relaxing!:) C&J. 06/06/2016@the City ‘Cocco’ is the super dooper awesome woman!! T. 06/06/2016@the City Awesome massage. I will be back very soon! Thanks. 🙂 05/06/2016@the Pier じゅりさんへ リフレッシュできました:)またきます。ありがとうございました。K. 05/06/2016@the Pier Dear Juri, oh no! I don’t see you for 4 weeks wow. Will miss you.haha Thank you for the excellent massage today-I felt you moving a lot of things around- good for my body, and digestion. Enjoy the massage course, I am excited to find out your new techniques when you get back. See you in June!! B. 🙂05/06/2016@the Pier Natsuko made me fall asleep! Awesome. 05/06/2016@the City Very nice massage. Relaxing firm more than happy! 🙂 05/06/2016@the City Very knowledgeable. Excellent! Recommend. K. 04/06/2016@the Pier Absolutely barry!:) Braw!! Pure got aw a boot me:) 04/06/2016@the Pier great experience. Really enjoyed the time. 04/06/2016@the City Very relaxing, great massage! Will be back. R. 04/06/2016@the City So relaxing. Amazing! S. 03/06/2016@the Pier Very relaxing! Loved it! 03/06/2016@the Pier A wonderful treater Mothers Day! T&A 03/06/2016@the Pier Lovely time. You are wonderful-Thank you Sasha. 03/06/2016@the Pier Absolutely AMAZING!! Feeling so relaxed now:) 03/06/2016@the City Fantastic massage again! Love this place! Very proffesional. S. 03/06/2016@the City A lovely head/sholder massage:) L&D. 02/06/2016@the Pier Grateful experience, Thanks so much.⭐︎ 02/06/2016@the Pier Wonderful. 02/06/2016@the Pier Lovely as always!! Thanks smooch Nao. 02/06/2016@the Pier So true!These girls are amazing:) 4hours a great massage-Lovely time. Thank you. S. 02/06/2016@the City Amazing. Many thank you, Coco. A. 02/06/2016@the City An excellent place for such great service. T. 01/06/2016@the Pier Awesome Loved every minutes. D. 01/06/2016@the Pier Feeling Awesome! One of the most amazing massage ever! Loved it. W&A. 01/06/2016@the Pier 2nd visit and feeling a release muscle & relaxation. Thank you. good hands healing. L.:) 01/06/2016@the City Another wonderful massage☆ Thank you. 01/06/2016@the CIty That was fkn awesome 🙂 31/05/2016@the Pier Say-KUM SA HUM NIDA. Very very nice!!! 31/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much. D. 31/05/2016@the Pier Beautiful & Relaxing. We will come again. 31/05/2016@the City Wow!! See you soon, again. 31/05/2016@the CIty Excellent. Thanks! 31/05/2016@the City Excellent job! See you very soon again. M. 30/05/2016@the Pier 夢のようなひと時でした!今日、Oiled来てよかった!ナイトマーケット楽しみます:) 30/05/2016@the Pier So relaxing, just beautiful. 30/05/2016@the Pier Excellent massage. Love it!!! L. 30/05/2016@the City One of the best body massage I’ve ever had! Thanks! 30/05/2016@the City The most beautiful massage!! S. 29/05/2016@the Pier Best massage ever from Miyako.:-) I’ll be telling everyone to come!! 29/05/2016@the Pier We love the massage and people here at Oiled. This is why 5th visit during vacation. Love it! R&B. 29/05/2016@the Pier Beautiful- Thank you. 29/05/2016@the City Thank you very much! R. 29/05/2016@the City Best massage ever! Relax and comfortable. C. 28/05/2016@the Pier Devine experience so relaxing. K. 28/05/2016@the Pier Wonderfull, experience extremely pleasant. Thank you. 28/05/2016@the Pier Very good! we went back again for a second massage. They really know what they are doing and listened we ll. M&H. 28/05/2016@the City Great. J. 28/05/2016@the City Such an amazing massage. Thank you, Juri. 28/05/2016@the City Sooooo good! 27/05/2016@the Pier Awesome. The best I have ever had. Thank you. I come back an many hour later! 27/05/2016@the Pier AZZOPARD! V. 27/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely fantastic! Could stay  here all day! Thank you. J&D. 27/05/2016@the City Heavenly amazing. S. 27/05/2016@the City Most amazing massage ever! Thank you. J. 26/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely beautiful relaxing massage. Will be back. 26/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so so much.Another lovely massage get again!!:) Just beautiful. 26/05/2016@the Pier Dear Juri, Thank you for the wonderful massage & for stretching me. I am happy. B:) 26/05/2016@the Pier Best massage!! Thank you. J&M. 26/05/2016@the Pier Miyakoさん。素晴らしいマッサージありがとうございました。まるで天国でした…!顔色も良くなり、大満足です😀明日からもおかげさまで頑張れます。本当にありがとうございました⭐️N. 25/05/2016@the City Thank you for always, Asuka. A. 25/05/2016@the Pier 疲れが撮れました😀リラックスできてとっても気持ちよかったです!!T. 25/05/2016@the Pier The Best Very. N.:-) 25/05/2016@the Pier So relaxing! Felt amazing! Thank you! S&C. 25/05/2016@the Pier Amazing experience! Best massage. A. 25/05/2016@the Pier It was wonderful + a great help. Many thanks. A. 24/05/2016@the City Very relaxing! J. 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you we all feel wonderful! So relaxing! B,N,D&K. 24/05/2016@the Pier So excellent that we’ve come over 3 times in 5 days! Thank you ! B&R 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you somuch1 Such a relaxing way to start my holiday in Cairns. Worked out knots I didn’t even realise i had 🙂 Thanks again. L. 24/05/2016@the Pier Thank you. A very relaxing & enjoyable massage. ありがとう!すばらしかった! W&R. 24/05/2016@the Pier Wonderfull! 23/05/2016@the City 最高で~~~す(泪)M. 23/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much for a beautiful massage, we felt very arrayed and care down muscles feel less tense a sore from swimming yesterday. If we are ever back on Cairns, we will definitely get another massage from Oiled! L&B. 23/05/2016@the Pier Amazing, I wii be back. Thank you Sejeong! J. 23/05/2016@the Pier I could come here all day, every day. that’s How good it is!! Thank you  P. 23/05/2016@the Pier Full body massage was great, i will recommend to all of my friends. coming back for sure:) Z. 23/05/2016@the Pier Best massage I’ve ever had! Too bad Cairns is so far from california:( Will definitely be back next time in Cairns! M&J. 22/05/2016@the City とても上手でした!又、来たいです^^.S. 22/05/2016@the City Lovely thank you.N. 22/05/2016@the Pier Awesome! M. 22/05/2016@the Pier Sejeong-Wonderful, very good massage, just the right thin to do on a rainy day! Professional work, thank you very much! B 22/05/2016@the Pier Pixie-I had medium to hard massage on my back&neck. Fantastic feeling. Refreshed&Cleansed. thank you very much. 21/05/2016@the City Be sure to get Natsuko. Amazing massage will be back again. M. 21/05/2016@the Pier Yasuyo was incredible -amazing massage.Thank you:) 21/05/2016@the Pier Sakiko,you have done a maginifiant you on my tired muscles thank you.Very very much J. 19/05/2016@the City Subarashi Massage! Thank you very much:)  19/05/2016@the Pier とてもリラックス出来ました。ありがとうございます。F. 19/05/2016@the Pier Pixie was amazing.Thank you very much!Perfent for our honeymoon! 18/05/2016@the City Feel fantastic!! Thank you. J. 18/05/2016@the Pier Very good-Thank you:)Beautiful T. 18/05/2016@the Pier Sejoeng Excellent!Good!!very good!! 18/05/2016@the Pier Dear Juri Thank you again for he beautiful massage.I love coming to see you .I really love our funny conversation R. 17/05/2016@the City Lovely massage,great experience:) B&K 17/05/2016@the Pier Great massage from Hiroko.Will be back T. 17/05/2016@the Pier Thank you so much i will be back soon x R. 17/05/2016@the City Awesome! Thanks. F.  16/05/2016@the Pier Absolutely beautiful Miyako thank you♥I am so relaxed xo L. 16/05/2016@the Pier The best massage I have had since the Maldives Thank you xx C. 15/05/2016@the Pier Amazing massage!Thank you so so much! E. 15/05/2016@the City Lovely present rejuvenating Love being here xoxo V. 15/05/2016@the City Thank you so much for my wonderful massage. Much appreciated:D  15/05/2016@the City Domo Arigatou, Thank you so much. Awesome, relaxing, respectful Shiatsu.  15/05/2016@the City Beautiful, perfect touch.  14/05/2016@the City Perfect as always. G&K.  14/05/2016@the City I really appreciated your firm touch and expertise.  14/05/2016@the City Thank you for the best massage. Highly recommend it.  13/05/2016@the City Thank you. I look forward to coming back.  13/05/2016@the City Thank you Coco, the best massage I’ve ever had! 13/05/2016@the City I am so loed always come here. One of the best place in here! Thank you!!   12/05/2016@the City オイルの指圧とても気持ち良かったです。また、ケアンズに来られる機会があれば伺いたいです。ありがとうございました。Thank you:) E.  12/05/2016@the City I’m so relaxed, best massage ever. Thanks. P.  12/05/2016@the City Head massage was divine! Thank you 🙂 H.  12/05/2016@the City Thanks Coco for reducing my pain in shoulder. J 11/05/2016@the City Very relaxing. Just what I needed. Thank you !  11/05/2016@the City Just what I needed. Thanks 🙂 M.  10/05/2016@the City I’d recommend this experience to anyone. Great service&skill level. thank you team! A.  10/05/2016@the City Amazing skills, beautiful massage! Thank you so much! i will be back! L. 09/05/2016@the City Marina, I like it very much. Arigato gozaimasu. M  09/05/2016@the City Really special gift. Enjoyed very much. G  09/05/2016@the City Thanks, great, friendly team, nice, relaxing massage from Juri. I’ll be back every week till IRONMAW;-) J  08/05/2016@the City I love you guys so much. You were fall to impress. you are all amazing.✿  08/05/2016@the City Wow!! Thank you so much☆It was amazing. I will be back:-)  07/05/2016@the City Thank you Juri, fantastic massage!  07/05/2016@the City Best massage ever!  07/05/2016@the City Best massage I have had!  07/05/2016@the City Very good massage, Thanks 🙂 06/05/2016@the City Still the best in Cairns!:) 06/05/2016@the City Very relaxing massage! Thank you so much!! 06/05/2016@the City Very relaxing! Thank you 🙂 05/05/2016@the City Come in with migrain headache, now gone! Thank you so much, was amazing, coming back again! 😀 05/05/2016@the City Great Massage!! Best ever 🙂 Thank you☆ 04/05/2016@the City It was WONDERFUL!! L 04/05/2016@the City Fantastic Massage! Great service. Thank you, Tricia:) A 04/05/2026@the City Great massage. Very relaxing! Thank you 🙂 J 04/05/2016@the City Very relaxing was an amazing experience. T 04/05/2016@the City Exquisite! Thank you Asuka. 04/05/2016@the City Bestever. Thank you. 04/052016@the City Very relaxing and loosened up some  knots! Thank you! 03/05/2016@the City 疲れが癒されました!ありがとうございました。S 03/05/2016@the City すっごく気持ち良かったです!ありがとうございました。N 01/05/2016@the City It was fantastic! S 01/05/2016@the City Amazing totally recomend these pleasant girls. I’ll be back. Thank you. T 01/05/2016@the City Thank you Marina. Awesome massage. will be back again very soon:) The Best! 01/05/2016@the City Exactly what I need it! Thanks. 🙂 30/04/2016@the City Head massage with Hiroko was divine! Will be back:) P 30/04/2016@the City Amazing massage with Coco. I will be back again! Thank you so much. J 29/04/2016@the City Amazing massage, always. So relaxing. 28/04/2016@the City SoSo Fantastic massage as alwais! 🙂 27/04/2016@the City Always amazing here.Thanks. A 27/04/2016@the City Excellent Again.S 26/04/2016@the City Another fantastic massage. I keep coming back:) Thank you. P 25/04/2016@the City Brilliant as always! Thank you so much! C and A 25/04/2016@the City Thanks Sejeong, beautiful massage, very relaxing, will be back. S 25/04/2016@the City Excellent massage as always. Thank you. M 25/04/2016@the City Nao is brillient. Best ever massage. 23/04/2016@the City Thank you Marina, Magical Hands. Beautiful energy!!! 23/04/2016@the City Thanks Marina for the best massage I have had! Love to come back again! S 22/04/2016@the City Thanks Juri for a wonderful back massage-I will be back! E 22/04/2016@the City Thanks Juri for amazing massage again. J 22/04/2016@ the City Such an amazing massage, so peaceful! 22/04/2016@ the City Amazing! So relaxing, will come back!A 22/04/2016@ the City Absolutely amazing! I really needed this and feel so wanderful! Best massage ever!!! Thank you C 21/04/2016@ the City Thanks for the massage, it was awesome!H 20/04/2016@ the City Amazing massage, have to come back to Cairns, just for this, best massage ever! Thank you! 20/04/2016@ the City So relaxed! I loved it! 20/04/2016@ the City Asuka, its been a while, thanks! J 19/04/2016@the City Masic!!! Super relaxing! Thank you!! 19/04/2016@ the City Fantastic massage;) 19/04/2016@ the City Fantastic message!!! 18/04/2016@ the City Friendly, relaxing!R 18/04/2016@ the City Fantastic! 18/04/2016@ the City Awesome! 17/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, very relaxing! What a profetionalism! See you next time, thank you very much! M 17/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage! Very professional and helpful to my problem areas! 16/04/2016@ the Pier Awesome!! M 16/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much, it was relaxing! 16/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, thank you very much! 15/04/2016@ the City Wow, feeling light and fluffy! 15/04/2016@ the City A wonderful massage from Juri! Thanks very much! 14/04/2016@the City Beautiful massage,Tricia, her massage was great, thank you! Y 14/04/2016@ the City The best!! 13/04/2016@ the City Very nice, relaxing and wonderful!! 13/04/2016@ the City I will be back!!! 12/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, and good M&M’s! F 12/04/2016@ the City Awesome deep tissue and firm, all in the right placed, thank you! 11/04/2016@the Pier thank you Sasha. sensational massage, am feeling muscle release and deep relaxation. C. 11/04/2016@the Pier Thank you. It was so amazing & was the best. T&X. 11/04/2016@the Pier Thank you Hiroko!! was absolutely blissful wonderful as always from ladies here. Many thanks. 🙂 11/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much! Very relaxing. 10/04/2016@ the City Brilliant! 09/04/2016@ the City Thank you very much! First time massage for me, it was awesome. I 08/04/2016@the Pier Lovely massage always very good! W. 08/04/2016@the Pier Thank you very much. Very good massage. 08/04/2016@ the City Very professional, excellent service, really nice massage, thank you. I 07/04/2016@the Pier Thank you very much! カムサハムニダ。 07/04/2016@the Pier Thank you, it was so amazing and it is selling time had! T. 07/04/2016@ the City The staff here are very nice & the massage was very relaxing, I feel my body much lighter!L 06/04/2016@the Pier Thank you Sejeong:) was the best massage just what I needed. thank. S. 06/04/2016@the Pier thank you for ‘de lensing’ me! will be back! S&I 06/04/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you so much! D&C 05/04/2016@the Pier wonderful experience. Love it. C&G. 05/04/2016@ the Pier Hi Juri, Thank you for the wonderful massage. I was a bit stressed coming here today but now I feel relaxed and happy!:-) You always look after me. Thank you for the suggestion for when I visit Japan. I am so excited! See you when I get back😀 B. 05/04/2016@ the City What a great massage, thank you very much! 05/04/2016@ the City So amazing! Thank you so much for completing our holiday in OZ! L&A 04/04/2016@ the City Very good massage, thank you! 04/04/2016@ the City Awesome! T 03/04/2016@ the City Excellent! Very relaxing, thank you! 03/04/2016@ the City Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. 02/04/2016@ the City Wonderful, I feel much better! 02/04/2016@ the City Had an awesome and most relaxing time, thank you! 01/04/2016@ the City Awesome, thank you very much! 01/04/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, will be recommended to my friends, thanks! 31/03/2016@ the City My massage was amazing, thank you! 31/03/2016@ the City Thank you very much for relieving my back pain. 30/03/2016@ the City Always amazing as usual! K 30/03/2016@ the City Thank you very much for this awesome massage, we feel better now!! J&G 29/03/2016@ the City Amazing, thank you! L 29/03/2016@ the City Lovely foot massage, thank you! 28/03/2016@ the Pier Top class massage, Thank you. P&D 28/03/2016@ the City Awesome massage and great customer service, thanks. N 27/03/2016@ the Pier Extremely relaxing and just what we needed! Thank you! R&J 27/03/2016@ the Pier Cheers! 🙂 27/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you! 🙂 x I see you again soon. 27/03/2016@ the Pier A very relaxing, beautiful massage. A 27/03/2016@ the City Treated very well, thank you 27/03/2016@ the City My feet deserved the treat and it was amazing, thanks. 27/03/2016@ the City Best massage in years, Mami was amazing! J 26/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always! B&J 26/03/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, thank you! B 25/03/2016@ the City Feeling so much relaxed and supple, thank you! 24/03/2016@ the Pier Miyako Doumo Arigatou. 24/03/2016@ the City Wonderful massage, got to the tight spots and much better!! 23/03/2016@ the City Lovely massage, thank you very much! 22/03/2016@ the City That was superb! Will be making a regular appearance! Thank you so so so much! 23/03/2016@ the Pier The best massage ever!! Never forget that time I’ve enjoyed. Will reccomend my friends who want be in Cairns. J&S 23/03/2016@ the Pier Great very relaxing totally enkoyed every minute! S. 23/03/2016@ the Pier Fantastic! Very relaxing massage, my husband and I really enjoyed. K. 22/03/2016@ the Pier Sasha is strong + amazing! Thank you ! B. 22/03/2016@ the Pier Mami great deep tissue thanks. 20/03/2016@ the Pier ありがとうございますた。とってもrelaxできました。また時間を見つけて来ます。 E. 20/03/2016@ the Pier I was so relaxed with comfortable massage and nice flavour of Jasmine,Thank you for a good time! 20/03/2016@ the City One of the best massages i’ve had! Thank you! 20/03/2016@ the City Veeeeeeeeeeery relaxing. Thanks! 20/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing! Just what I needed Thanks. 20/03/2016@ the City Amazing Massage as usual! Thanks. 20/03/2016@ the City Every massage I have had here has been perfect! Truly amazing. Thank you. Y. 17/03/2016@ the City Very good treatment! Thank you. J. 13/03/17@ the Pier So great! Thank you! I wish I could have another. 13/03/17@ the Pier Fabilous Thanks! 13/03/17@ the Pier Wonderful massage Thank you! 13/03/16@ the Pier Brilliant massage ! Highly Reccomend! 13/03/16@ the Pier Unbelievable!! My husband + I want to bring them home to the state!! 16/03/2016@ the City Absolutely wonderful massage. Thank you. We will be back. J & D 16/03/2016@ the City Very good massage! 15/03/15@ the Pier Dear Juri.Thank you for the lovely massage… I’m sorry I was sick with flu…and that I threw dirty tissue-Crazy lady.lol. I’m looking forward to seeing you next time. B 15/03/13@ the Pier Such a wonderful experience.Second massage in three days.Highly reccomend. 15/03/2016@ the City Awesome massage! 15/03/2016@ the City Thanks so much, it was the best massage I have ever had! You have magic hands, see you next time! 14/03/13@ the Pier A lovely massage as always! I’ll definitely be back again! 14/03/2016@ the City Thank you!!! J 14/03/13@ the Pier A wonderful massage as usual. Thank you so much for making me feel relaxed and happy. S. 13/03/13@ the Pier Very good job!!! Lovely girl, Thank you… 13/03/13@ the Pier Thanks great massage. 13/03/13@ the Pier Thank you. Feels like I died and went to heaven. Thank you Yasuyo M. 13/03/2016@ the City Just perfect, thank you 12/03/13@ the Pier Good 12/03/13@ the City Another wonderful massage, thank you for fixing my headache! T 12/03/2016@ the City Just wanted to lie, then sooo good! Thanks! 11/03/2016@ the City Thank you, didn’t want it to end! M 11/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing! 10/03/2016@ the City Thank you, the most pleasurable, cheers. W 10/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you! 10/03/2016@ the City Very lovely! 09/03/2016@ the Pier Great massage! Will be back again! F. 09/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much for an excellent massage 🙂 A. 09/03/2016@ the City Thank you for a very wonderful massage as birthday present! 09/03/2016@ the City 楽しみにしていた旅の初めに、素敵な出会い。元気になりました、ありがとう!K 09/03/2016@ the City Sensational, thank you so much! J 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you 🙂 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much, very relaxing!! R. 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thanking you once again lovely ladies from us 3 :):):) perfect 08/03/2016@ the Pier Thanks so much Emi! That was so good and I didn’t want it to end! 🙂 K. 08/03/2016@ the City ステキなホホバオイルでいい人つかまえます!ありがとうございました!Very good massage and got nice souvenir! S 08/03/2016@ the City お姉さん達はとても優しくて、本当に癒されました!Thank you!Y 08/03/2016@ the City Very relaxing, thank you . C 07/03/2016@the City とても良かったです!Thank you! H 07/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you for a wonderful massage! I will be back 🙂 06/03/2016@ the Pier Awesome! So relaxing, & friendly professional service, Thanks! 06/03/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing! Absolutely beautiful.Thank you!! 🙂 06/03/2016@ the Pier Fantastic!! Super relaxed from head to toe. Thanks again. 06/03/2016@ the City とても良かったです!ありがとうございました!M 06/03/2016@ the City Thanks for wonderful time!! Y 06/03/2016@ the City Wonderful,,,, thank you! 05/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always 🙂 05/03/2016@ the Pier Amazing Thank you Hiroko 🙂 From Y 05/03/2016@ the City Thank you!!! 05/03/2016@ the City Juri gave an awesome massage 10 out of 10! 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you. I love it!! Kumi 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you Saki, great massage. 04/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you Thank you Thank you, Wonderful I will be back.Best massage ever, Thank you Miyako. x 03/03/2016@ the Pier A very relaxing massage! M. 03/03/2016@ the Pier Thank you. It feels fantastic. J. 03/03/2016@ the Pier Vest massage I’ve had in a long time. Thank you Miyako. T. 03/03/2016@ the City Always great;) 02/03/2016@ the City Feel very light!!! P&P 01/03/2016@ the City Feel very light. Mr. & Mrs. P 🙂 01/03/2016@ the City The best massages ever. Keep it up. 01/03/2016@ the Pier Dear Juri, My favourite time & Loving a long massage with you! Thank you for the wonderful neck massage today my neck look amazing. Whole body…amazing. See you in 2weeks 🙂  B. 29/02/2016@ the City Thanks for lovely massage! 🙂 29/02/2016@ the City Friendly staff, great massage here! 🙂 29/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you It was the best!! Very professional! 29/02/2016@ the Pier AMAZING!!! 5STARS!!! Just Perfect!! 29/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so much! Just what my tired body needed! P. 28/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you, very happy and relaxed 🙂 T&K 28/02/2016@ the Pier ありがとうございます:) 覚えてて下さって本当に嬉しいです♪♪ケアンズに間違いのないマッサージ屋さんがあることは本当に貴重でありがたいです!また来ます:) ♪ Y. 28/02/2016@ the City Very relaxing, and lovely staff!! V 27/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you, That way awesome! I’ll be back! I. 27/02/2016@ the City Wonderful as always! 27/02/2016@ the City Best massage ever! A great way to finish the week, will be back! 27/02/2016@ the City As always amazing, thank you! 26/02/2016@ the City Best massage in town! J 25/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako, Saki. Wow great job.Felt very relaxed. Helped my back. P&A 25/02/2016@ the Pier Excellent work. Well worth it. A. 25/02/2016@ the City Really enjoyed it. Totally relaxing, R&A 24/02/2016@ the Pier Great massage Hiroko! Very relaxing! Thank you so much! 24/02/2016@ the City Fantastic and totally relaxing! M 24/02/2016@ the City Awesome massage 🙂 M. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Hiroko was amazing! Very relaxing. XXX. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako was fantastic, found all the spot that needed help. Thank you Miyako.T, 23/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing massage !! Thank you. 23/02/2016@ the Pier Was a fantastic massage loved it so much. Helped a lot with the stressed. Thanks to Juri. Really appreciate it. Many thanks to whole team. 23/02/2016@ the City Wonderful massage. Thank you. 23/02/2016@ the City Thank you very much Asuka, you are wonderful massuese. M. 22/02/2016@ the City Thank you very much YUKARI. Very enjoyeble and relaxing massage.J. 22/02/2016@ the City Excellent massage, very relaxing. G. 22/02/2016@ the City Very relaxing. Was a wonderful experience. S&G 21/02/2016@ the Pier 指圧エステ最高ー!!しげみつさんありがとうございました! Y&D 21/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing massage, just what I needed after a big week! Thank you so much, I will definitely be back! 🙂 21/02/2016@ the Pier Perfect! Many Thanks. J. 21/02/2016@ the City P&J again very good. 21/02/2016@ the City The best massage I have ever had in Cairns, so relaxing and amazing. Thank you. K. 21/02/2016@ the City Best massage I have ever had. Thank you 🙂 20/02/2016@ the Pier とても気持ちよかったです、ケアンズきたらまたお願いします。T. 20/02/2016@ the City I have been to a lot of massage places and this is by far the best! Great massage! Thank you. 20/02/2016@ the City So relaxed, Thank you! S. 20/02/2016@ the Pier とても気持ちよかったです。ケアンズに来たらまたお願いします!! T. 19/02/2016@ the City Super relaxing! Thank you! 19/02/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and awesome massage that I’ve ever had! 🙂 疲れた身体がとても癒されました。接客もマッサージもとてもよかったです。Thank you so much! Love oiled!! M. 19/02/2016@ the Pier 気持ちよすぎて幸せでした!またケアンズに来たらここに来たいです :)K. 19/02/2016@ the Pier とっても気持ちよかったです!ありがとうございました:)帰りたくなーい!!(笑)Y. 19/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage!! Thank you. Z. 19/02/2016@ the Pier Arigato Gozaimasu!From K&J 🙂 18/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! Thanks Miyako 🙂 17/02/2016@ the Pier Yasuyo-chan. Thank you 🙂 M. 16/02/2016@ the Pier オーストラリアはCX-5がとても多く走っていますた!!素敵な接客ありがとうございました。 S&K. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Beautiful massage thank you 🙂 16/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! As a local wouldn’t go anywhere else, Thank you. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful! 16/02/2016@ the Pier Juri your Amazing. Thank you. M. 16/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you Juri for another beautiful massage. I really enjoy having such a relaxing massage today. Thank you!! B. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Love it! I feel very relaxed. M 15/02/2016@ the Pier Very good massage,I feel very relax and Good all the time. E. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Each time better that last. that was amazing Thank you. 15/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing. Definitely know what they are doing. S&N 15/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful massage as always. N&D 15/02/2016@ the Pier Very nice + relaxing .Beautiful! Thank you. 15/02/2016@ the City Ah, I feel alive again! so relaxing, so wonderful. Thanks! X R. 14/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you! felling relaxed and loose. Great valentines gift. J 1 4/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so much! For the R&R! Best Valentines day ever! M&T 14/02/2016@ the Pier Amazing as always 🙂 B&T 14/02/2016@ the Pier Massage is very good excellent. F. 14/02/2016@ the City Amazing! Thank you! 14/02/2016@ the City Beautiful massage. Feeling wonderful. 14/02/2016@ the City Thank you. Absolutely amazing. So relaxed. D & T from VIC 13/02/2016@ the Pier To die for massage! Thank you Miyako . P. 13/02/2016@ Green Island Thank you, amazing job for my chronic shoulder pain! C. 13/02/2016 Green Island Thankyou so much. That was beautiful, so relaxing! G. from Byron Bay 13/02/2016@ the City I came in with lot of stress, then  I’m leaving here with a feeling like a queen!  ありがとう、Sasha! 12/02/2016@ the City Thank you, & May all of life come to you with ease and joy and glory. Truly wonderful. C. 10/02/2016@ the City An amazing massage, very relaxing! Thank you! 09/02/2016@ the City Thank you!! 09/02/2016@ the City So so good! 09/02/2016@ the Pier Very Relaxing! Felt wonderful! K. 09/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage I had ever had. A. 08/02/2016@ the City Very good! 08/02/2016@ the Pier Awesome Miyako 🙂 08/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage ever! Love Miya’s work 🙂 08/02/2016@ the Pier Very relaxed,Thank you. T 08/02/2016@ the Pier Best massage in Cairns Thanks☆ 08/02/2016@ the Pier Wonderful massage Miya.Feeling very relaxed. S. 07/02/2016@ the City amazing. T. 07/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you very much,this was really amazing thank you so much. T&H. 06/02/2016@ the City So relaxing!! Thank you 🙂 06/02/2016@ the City Thank you so much. Amazing job, I feel like new born 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you MIYA. I am feeling good already. F. 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you really enjoyed the head and neck massage amazing. A 06/02/2016@ the Pier Heavenly!! 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thank you so so much. Massage was incredible. J. 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Hiroko, Thank you for lovely massage magic. K. 🙂 06/02/2016@ the Pier Thanks Miyako, that was truly amazing feeling and my shoulders feels great. Thank you. S. 05/02/2016@ the Pier Thanks Sasha, One of the best massage ever! Thanks 🙂 05/02/2016@ the Pier Miyako, That was so so lovely. Truly amazing massage!!! B. 05/02/2016@ the Pier OMG!! Sasha!! Tahnk you so much, Amazing!! Will be back 🙂 Lots of Love from S. 05/02/2016@ the City Amazing thank you 😉 04/02/2016@ the City So so wonderful! Thank you 🙂 04/02/2016@ the City Beautiful as always. C. 03/02/2016@ the City Outstanding another beautiful experience. 02/02/2016@ the Pier So relaxing. Lovely thank you. 02/02/2016@ the Pier Dear Juri, I always love to come and see you for such an amazing, relaxing massage.You are wonderful! See you next time 🙂 R. 01/02/2016@ the Pier Very good as always. 31/01/2016@ Green Island Very relaxing massage. Felt very good. Will come and do it again! Thank you! 31/01/2016@ Green Island First time for oiled massage. That was very nice. Enjoyed, relaxed and had good time here. Thank you. 31/01/2016@ the Pier Very good. B. 31/01/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and good massage, Thank you.D 31/01/2016@ the City Simply superb.J. 31/01/2016@ the City An amazing massage. I can’t wait to come back! A. 30/01/2016@ Green Island Very enjoyable and the best massage in the world! 30/01/2016@ Green Island Wonderful massage. Very relaxing. Super enjoyable. 30/01/2016@ the Pier You amazing!!! Thank you. A. 30/01/2016@ the City Mami is the best at reflexology!! 30/01/2016@ the City Thanks!! 29/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic. Very relaxing. Thank you! 29/01/2016@ Green Island 初めてオイルフルボディマッサージを受けましたが、最高に良かったです。疲れが取れました。 29/01/2016@ Green Island Amazing. My neck felt much better. Will be back! 29/01/2016@ Green Island Wonderful massage, very relaxing. 29/01/2016@ Green Island One of the best things about living on Green Island is the massage ladies. Amazing as always. 29/01/2016@ Green Island Amazing massage. I am completely relaxed. Thank you so much Tomomi. B 🙂 29/01/2016@ Green Island Very good massage. Enjoyed every bit! 29/01/2016@ the Pier Thank you. 29/01/2016@ the Pier Great massage very relaxing. 29/01/2016@ the Pier Very relaxing and enjoyable! Thank you. J. 29/01/2016@ the City Best massage I ever had! Thank you. 29/01/2016@ the City Brilliant massage, great vibe and lovely ladies. Very enjoyable, second time here, I love it. Thank you.S. 28/01/2016@ the Pier Thank you Sasha,my body is happy now. A wonderful way to start my holiday 😉 H. 28/01/2016@ the City とても気持ち良くて眠ってしまいました。肌もすべすべになって大満足です:) 有難うございました。R&M 27/01/2016@ the Pier Extremely beautiful hands, perfect pressure. Throughly enjoyed. Thank you 🙂 27/01/2016@ the City Awwwww, so much better now! Thanks! 26/01/2016@ the City Very good! Thank you. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Sasha is very good. Was so relaxing and enjoyable. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Beautiful and magic hands that does wonders!! 25/01/2016@ the Pier Beautiful as before. Thank you. 25/01/2016@ the Pier Positively delightful time! Thank you very much! 24/01/2016@ Green Island Thank you for amazing massage! 24/01/2016@ Green Island Many thanks Mizu. I was wonderfully relaxing! Y. 24/01/2016@ the Pier Very very good!! It was amazing! Thank you very much! 24/01/2016@ the Pier 做的很好,外帶舒服 (Well done, addtion comfortable) L. 24/01/2016@ the Pier This is a very relax and good massage she gave. Thank you very much. I will be coming back again. Wonderful feeling of now. L. 🙂 24/01/2016@ the City Amazing Ladies. 24/01/2016@ the City Thank you very much! Very lovely. 24/01/2016@ the City Super relaxing!Thank you!! 23/01/2016@ the Pier Very good massage! Amazing techniques 🙂 Definitely will come again! 23/01/2016@ the City Awesome as always!.L 23/01/2016@ the City Amazing massage! Came in with stiff+sore neck and shoulders, got rid of pain!! 23/01/2016@ the City Excellent massage, lighting, music, all work do make it a very enjoyable experience! 23/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic, very nice. Thank you. S. 22/01/2016@ the Pier Wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you. J. 22/01/2016@ the Pier  Amazing! Very relaxing! 🙂 22/01/2016@ the City Been coming here for a year Best Massages every time! 22/01/2016@ the City Lovely Thank you 😉 22/01/2016@ Green Island I loved this massage. Would like to come back soon!! Thanks, Yukari. M. 22/01/2016@ Green Island Fantastic massage, will be back! Very relaxing and nice. L. 22/01/2016@ Green Island This was the best massage ever had! Really relaxing! Thank you very much, Yukari. P. 🙂 21/01/2016@ the Pier 做得很好,很舒服,非常滿意 (Well done, very comfortable, very satisfaction) W. 21/01/2016@ the Pier I’ll be back – wonderful hour – it went by too quickly. K. 21/01/2016@ the City The most amazing massage! Very welcoming! 21/01/2016@ the City Just what I needed. So helpful & relaxing 🙂 21/01/2016@ the City Oiled is simply the best ever!! 🙂 20/01/2016 @ the Green Island Excellent massage. Lovely service. Feeling fabulously relaxed. 🙂 Cheers, G. 20/01/2016 @ the Green Island  Fantastic. So relaxing. Thank you. L. 20/01/2016 @ the Pier Very relaxing and techniques. Thank you so much. 🙂 I. 20/01/2016@ the City Still the best in town! 20/01/2016@ the City The best!! 19/01/2016 @ the Pier Thank you Juri. It is always a treat to come and see you. Your massages are like heaven. You are an angel. See you next time! B. 🙂 18/01/2016 @ the City Beautiful, very grateful for masseuse. 18/01/2016 @ the City Unbelievable massage!! Amazing 🙂 So relaxing 🙂  xoxo Thank you Yasuyo!! 17/01/2016 @ Green Island So relaxing, thank you so much!! C. 17/01/2016 @ Green Island The best massage ever! C. 17/01/2016 @ the Pier A pain is gone. Make my very comfortable and can sleep well. Thanks! 16/01/2016 @the City Best massage ever! 16/01/2016 @ the City Very relaxing, thank you. Best massage ever!!:) 16/01/2016 @ the City Wonderful massage thank you very much! 16/01/2016 @ the City Thank you very much. 16/01/2016 @ the Pier Had a great massage, made my neck feels great. A. 16/01/2016 @ the Pier Just had the most amazing hour in the hands of a wonderful soul. Knew exactly what I needed. Best ever. Thank you. B. 15/01/2016 @ the City Thank you for the relaxing massage!! 15/01/2016 @ the City Wonderful.How did it go so quickly! Thank you very much!! 15/01/2016 @ the City Amazing! So relaxing just what I needed 🙂 Thank you xx. 15/01/2016 @ the Pier Just had the best massage I’ve ever had (and I have had a few). Tomomi, very professional and great technique. P. 14/01/2016@ the City Excellent as always! 14/01/2016 @ the Pier Really nice massage.Two hours of relaxation.Thank you Emiko! C. 13/01/2016@ the City Perfect! M. 13/01/2016 @ Green Island EXCELLENT. Will come back again. S. 13/01/2016 @ the Pier Best massage ever! H. 13/01/2016 @ the Pier Feel Amazing!:) P. 12/01/2016 @ Green Island My neck and back have been so sore – thank you for the relief and relaxation. K. 12/01/2016@ the City Thank you so much!! I was very sore today.I was helped very much by the massage. I wanted to stay and sleep on the table. K. 12/01/2016@ the City Very relaxing did my muscle a good work out!! M. 11/01/2016 @ the Pier Very relaxing thank you Marina! 11/01/2016 @ the Pier A very relaxing experience!  A. 11/01/2016 @ the Pier Truly the best massage ever. J. 10/01/2016 @ Green Island The best massage in years. S. 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Really enjoy the massage,very relax!! Thanks a lot!! 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Amazing massage would highly recommend! We’ll defiantly be back. 10/01/2016 @ the Pier Best massages we’ve ever had!We’ll definitely be coming back. 10/01/2016 @ the City Very good! Excellent massage Thank you so much! A. 09/01/2016@ the City Felt like cloud nine!Thank you so much! S. 08/01/2016@ the City Wonderfully relaxed 🙂 G. 08/01/2016@ the City Very nice! S. 07/01/2016 @ the Pier It was one of the best massages I ever have.今まで受けたマッサージの中で最高でした。 A&N 07/01/2016 @ the Pier Absolutely lovely massages. Feeling very relaxed and revitalized. D & A 07/01/2016@ the City Wonderful! Thank you very much! Just what I needed:) Love C xxx. 07/01/2016@ the City Marvelous as always we love you guys. S. 07/01/2016@ the City Thank you Lovely as always!!xx 07/01/2016 @ the Pier Was absolutely wonderful. M xxx 07/01/2016@ the City Excellent massage.I will be back and bring my wife as well. S. 07/01/2016@ the City Always a beautiful experience.Thank you so much!! 07/01/2016@ the City My headache has gone, thank you! Happy new year;) 06/01/2016 @ the Pier Truly wonderful experience.I will return net time.I’m back in Cairns! R xxx 06/01/2016@ the City Asuka. A way to start the new year, Great thanks! D. 06/01/2016@ the CIty Beautiful relaxing 30 minutes of bliss! Will be back. K 05/01/2016 @ the Pier The most professional massage shop in Cairns! J. 🙂 05/01/2016 @ the Pier Thank you Juri! Xxx I loved every minute. So relaxed! 90 mins is still not long enough!! lol B. 🙂 05/01/2016@ the City Amazing and relaxing perfect hour! 04/01/2016 @ the Pier Beautiful pregnancy massage, feeling extremely relaxed and pampered. Will come back again very soon. A. from Cairns. 04/01/2016@ the City This is my first time, amazing! 03/01/2016 @ the Pier Very good massage. Very clean. Enjoyed! A. 03/01/2016 @ the Pier That was an amazing massage! Thank you so much and we will continue to be back. E & M 03/01/2016@ the City Heaven! 02/01/2016@ the City ありがとう! 01/01/2016@ the City Awesome massage, must come again! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier I’ll be back!! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you very much!! That was brilliant 🙂 Happy New Year! 31/12/2015 @ the Pier Best massage I’ve had! Thank you. 31/12/2015@ the City Very nice staff and good relaxing massage!!N 30/12/2015 @ the Pier I will definitely recommend and will be back again & again! 30/12/2015 @ the Pier Highly professional!!! 30/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you for the great massage. Will be back!! 30/12/2015@ the City Awesome massage, very relaxing! Thank you Yasuyo!!T 29/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you for a wonferful, relaxing massage. Loved it. A. 29/12/2015 @ the Pier Thank you so much for the massage! Best one in Australia yet! L. 29/12/2015@ The City Dear Juri, thank you for your wonderful caring massage, you are very talented. I feel amazing!! See you soon.B 28/12/2015@ The City Great massage, professional! 27/12/2015@ the City Great massage. 26/12/2015@ The City Beautifully relaxing massage, Thank you so much! L 25/12/2015@ The City So relaxing, Emiko has powerfully head massage, ありがとうございます!!! 24/12/2015 @ The City Best massage in Cairns! 🙂 O. 24/12/2015 @ The City Exactly what I needed after 2 days diving! Thanks. R. 23/12/2015 @ The City Amazing!! I’ll be a regular for sure 🙂 K, 22/12/2015 @ The City Fabulous, very relaxing!!! S. 22/12/2015 @ The City You guys are the bomb!xx P. 21/12/2015 @ The City Yukari was amazing! D. 20/12/2015 @ The City Great massage. I’LL BE BACK. R. 19/12/2015 @ The City Best massage in Cairns. B.& J. xxxx 18/12/2015 @ The City Very nice massage.Best in Cairns. A. 18/12/2015 @ The City Always brilliant. Thank you Sasha! 18/12/2015 @ The City ありがとうございました!Thank you so much! R. 18/12/2015 @ The City Awesome!!Thank you very much! M. 18/12/2015 @ The City Thanks,very good. 18/11/2015@ The City Yes, that was amaizing! Thank you so much! Perfect as usual! Thank you!! 17/12/2015 @ The City I really appreciate the way of massage and the staff. Well done, recommended to another fellow.R 17/12/2015 @ The City Very relaxing, always the best at Oiled. 16/12/2015 @ The City Excellent massage.L 16/12/2015 @ The City Fantastic!O 15/12/2015 @ The City Very good, absolutely brilliant, thank you!.S 15/12/2015 @ The City Asuka, thank you all the help of my recovery from accident. Merry X’mas to you all. D 14/12/2015 @ The City Again, a beautiful massage. 14/12/2015 A wonderful experience as always. I’ll definitely come back.P 13/12/2015 We both enjoyed immensely our massage. thank you. J&E 13/12/2015 Thank you very much for a great massage, loved it!.J 12/12/2015 Have enjoyed my massage today, thank you Juri. That is why I keep coming back. lovely that you help me relax.P 12/12/2015 Kazumi, thank you so much. you are great! See you soon.J 11/12/2015 Thank you so much, lovely massage, hot towels are excellent, great end to our holiday.K 11/12/2015 Very very nice massage.T 10/12/2015 Very nice massage, Lavender scent was great. J&D 09/12/2015 Feeling great!Very relaxing, great smiles, will be back!D&N. 08/12/2015 Thank you Miho! very relaxing and affordable! Would recommend Oiled massage to anyone need relaxation! A. 08/12/2015 Miho, that was incredible, thank you so much! Soooo relaxing! 07/12/2015 It’s awesome! Thanks Juri, I’m relaxed! 07/12/2015 Feel so relaxed now! Thank you Hana! 06/12/2015 Amazing! Exactly what I needed, thank you. 05/12/2015 Amazing experience, thank you!! 04/12/2015 Awesome, thank you ! 04/12/2015 Best in Town so far, very relaxing experience. 03/12/2015 Very good, thank you very much, see you again! 03/12/2015 Excellent massage break in 2 weeks time! 02/12/2015 Thank you very much, Asuka! Just what I needed!C. 02/12/2015 Very good! 02/12/2015 That was tremendous, thanks very much!!R. 01/12/2015 Awesome massage, thanks heaps, Mizuho! Z. 3 0/11/2015 Best massage I’ve ever had. Amazing, we will definitely be back! 30/11/2015 Just lovely! Thank you!S. 29/11/2015 What an amazing experience! I’ve had many massages, but Kazumi definitely was the best I’ve had!!Thank you so much!K 29/11/2015 Massage was lovely, thank you for your call and attention! 28/11/2015 Great massage, thank you Rina!! 27/11/2015 Amazing as always, thank you!C. 27/11/2015 ありがとうございました!! 26/11/2015 Feel so relaxed, amazing! Thank you, Kazumi!! 26/11/2015 So so good! Thank you! C. 25/11/2015 The best as always! T. 24/11/2015 So good, always very soothing and relaxing!D. 24/11/2015 Great massage, very professional! relaxing, I feel great! K. 23/11/2015 Very relaxing, thank you! Best massage ever! TA! 23/11/2015 Amazing, thank you!! 22/11/2015 Pure bliss 21/11/2015 Hana did a wonderful job, very nice!! 21/11/2015 Always great, thank you Asuka!D. 20/11/2015 Best one in Cairns! Thank you so much! 18/11/2015 Yes,yes yes-exactly what I wanted! As good, perfect and lovely as always, big thank you!! 17/11/2015 You are perfect, Juri! I loved every minute, you found sore spots I didn’t even know! Very relaxing, thank you so much!B. 16/11/2015 Good massage, as good as usual, well done Rina.W. 16/11/2015 Amazing massage, the best I have ever had! Thank you so much.J. 15/11/2015 Very professional, very nice and an amazing massage. Thank you so much!J. 14/11/2015 Thank you for making me feel so relaxed after such a stressful week. Sasha was absolutely wonderful!B. 14/11/2015 One of the best massage ever! I loved it, so relaxing, thank you, I’ll come back. 13/11/2015 OMG! That was so good!! Thank you so much. B & S 13/11/2015 Awesome massage! You have healing hands, Rina. Thank you. C. 12/11/2015 Always wonderful! Thank you A. 12/11/2015 Loving the neck and head massage for the ending. Thank you!  M. 🙂 11/11/2015 I have been here lots of times. Always so relaxed. Great staff. J. 11/11/2015 Awesome! Talented hands. 11/11/2015 Only 20 min, thank you all, it was really relaxing for me. 10/11/2015 I’m so relaxed, thank you Nanaho! C. 10/11/2015 Absolutly brilliant and all the right spots especially neck and head! Thakn you.J. 09/11/2015 Kana, beautiful! Very strong, perfect massage, thank you!.L. 08/11/2015 Very good and relaxing, thanks Rina! 08/11/2015 Fantastically relaxing, thank you Sasha. W. 08/11/2015 Always good, Thanks Sasha!R. 07/11/2015 One of the best experiences I’ve had in Cairns so far. Thanks a lot!!!S&F 07/11/2015 Thanks Sasha, always good!.R. 06/11/2015 I really love Oiled! I’ll hope to see you again! It was absolutly relaxed and had friendly chat! Thanks a lot! N. 06/11/2015 Wow, such lovely ladies, such an experience! K. 05/11/2015 The best massage I’ve ever had.Thank you so much!C. 05/11/2015 Very good massage, friendly and professional, I’ll be back!.M. 04/11/2015 Wonderful!!J. 04/11/2015 Excellent, most relaxing, will be back again for more!.L. 03/11/2015 I will be back, excellent!P. 03/11/2015 The service is great! The staff is friendly! Loved it!!!!!! J. 02/11/2015 Thank you, again! 01/11/2015 That was the “best” massage I have had!! Well done. A. 01/11/2015 I have been so many massage places. This is the best so far.R. 31/10/2015 Thank you so much Kazumi, one of the best massage I have ever had! 30/10/2015 Thank you Miho, feeling so relaxing and wonderful. Will definitely be back next time, I am living in Cairns.E. 29/10/2015 I feel 100% better, thank you. G. 29/10/2015 Perfect! Love from your loyal customers. C&L 28/10/2015 Wonderful massage and relax.A. 28/10/2015 A lovely way to take time out, Thank you. K. 27/10/2015 Thank you! Really wonderful. 27/10/2015 Thanks! 26/10/2015 Oiled is always an oasis after a long day of work! Thank you very much! 26/10/2015 Thank you Nanaho, feel ready for sleep! 25/10/2015 That was just awesome, thank you so much, Kazumi! 25/10/2015 Thank you, the stress and tension of my shoulders feels much better! 24/10/2015 Feel muck better, thank you, Juri! 24/10/2015 Magic! I feel fully recharged, thank you, Kazumi! 23/10/2015 Brilliant as always!Thanks Nanaho!A. 23/10/2015 Very relaxing! Thanks very much a lovely end to our stay! M&S. 22/10/2015 Sensational!! Great start to some time together, thanks.S&S. 22/10/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage.R. 21/10/2015 Kazumi was fantastic! 21/10/2015 Best massage place in Cairns! 20/10/2015 Absolutly amazing!!! Thanks Emiko, thank you, thank you! 20/10/2015 Again! So so so Good, Thank you, Juri! It was exactly what I needed! 19/10/2015 That was amazingly good! You are the best, Nanaho! Thank you so much, till next week.C. 19/10/2015 Kazumi is the best!.R. 19/10/2015 最高でした!すぐ眠ってしまったほどです、ありがとうございます! 19/10/2015 とても気持ち良かったです。ぐっすり眠ってしまいました! 19/10/2015 Amazing massage, Thank you.L. 19/10/2015 A lovely relaxing massage, thank you. 19/10/2015 Great relaxing massage, Thanks! 19/10/2015 So good, thank you!!! 18/10/2015 exquisite message with Nanaho, Thank you! 18/10/2015 Very relaxing, Thank you.J. 17/10/2015 Great massage, Thank you.J. 17/10/2015 かずみさんのマッサージはとても気持ち良かったです。気持ち良く眠れて、疲れがとれました。ありがとうございました! 17/10/2015 Wow, Rina, how strong you are! Amazing massage! 17/10/2015 Amasing massage, we’ll be back.S. 17/10/2015 Rina gave me a magical massage, loved it! Thank you. 16/10/2015 The best massage I’ve ever had. I wish I lived locally!.J. 16/10/2015 Very through massage and attentive service. Excellent!.V. 15/10/2015 Great massage, Thank you.J. 15/10/2015 Thank you so much, it was totally woderful. I loved it. Marie, you have the most beautiful hands. I will be back!.L. 14/10/2015 Kazumi gave sensational great massage, will return.B. 14/10/2015 My first massage at Oiled from Kazumi, loved it!L. 13/10/2015 Sashaさん。うっとりとした幸せな時間でした。途中で寝てしまったのがもったいないと思うほどです。 Thank you very much!!!!.A. 13/10/2015 じゅりさん。マッサージとても気持ち良かったです。疲れもあり寝ちゃいました。 タメになるオーストラリア情報を有難うございました!Y. 13/10/2015 Sashaさん。とっても気持ち良かったです。有難うございました!Y. 13/10/2015 Juri, The best! Very good. V. 13/10/2015 Excellent Marie. I’ll be back. D. 12/10/2015 Thank you Nanaho. You are amazing as always. C. 11/10/2015 Thank you so much Nanaho. Very, very good. R. 11/10/2015 Yes, absolutely relaxed. Thank you. 10/10/2015 Thank you for getting rid of all my knots, it was a fabulous experience! Wishing you every success!.F. 10/10/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage.P. 10/10/2015 Awesome! Left broken in a good way! Totally relaxed again, Thank you!! 09/10/2015 Abosolutely amazing and relaxing. The masseuse made a time firster. Feel wonderful!!Thank you. .A&K. 08/10/2015 Awesome massage! We’ll be back;) 08/10/2015 Was so relaxing! Will definitely come again!.A. 08/10/2015 Bliss in between hockey. Thank you Kana and Asuka for the lovely massages!.L. 07/10/2015 Yasuyo brought me back to the mother earth. I hope more lovely people find this massage shop. A blue rose is growing in black soil! .C. 07/10/2015 Excellent head massage.B. 07/10/2015 Thanks!.D. 06/10/2015 Beautiful massage again, Thank you. 06/10/2015 Thanks again ladies, love this place! 06/10/2015 Thank you, Kana. Very relaxing! 06/10/2015 Thank you, wonderful massage, I’ll be back. .S. 05/10/2015 Thank you so much, Hana!!.C. 05/10/2015 I had a wonderful, professional massage at just the night presure!! Lovely. I’ll be back to see Juri! She’s great, thank you. N. 05/10/2015 Excellent everytime, G&K 05/10/2015 Thank you, very relaxing. K. 04/10/2015 It was the best massage I’ve had ever! 04/10/2015 Wonderful massage! I feel much better! Thank you!:) 04/10/2015 Very good, Kazumi. I am very relaxed!:) 03/10/2015 Perfect! Thank you! 03/10/2015 The best one! Thank you, Marina. 03/10/2015 Best massage technique you have, thank you, Juri. 03/10/2015 Very good, thank you Juri. 03/10/2015 じゅりさんのマッサージはすごく気持ちよく、リラックスできました。体もスッキリ!! 今日からの旅行も楽しく過ごせそうです。ありがとうございました 03/10/2015 かずみさんのマッサージ、すごく気持ち良かったです。体がとても楽になりました。ありがとうございました! 03/10/2015 Juri is the best! Never dissapointed! Always, choose Juri. 02/10/2015 Yasuyo is amazing! Thank you, perfect deep tissue massage<3 I’m fixed. 02/10/2015 It was so so so lovely!!! .L. 01/10/2015 Fantastic, Thank you. I will be back soon, Cheers. F. 30/09/2015 Amazing massage. Thank you so much, I feel great!! 30/09/2015 Thank you, relaxing and love the hot towels. 30/09/2015 Amazing, will be back. 29/09/2015 Super Awesome! 29/09/2015 Great! wonderful to recover from hockey tournament!.M. 28/09/2015 So relaxing, will be back again. Thank you. 27/09/2015 Wonderful massage with perfect pressure. Thank you! 27/09/2015 Lovely. Thank you. 26/09/2015 Just wonderful!!:) 25/09/2015 Awesome!! 24/09/2015 Amazing!! Thank you very much!!! 23/09/2015 Perfect, thanks. 22/09/2015 Magic!! Best in Cairns. 20/09/2015 Professional and lovely staff, I will be back. M. 19/09/2015 It was just awesome!!Completely relaxed. Cheers guys. 18/09/2015 Amazing, Thank you.M. 17/09/2015 The best massage I have had so far.I am 50 years old and I had loved several massages. It was so relaxing, so peaceful, just what I needed!.J. 15/09/2015 Thank you so much, more comfortable. R. 14/09/2015 Good work by Rina! Thanks. T. 14/09/2015 Perfection! Thanks Marina, XX 🙂 S. 14/09/2015 Thanks Sasha, Always good. I should have taken 2 hours. 14/09/2015 Very good massage. Feel relaxed and I am not stiff. Will recommend! 14/09/2015 Saiko = Very good! Fantastic massage and would definitely visit again! 13/09/2015 Dozo (Oops!) Domo arigato gozaimasu (I hope I wrote correct.) B. 13/09/2015 Excellent work 🙂 J. and W. 12/09/2015 Sasha, a real surprise! What an expert thoughtful with the right touch. 12/09/2015 Asuka, Extremely relaxing treatment. – Fell asleep! Thanks! 11/09/2015 Love this place. Very friendly staff. Massage is so good. Much Love. 10/09/2015 Fantastic massage! The only place I come too 🙂 10/09/2015 Massage was great 🙂 G. 09/09/2015 Massage was really good. Thank you so much! 0 9/09/2015 Thank you Ryoko, A nice massage for my tired body. 🙂 08/09/2015 Thank you. Great massage. Cheers. J. 08/09/2015 Thank you very much. Very good massage!! I will definitely come back 🙂 07/09/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage!! We will definitely be back 🙂 07/09/2015 Thank you that will be helpful 🙂 I needed it J. 06/09/2015 Absolutely Brilliant massage with Sasha! Thank you. 05/09/2015 It was beautiful. I smell fantastic. Great for lunch break. Thank you 🙂 05/09/2015 Very relaxing 🙂 Thank you. 04/09/2015 Yasuyo, You are AMAZING at what you do. Such a gift. J. 04/09/2015 Wonderful as always!! 🙂 03/09/2015 Thank you for amazing massage 🙂 I will come back! 02/09/2015 Perfect, Amazing, Outstanding. Many thanks! 02/09/2015 Pure Bliss! 🙂 Thank you so much! 01/09/2015 Beautiful massage. Thank you!!! 01/09/2015 Beautiful massage. Thank you Ryoko!! XX 3 1/08/2015 大満足です!オーストラリア最高!!また行きます:) Thank you. T. 31/08/2015 初めてのマッサージでしたけすごくど気持ち良すぎて一気に体が軽くなりました:) ハマりそうです!有難うございました!! 30/08/2015 Just what I needed. Thank you. R. 30/08/2015 Beautiful Chie, Thank you! 30/08/2015 Well worth it!! Fabulous. Thank you! L. 29/08/2015 That was amazing and great. Thanx, Sasha! 29/08/2015 Such strong hands that listened to what my body needed! Thank you so much. Will forward on recommendation to others. E. 28/08/2015 Hiroko, You are the BEST!! Very nice. Thank you. 🙂 27/08/2015 Nana, you are amazing!! I think you are gonna be Monday girl!! 🙂 C. 26/08/2015 perfect as always. G. 26/08/2015 AMAZING!! Thank you so much. I. 25/08/2015 So good. Thanks! 🙂 J. 24/08/2015 Can I come back again? It was great to have your massage today. 🙂 D. 23/08/2015 Lovely as always! Thank you. H. 23/08/2015 有難うございました。普段からの疲れも旅の疲れも取れて楽になりました。J. 22/08/2015 Wow!! Best massage EVER!! Thank you so much. M. 21/08/2015 Wonderful hour with Hiro. Thank you. J. 20/08/2015 Arigato!! I just had the best 30 min of my life! Great massage!! (and I’ve had a lot of massages.) M. 20/08/2015 強めのリクエストでしたがイタキモチ良かったです!すっかり体もかるくなって助かりました。 機会があればまたお世話になります!Y. 19/08/2015 Great as always! S. 19/08/2015 Awsome. Great massage! D. 18/08/2015 Never had a massage that thorough! So relaxing. Thank you! E. 17/08/2015 Just lovely and relaxing… Great place to be! XOXO 🙂 K. 16/08/2015 あまりにも気持ち良すぎて一週間の滞在で2回来てしまいました。とてもハイレベルだと思います!K. 16/08/2015 Thanks so much verrry relaxing. 15/08/2015 We love Oiled!! Today I’m using my friend’s gift and I’m here with my sister! 14/08/2015 Thank you very much Kazumi. You may have healed my back and shoulder pain. S. 14/08/2015 Many thanks. It was lovely and relaxing. Just Heaven! L.& F. 12/08/2015 Exellent. So relaxing. Thank you. R. 11/08/2015 めっちゃ良かったです!!ふだん仕事仕事の毎日なのでとてもリフレッシュ&リラックスできました!!T. 07/08/2015 Great Massage. Thank you. J. 06/08/2015 Best massage ever! D. & I. 06/08/2015 Very good! Thanks a lot! M. 05/08/2015 Thanks Kana, I fee great. See you next time. 04/08/2015 Absolute heaven. Many thanks! A. 04/08/2015 Best massage! Thank you. K. 03/08/2015 Both massages this week (Thursday + Sunday) were excellent!! Thank you. M. 02/08/2015 Fantastic! D. 01/08/2015 Thank for wonderful Kazumi, my best Japanese friend. It was a great experience here! R. 01/08/2015 Thank you Sasha, very good! See you next Sunday. R. 🙂 31/07/2015 Very relaxing!! Thank you. O. 31/07/2015 Just what I needed. Thank you. 🙂 30/07/2015 A wonderful massage. Thank you Asuka. 30/07/2015 Thank you! 29/07/2015 I needed that amazing as always!! 🙂 28/07/2015 Thank you Sasha – very much appreciated. 27/07/2015 Fantastic as always! 27/07/2015 Thank you Chie, You’re amazing! G. 27/07/2015 Thank you Kana, you’re the best 🙂 M. 26/07/2015 Thank you. Just what I needed. R. 26/07/2015 Thank you for the wonderful massage. I feel a lot more relaxed and refreshed now! 🙂 25/07/2015 It was a very beautiful experience! Much needed and appreciated. See you next time! 25/07/2015 Always amazing! The best way to start a new week. Thank you so much! 24/07/2015 Great Work. Thanks. K. 24/07/2015 Lovely massage. Many Thanks 🙂 C&L. 24/07/2015 Another amazing massage. Thank you! 24/07/2015 I will be back. Thanks heaps! J. 🙂 23/07/2015 Very relaxing. Great massage! Thanks. A. 23/07/2015 Absolutely amazing! Thank you. 22/07/2015 Great Massage. Thank you. P. 22/07/2015 Excellent technique by Sasha! Fantastic for relaxation and therapy 🙂 22/07/2015 Thank you so much. It was great. Thanks. C. 22/07/2015 Thank you Hana!! I didn’t want it to end! C. 🙂 21/07/2015 Very good massage!! Thank you Ryoko!! A 🙂 21/07/2015 Great massage. Thank you 🙂 20/07/2015 Thank you for great massage- Very relaxing. 20/07/2015 Thank you. I feel much better. 19/07/2015 Brilliant Massage. Thank you. I feel very invigorated. 18/07/2015 Awesome massage. will be back again! 17/07/2015 The deep tissue massage was wonderful. I feel much better after the massage. Thank you. 17/07/2015 Truly excellent. Deep tissue massage was Brilliant! I will be back. Cheers. 16/07/2015 Chie san. You are simply fantastic! One of the best massages I have ever had. T. 15/07/2015 Beautiful! Thank you very much 🙂 15/07/2015 Lovely! Amazing! G. 🙂 15/07/2015 Wonderful massage! Loved every minute!! 🙂 B. 14/07/2015 Will come back again 🙂 Thank you!とても気持ち良かったです。B&Y. 13/07/2015 Thanks for the great 30mins massage! M&P. 11/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage. I feel like I am in a new body! P. 09/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful relaxing & healing massage. Feeling much better! 09/07/2015 Great massage. Soso relaxed for work! Thanks! C. 07/07/2015 Thank you for a wonderful massage! Very relaxing. P. 06/07/2015 Thanks. I feel amazing., Truely wonderful! 06/07/2015 Much Thanks, the techniques are amazing. It truly feels like you are on a holiday! 04/07/2015 Such relax. Many Zen 02/07/2015 Excellent massage. 01/07/2015 Wonderful! 01/07/2015 Amazing!!! 01/07/2015 良い香りに癒されて気持ち良かったです。 C. 29/06/2015 Thank you very much. 29/06/2015 とても気持ち良くて、ぐっすり寝てしまいました。 今までの疲れがしっかりとれて、また明日も楽しめそうです。ありがとうございました。 A. 29/06/2015 すごく気持ち良かったです!!ありがとうございました :) 29/06/2015 Awesome! 29/06/2015 Fantastic technique. Magical hands especially for foot! J. 28/06/2015 It was amazing. I will be back again. 28/06/2015 3rd time and will be back again! 28/06/2015 Wonderful relaxing massage. Regular customers would not go elsewhere. 28/06/2015 Beautiful massage. Feeling very refreshed. M&K. 27/06/2015 Best in Cairns. We love coming here. G&K. 27/06/2015 Thanks Juri!! Great massage for reliving tension. Very Relaxing. B. 26/06/2015 Aki, Excellent muscle therapy and relaxation! Thanks! 26/06/2015 Amazing Massage! Thank you!!! 25/06/2015 Great massage, Very skilled. Arigato! 25/06/2015 Sensational Massage! Thank you Ryoko. See you soon. M. 23/06/2015 Thank you Kazumi!!! I like your massage!!! 🙂 A. 23/06/2015 Thank you. Feel much better. T. 23/06/2015 Feeling much better! D. 20/06/2015 Very relaxed. T. 20/06/2015 Thank you very much! I will be back! 19/06/2015 Many thanks to Hana for a relaxing foot massage. J. 19/06/2015 Wonderful! Thank you so much. J&R. 19/06/2015 Thanks Mika. Another wonderful massage. I feel very relaxed now! B. 16/06/2015 Great Massage, Thanks. C. 16/06/2015 Wonderful!! E. 15/06/2015 Thank you. It was very good! Best massage! H. 14/06/2015 Marina, Very Good! 10/10! Thank you! D. 13/06/2015 Thank you. I feel so much pressure released. B. 12/06/2015 Excellent. 12/06/2015 Very Very Good! 11/06/2015 Chie=Great!! Sorry I fell asleep 🙂 10/06/2015 1st time but not the last! Thank you Aki!! 10/06/2015 Always as ever the best in town. Thanks! N. 06/06/2015 Aki is amazing! I’m back two days in a row. Love you guys! L. 06/06/2015 Marina is super at finding trouble spots with muscles. Exellent. Thank you! 06/06/2015 Marina&Aki are Amazing! Thank you, Oiled. F&R 05/06/2015 Always excellent. I’m addicted! 03/06/2015 Marina, Positive and very polite. Excellent massage. M. 03/06/2015 Thank you Kana, Such a wonderful massage. Relaxing and feel fantastic now!!:) R. 02/06/2015 Chie, Excellent treatment. Good muscle relief and relaxing. Thank you 🙂 02/06/2015 Chie, Thank you! I arrived with stress and sore. So much better now. My treat when I’m in Cairns. S. 01/06/2015 As Always it was fantastic. Thank you so much Yasuyo:) 30/05/2015 Wonderful massage! Thank you. 29/05/2015 The Best! 29/05/2015 Awesome. Very relaxing and therapedic! 28/05/2015 Best Massage in Cairns. Thank you Shiho! 27/05/2015 Very relaxing and wonderful! 26/05/2015 Almost fell asleep. Thanks. A. 26/05/2015 Thank you for a very relazing massage. R. 26/05/2015 Very good and professional massage! Feel great!:) J. 25/05/2015 Thank you so much for the awesome service! I feel great:) T. 25/05/2015 Your massage always makes me feel great! 25/05/2015 Thank you so much. Very very good. J. 24/05/2015 One of the best massages I have had! 24/05/2015 Fantastic. Very Relaxing. C. 23/05/2015 Very good. W. 23/05/2015 Amazing! L. 21/05/2015 Thanks. Feels great! M. 21/05/2015 Thank you so much. It was incredible!! Keep up the good work Ladies. 20/05/2015 Great massage! C. 19/05/2015 Very good.R. 19/05/2015 Very Relaxing! Abusolutely Wonderful! 18/05/2015 Thank you Asuka for a great massage. Really wonderful. R. 18/05/2015 Thank you. Amazing magical hands. Wouldn’t mind coming back. Best Massage Ever! L. 17/05/2015 Thanks for the awesome massage. A. 16/05/2015 Thank you for your greatful skills. You have amazing hands. Best massage ever! T. 15/05/2015 It was on cloud nine for whole massage!! Loved it! Highly recommended. T. 15/05/2015 Thank you. A very authentic massage. A. 14/05/2015 Exactly what I needed. Beautiful place and wonderful staffs! E. 13/05/2015 Thank you. That was beautiful! J. 12/05/2015 Thank you Kana. Best massage ever. Relaxing and oils were great. will be back soon. J. 12/05/2015 Thank you Kana for the best massage ever. Very relaxing:) M. 12/05/2015 Thank you. Hana was so lovely. So relaxed. I really enjoyed you have beautiful hands. R. 11/05/2015 Thank you Kana. Abusolutely Amazing! 🙂 M. 11/05/2015 Thank you. 気持ち良かった!! Y. 10/05/2015 Thank you Hana for a wonderful relaxing massage. I will be back:) S. 09/05/2015 So relaxing after a tough work. Thank you so much! L. 08/05/2015 What a fabulous Mothers Day Gift. Feeling awesome!! N. 08/05/2015 Thank you. A lovely atmosphire. A wonderful Massage Salon. 07/05/2015 Magic!! Just Magic!!! Thanks Eriko!! C. 07/05/2015 Wonderful! Thank you so much. A lot of relief after being here for work. Thanks Again. 06/05/2015 Best after one month travelling Australia! Thanks:) 06/05/2015 Thanks Kana. You were Amazing!!:) 06/05/2015 ビックリするくらい気持ち良かったです! 本当に本当にきてよかったです。 ケアンズに来たらまた来たいです。Y. 05/05/2015 Thank you very much, looking forward for next massage 🙂 05/05/2015 As always you Girls are fantastic. Keep up the good work. 04/05/2015 知人や友人に勧めたいと思います。T. 04/05/2015 楽になりました。有難うございました!F. 04/05/2015 The Best. Thank you.B. 04/05/2015 It’s very good. S. 04/05/2015 Very good. Thanks. R. 04/05/2015 So good. I feel asleep 🙂 Thanks. R. 03/05/2015 Thank you so much Eriko! That was really fantastic! Cheers. C. 02/05/2015 So relaxing. Thank you. 02/05/2015 とても気持ち良かったです!!有難うございました!チョコレートもおいしかったです:) E. 01/05/2015 Very friendly staff. My body feels better. Nice atmospher. 01/05/2015 Very relaxing massage. Thanuk you. P. 01/05/2015 Thanks so much. Relaxing. D. 30/04/2015 Best massage ever! Very friendly staff. 3 0/04/2015 むくみがとれて、履いてきたクツがぶっかぶか!! 29/04/2015 Thank you. I feel much better. 🙂 29/04/2015 Thank you for great massage and friendly staff! 28/04/2015 Extremely good. Highly recomended. 28/04/2015 Thank you very much, a very relaxing massage! 28/04/2015 Thank you Sachi for your massage!! Good job!! F. 27/04/2015 Thank you very much. Lovely + Relaxing 🙂 27/04/2015 Very relaxing. I feel good! 27/04/2015 Excellent. I feel really great now! Thanks!! 26/04/2015 Well done. Very relaxing. Thank you. 25/04/2015 Good work!! 25/04/2015 Thanks very much. See you next time. 24/04/2015 Thanks. No headache now!! 24/04/2015 Thank you. Very relaxing. See you soon! 22/04/2015 Thank you Mutsumi, Excellent pressure. I loved the shoulder rub. No tension now. Very relaxing. B. 🙂 22/04/2015 Always fantastic. Thank you girls. L. 21/04/2015 Thank you Eriko, Twice I had this week with Eriko. How lucky!! Keep up the good job girls 🙂 20/04/2015 Second massage in one week. Fabulous! Thank you! 19/04/2015 Eriko, Excellent technique! Very relaxing style. Great! Thank you. 19/04/2015 Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. 18/04/2015 Head and upper body massage. Absolutely wonderful. Very relaxing. Thank you. H.& J. 18/04/2015 Amazing. So relaxing. Excellent service 🙂 Perfect massage. 18/04/2015 Juri…. You are the best! Amazing massage – Definitely be back. Thank you soo much. L. 16/04/2015 🙂 B. 15/04/2015 Mika, Perfect massage. Thank you very much! 14/04/2015 Needed it!! It was fantastic. Thank you. 13/04/2015 Thank you as always. It was fantstic. J. 13/04/2015 My first time have very relaxing and proffesional… I enjoyed my massage and will return. Thank you so much 🙂 T. 12/04/2015 First time and will return. Hana was amazing. Very relaxing. J. 12/04/2015 I always enjoy Eriko’s massage. She is good!! A. 11/04/2015 Great massage, thank you so much! S. 11/04/2015 Great massage! Thanks! G. 10/04/2015 As always it was AMAZING. Thank you Asuka!! I feel so much better! Y. 10/04/2015 This is my second visit here. And was very relaxing once again. I will be recommending to my friends. 09/04/2015 As usual it was amazing. Just perfect. F. and R. 09/04/2015 Lovely relaxing massage. Thank you. I will be back! 07/04/2015 Absolutely wonderful!! Will be back many times! P. 07/04/2015 Arigato! Wonderful! Excellent service. Love your work! 06/04/2015 Asuka, that was fantastic! 06/04/2015 疲れ取れました!めっちゃ癒されました。有難うございました! またケアンズに来たら行きたいなーと思いました! 06/04/2015 Chie was amazing! Thanks! M. 05/04/2015 Thanks again ladies for amazing hands. C. & M. 05/04/2015 Chie was amazing. Thanks. M. 05/04/2015 すごく気持ち良かったです。とてもリラックスな気分になりました。N. 05/04/2015 We have been here many times now & Oiled just gets better & better. G.&K. 04/04/2015 Thank you very much. Best massage I’ve been to in Cairns. Thank you to all the girls. J. 03/04/2015 I agree with the below. Thank you Asuka. J. 02/04/2015 Very good massage Asuka. One of the best I ever had here. Thank you.N. 02/04/2015 Thank you Eriko for healing hands. You helped my knee pain go away. Thank you. S. 02/04/2015 Very relaxing. Thank you. 01/04/2015 Was great,Feel so relaxed. N. 30/03/2015 Thanks for amazing massage xxx W. 30/03/2015 Thank you for massage!! I had a great time with your staff. 30/03/2015 今日はマッサージありがとうございます。他のお店では味わえないとても貴重な時間が持てました。また、よろしくお願いします。 29/03/2015 Always, always always love being here. Thank you,ladies! L. 29/03/2015 Always Enjoyed my massage here. Thank you. 28/03/2015 Thanks for massage, I really enjoyed. From N.Z. 28/03/2015 Very good,thank you so much! 28/03/2015 Top massage, thank you very much. 27/03/2015 Eriko is good!! Thank you!! 26/03/2015 Excellent technique pleasant staff member-Chie. thanks. 26/03/2015 Great massage as always! Thanks so much. 26/03/2015 Back for our indulgence… too relaxed and write anything!! Divine. F., R. and A. 25/03/2015 Wow-absolutely lovely-well recomended. See you next week. L. and C. 25/03/2015 Wonderful. So peaceful and so relaxing. Thank you. L. 24/03/2015 Thanks a lot for your shiatsu-oil. Relax massage. P. 24/03/2015 Thank you for a really relaxing massage. This is my first time and I will definitely be back. Until then. S. 23/03/2015 Amazing as always! See you next time. C. 17/03/2015 That was a wonderful. L. 23/03/2015 Amazing Best massage Ive had in a long time. L. 22/03/2015 Dear Eriko, That was a wonderful massage. You have amazing technique. I was so relaxed. I definitely prefer the 90 mins.massage. I will probably do it again in future because it is such a treat. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I particulary liked the shoulder part today. Amazing, thank you.B . 22/03/2015 That was awesome! I will definitely be coming back on my next trip 🙂 E.& R. 22/03/2015 とっても気持ち良かったです。来てよかった!有難うございました。N. 21/03/2015 Thank you for the amazing relaxing massage. I felt asleep and I loved it. Thank you. B. 21/03/2015 Chie, Wonderful relaxing massage. Hope we meet again. Take care and best wishes. I. 21/03/2015 Perfect atmosphere. Perfect massage by Eriko as usual. S. 21/03/2015 I had a massage of Juri. It was fantastic. Very relaxed. 20/03/2015 Thank you very much. It was very nice and relax. Definitely I will be recommending to my friends. 22/03/2015 Thank you for an excellent massage. I should really come here more often. Very relaxing. P.